Afghanistan was never a war for feminism


We should never have invaded Afghanistan and watching those who championed that invasion now trying to defend it shows the breathtaking delusion they remain under.

After the CIA funded the most radical elements of the Afghan militia to fight the Soviet’s – INCLUDING ironically funding Osama Bin Laden, the US walked away from Afghanistan with various fanatics still armed to the teeth with their CIA funded weapons.

These factions turned on each other and inspired the rise of the Taliban.

The US oil industry then tried to work with the Taliban and America pursued business interests regardless of what the Taliban were doing to women, then September 11 happened and to punish a terror attack that was conducted by a mostly Saudi team of terrorists, America invaded Afghanistan as a pretext for invading Iraq.

In the years between then and now we propped up corrupt Afghan regimes, wasted trillions and pretended that the Afghan people would welcome our occupation.

Well they fucking didn’t.

Afghanistan was a CIA inspired black ops clusterfuck that has blown back in our faces, like it always fucking does.

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Here were the Wall St Journal headlines weeks after 9/11…

…Afghanistan was never a war for feminism, it was an Imperial distraction to justify invading Iraq.

Yes the Taliban are a medieval hillbilly Islam with a penchant for child brides and the public execution of anyone this side of the Renaissance but let’s hope the reports of sporadic violence don’t reach the level of violence America committed with Daisycutter bombs and mass torture when we invaded.

The West bombed a Bronze Age culture back to the Stone Age and then called it progress.

We must resist any attempt to re-invade Afghanistan for feminism.

Our preferred pronouns are He, Him and His

I don’t believe the Taliban 2.0 are woke AF, when you believe in a magical flying wizard for a very prescriptive view of day to day interactions where chopping hands off is a totally righteous thing to do, your view of reasonable is as limited as Trump’s grasp of feminism.

However we bombed a force that numbered 11000 in 2001 into 200000 today. We lost because we were an occupying force whose goal was occupation until it cost too much.

We have an obligation to take refugees and help gather funds to donate for rebuilding what we broke.


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  1. yep, saving the women was always only a pretext for an invasion with allies that otherwise would have been a war crime, and should actually be considered one. But never mind. It is just women and children who for the most part will pay the bills as always. – and yes, men die in war, but they are not raped and bred until they die or get killed for cooking a ‘bad’ meal, at age 12. So my pity is wholesale reserveed for the once that have no allies and have no way out, the women and children.

    • And you can rest easy that New Zealand’s Labour government is protecting the religion behind these atrocities with hate speech laws.

      No one does hypocrisy like the woke left. Check out Mintos post accusing someone else of anti Semitism.

      • Seriously, where is the hypocrisy in John Minto calling out a clear example of anti-Jewish racism given his long history of campaigning against such abuses, irrespective of nationality, colour or creed? Can one assume from your comment that you are stupid enough to name call John Minto because the resident troll gave you licence with his propensity for name calling anyone whose opinions differ from his own perverted definition of anti-semitism? Otherwise where is your evidence to prove Mr. Minto is anti Jewish?

  2. The Babylon bee had the right idea, start parachuting in antifa and all the gender diversity activists. Let’s add the Green Party.
    They can do far more good in Afghanistan than rich western countries.
    We could deploy extinction rebellion to China and Saudi Arabia along the same lines.

  3. If Afghan socialism (1978-1992) had been allowed to proceed without the US butting in as per usual–i.e. Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, Grenada etc.–things would likely be very different today for Afghan women and most others that live there.

    A socialist Afghanistan was a difficult project obviously with multiple different political factions, theocrats, Imperialist powers and industry sniffing around, and significant rural/urban differences, and the yanks were there 20 years and seem to have achieved very little indeed.

  4. Feminism and liberalism lost all credibility in Afghanistan when it supported the brutal Soviet invasion. The only resistance came from the Right. The Taliban were able to accept defeat by the USA but the USA was unable to accept victory. For three years the war eeary Afghan population lay down their weapons and waited for the rebuild that never came. Instead a fearful trigger happy NATO moved further into the rural areas dragging innocent villagers away to be tortured for the whereabouts of terrorists that didn’t exist. When some eventually shot back in the dark air raids were called in which increased resistance. It was left to the Taliban to once again be the only form of resistance. Once again, feminism and liberalism sided with the invader and the only alternative to night raids and bombs was right wing and chauvinist. Faced with bombs this was a pretty easy choice!

  5. Apparently the medieval Taliban that burn woman over bad cooking and have child brides ‘want a closer relationship with NZ’… I guess NZ’s (and the world’s) woke tolerance that bends over backwards to give rewards to bad behaviour (like citizenship and Permanent residency) while decent people become victims of crime and apparently have to continually pay for the woke, virtue signalling while being micro aggressions are frowned on and take up copious amounts of woke activity.

    When countries that beat and stone woman/gays/men become the chair of the UN Human rights the average person thinks WTF! Likewise if WHO were not in cosy chats with China they might have sent out the alarm bells sooner.

    Half the world’s problems would benefit by the woke standing down, so the middle class can start to stand up against oppression and climate change, that has been hijacked by similar woke tards and the lazy left.

    • The muddle class saving the world?? Are you some sort of comedian? Any chance of any examples where this has been the case? Mostly, the muddle class look down their noses at anyone below them while they suck as hard as they can to leverage one more rung on the ladder! Ford Ranger as NZs biggest selling vehicle! Thats the middle class saving the planet I guess?

      • @Spikeyboy, Sadly the problem with the woke, is that they are as ignorant as they are bullying.

        Nelson Mandela, A Xhosa speaker, Mandela was born into the Thembu royal family in Mvezo, Union of South Africa. He studied law at the University of Fort Hare and the University of Witwatersrand before working as a lawyer in Johannesburg.

        Kate Shepard -Kate Sheppard was born Catherine Wilson Malcolm on 10 March 1848[a] in Liverpool, England, to Scottish parents Jemima Crawford Souter and Andrew Wilson Malcolm. Her father, born in Scotland in 1819, was described in various documents as either a lawyer, banker, brewer’s clerk, or legal clerk; Details of the children’s education are unknown, though Kate’s later writings demonstrate extensive knowledge of science and law, indicating a strong education. She was known for her broad knowledge and intellectual ability.[5] Her father loved music and ensured that the family had good musical training.[6]

        Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi[19] was born on 2 October 1869[20] into a Gujarati Hindu Modh[clarification needed]Bania family[21] in Porbandar (also known as Sudamapuri), a coastal town on the Kathiawar Peninsula and then part of the small princely state of Porbandar in the Kathiawar Agency of the Indian Empire. His father, Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi (1822–1885), served as the diwan (chief minister) of Porbandar state.[22][23]

        from wiki.

        • But the point about these people is that they didn’t look down their noses at ordinary people. They experienced some degree of empathy for those below them. Its a sure thing that they would never have described their own local peasant population as medieval and even though individual instances of brutality always exist in situations of extreme inequality it is unlikely that they would extrapolate these with such glee and delight as you do to the population as a whole. Your whole narrative is always to find instances of depravity within a section of some ethnicity and then use that to smear the whole group. This is called collective punishment don’t you know. It’s idiotic.

        • And also, given your obvious great desire to be the white protector of brown women (the new white mans burden I guess) what do you think about this?

          “There is widespread fury among Afghans at the number of civilian casualties, many of them children. There have been numerous incidents of rape and rough treatment of women by isaf soldiers, as well as indiscriminate bombing of villages and house-to-house search-and-arrest missions. The behaviour of the foreign mercenaries backing up the nato forces is just as bad. Even sympathetic observers admit that ‘their alcohol consumption and patronage of a growing number of brothels in Kabul . . . is arousing public anger and resentment.’ To this could be added the deaths by torture at the us-run Bagram prison and the resuscitation of a Soviet-era security law under which detainees are being sentenced to 20-year jail terms on the basis of summary allegations by us military authorities.”

          Which inevitably leads to

          “Many who detest the Taliban are so angered by the failures of nato and the behaviour of its troops that they are pleased there is some opposition. What was initially viewed by some locals as a necessary police action against al-Qaeda following the 9.11 attacks is now perceived by a growing majority in the region as a fully fledged imperial occupation. Successive recent reports have suggested that the unpopularity of the government and the ‘disrespectful’ behaviour of the occupying troops have had the effect of creating nostalgia for the time when the Taliban were in power. The repression leaves people with no option but to back those trying to resist…”

  6. Yes please Labour, take up Martyns suggestion!
    It worked so well for Labour previously with the voters, like the socialists mantra ‘it’ll be different this time’ under Arden.
    If Labour impose a CGT it means Arden will not be leader otherwise there would be some serious apologetic flip flop from her, and she doesnt do apologies (just ask the KFC worker).
    So YES, please bring in a CGT in memory of Cullen.

  7. So your position is we did not invade Afghanistan, for the sake of the women, and nor should we ever do so?

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