As much as I hate to say it – Judith is right, Parliament must stay open


Covid-19 NZ: National and ACT keen for Parliament to return during lockdown

There is a brewing standoff over whether Parliament should come back next week under level 4, with Judith Collins saying if Breakfast TV could be filmed she couldn’t see why Parliament shouldn’t sit.

Collins said she was fine with the House being suspended for a week but didn’t see why it should stay out of action throughout level 4.

“It’s quite alright for Parliament not to sit next week, but Parliament should sit the week after. We are a democracy,” Collins said.

ACT are also arguing that the House should be able to sit.

As much as it pains me to say it, Judith is right, Parliament has to stay open.

Not in the full house, but some type of oversight Committee that can challenge the Government and continue to hold it to account.

From that perspective ACT & National are completely right however National’s position on this is hardly ethical.

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By refusing to give agreement in the Business Committee, National are forcing the PMs hands to declare Parliament shut so National can milk the resulting media backlash and paint it as some type of totalitarian power grab by Labour.

Note ACT are not playing these silly bugger games and that’s why Seymour keeps eclipsing Judith.

Our Democracy demands a process where the Opposition can hold it to account, unfortunately the largest Opposition Party is too focused on manufacturing their next headline outrage by purposefully being obtuse to paint Jacinda our as a dictator.

If Simon Bridges doesn’t take back the Leadership soon there won’t be a Party left to resuscitate.

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  1. If Simon Bridges is to be National’s mesiah they are in worse shape than even I thought! Given the long list of wanna-be leaders, who ever finally steps-up can expect the back-stabbing and leaking to continue, not to mention enduring the wrath of Judith Collins.

  2. Well, its a social gathering nonetheless so they had all better set the example and yell at each other through their masks including Mr Speaker, practice social distancing and make sure they do their covid swabs regularly before sitting!

    Either that or all use skype !

  3. Well said..especially now that the 1pm show is again becoming a party political pat on the back fest. it’s excruciating viewing as Jacinda waffles on and on and on. we know what do. we know you fucked up the whole vaccine rollout.. just give us the fucking case numbers and how long the lockdown stays. then get on with running the country.

    • Haven’t you got an “Off” button on your device, TK?
      Sensible, sensitive souls have the intelligence to use it to turn off anything that excruciates/upsets/offends/bores/angers them.
      It’s known as ‘taking personal responsibility for your own decisions’. Try it.
      P.S.You can get the same information from a myriad of other media.

    • So true. Our family ignores the waffle fest at 1pm. We don’t need to be reminded to use the COVID app, social distance, etc, and hear the “positive” news that X number of people were vaccinated. Cindy’s Kindy is excruciating.

  4. Yes agree parliament should resume.
    The country has to be governed particularly given its currently rudderless.
    Jacinda Ardern claiming today the fabulous numbers being vaccinated when we all know it’s a complete shambles with New Zealand still last of the OECD countries?
    Look at the queues, complete disaster.

    • John, Interesting how we all perceive things from our own biases. We are currently in Level 4 – not an outcome I would expect in a country under ‘rudderless’ leadership.
      Also where do you think you just overnight whistle up the resources to carry out such massive testing numbers?
      So my perception is that, whilst things aren’t perfect, a lot of people from the PM down are working extremely hard and people continually sniping at their efforts does nothing to help.

    • John, losers got to hate the PM,i get my second shot on Tuesday at 9.30 am, after that rightwing anti-vaxxer freaks can die in the gutter for all i care

  5. Parliament comitees can meet via zoom.

    In fact … Since mps are constantly telling us about climate change and the need to within our means ….

    Parliament can meet forever on zoom or a more secure nz govt version of zoom.

    No more travel perks no more two houses and housing subsidies to wellington. You don’t need to fly anymore you don’t need to be there in person. Sell your wellington house to a charity and unless you’re a minister stay in your electorate.

    Turn parliament into a gigantic homeless shelter or sell it to the corporates… They own the occupants anyway.

    Ha ha one can dream…. They’d never go for that cos going to wellington and getting pissed makes them feel important and hell half of them would have to give up their mistresses

    • Come on Bert, I know you are the chief cheerleader, good on you, pom poms and all, but I also know you are intelligent. you have to admit this is not ‘briiiiiiiilliant’ leadership at all. this is completely ‘caught out’ on-the-hoof reactive leadership. if her leadership was that brilliant, you and I and all of us would have been jabbed 4 or 5 months ago. cops and border works would be jabbed even before that. her and her ministers have been walking around for months now, fobbing off questions, bullshitting us, smirking at cameras saying to themselves “won’t happen to us, we’re too brilliant, won’t happen to us, we’re too brilliant”. arrogance and hubris will catch out your brilliant leader with her well-rehearsed 1pm pulpit show. You see bert, I suspect that your brilliant leader is probably hopeless when she loses control (soon mate!), when the stress gets too much, when the situation gets bigger that her head. then she will pass the buck and absolve herself of the problems chop chop. she is a total and utter control freak – look how she treats ashley in the meetings, she interjects, she repeats what he says, but as if we didn’t get it first time, then she throws him curveballs he simply can’t answer and thus embarrasses him, she sells him out – all the time. brilliant? no! control freak, yes. Now go and straight that picture of her up there behind your desk, it’s tilted.

      • And if she had, the decline of the vaccine immunity would be hitting us while Oz was in meltdown and we were opening up to the world.

      • “she’s is a total and utter freak show”

        Look hard in the mirror, you’ll only see ugly and I mean fucking ugly, you utter dropkick. The bullshit and hatred you espouse fits your German name.

        • Look hard in the mirror

          Yes, there’s a LOT of projecting there. “Arrogance and hubris”, eg. “Control freak” – yep.

        • Bert
          Would be nice if you stopped misquoting me. Show me where I called her a ‘freak show’. That would be an insult. However, I called her a control freak to be precise. That would be more like a truth. Big difference between the two.

      • Well that’s one abstract, read way to much into things, point of view. Gives perspective into your bizarre posts.

        • It’s bizarre because I had assumed TK was a ‘he’. Still think so, but the content is all Gossip Girl & wokey micro-aggression. …as if it came from a 13 yr old school girl, a wannabe gangsta girrl, …after promoting her new lippy line she’s trading in her latest goss-goss! (Where does he get that stuff!)

          Yes, bizarro indeedy.

        • Yes I am a nobody. And I am not a PM either. That’s exactly why I never made the cover of Fortune magazine as a world’s greatest leader. You are absolutely correct. That’s why you can’t recall finding my name on that list which no doubt scoured for hours to find it? you’re a champion debater. Player of the Day.

    • John, ‘3000 hospital workers unvacinated’, I’m supposing you know how many of these are frontline, have refused, have been too lazy, are medically exempt; because unless we know these figures the 3000 is a meaningless number. Our media is basically lazy and we seize on the bits to support our biases.

  6. ” We are a democracy,” Collins said ”

    Wow that from the leader of the Nasty Natz who ran rough shot over parliament and the rule of law when it suited Key , English , Joyce , Brownlee and Collins herself.

    These people use the word but never apply it when they are in or out of government.

    • Stop living in the past. Elected leaders must be criticised, unless one wants to slide down that slippery, dangerous slope,

      • Totally agree Ben. Even our elected leaders!
        On that note, it’s clear that govt won’t be able to control this. Which of course is an unbearable thought for Jacinda. But she is beyond criticism of course. So what do they do? They get someone else to admit failure. Today Chippie prepared us by questioning the elimination strategy, basically saying the chosen plan won’t work. Every scientist could have told her long ago. There you go folks. Prepare to live with Covid. Jacinda will tell you the good news next week once Chippie and Ashley have paved the way with the bad news.

      • Ben, it’s not living in the past, it’s called learning from your mistakes, or learning from history. Mosa was calling out the hypocrisy of Collins and others of her ilk, just as TheKraut and John make prophetic claims on Jacinda Ardern and her Government. History will decide if they are right, at this stage they are way off.

  7. John, losers got to hate the PM,i get my second shot on Tuesday at 9.30 am, after that rightwing anti-vaxxer freaks can die in the gutter for all i care

    • What about the anti-vax left wing freaks? Do they also get to die in gutter? I’d say there’s more of them.

  8. Fabulous TheKraut sorry to see people replying to you in such a racist and frankly hateful manner those who in past posts have claimed to be above that behaviour .

    • You think he’s fabulous do you John? You set a very, very low bar. Have a look at the language he uses in his post , like bullshitting and freak. Can I also suggest Peter Kelly dismantled your claims of “rudderless” leadership or “complete disaster”, which of course is utter nonsense.

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