Fortress NZ is inevitable

Fortress NZ

People keep thinking there is some getting back to normal.

There isn’t.

This is us for the foreseeable future.

The speed & possible size of this Covid outbreak in NZ must end the delusion that we are opening our borders anytime this year or next year – even vaccinated we can’t simply see the deaths of vulnerable people as an acceptable collateral damage for business or tourism.

Many want a hard close of the border & that will only spike if Covid breaks out in the community.

Th climate crisis will exacerbate this.

Fortress NZ is inevitable.

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  1. The hermit nation of NewZimbabwe is a more feasible and likely scenario complete with going down to your local dairy with a wheelbarrow of cash for a loaf of bread as the dynamic duo of Grunter and Beetroot plot our economic future.

    Already shipping lines are telling us to take a jump. Airlines won’t be far behind

    • With Fiat currency (since 15/8/71) the WHOLE WORLD has the same problem you claim NZ has.
      It is because of the USA ‘printing’ (creating on a computer nowadays, so even easier, no running out of ink, which was the Weimar problem) currency way worse than MOST collapsed economies, even Zimbabwe.
      But they have a darn big army and they’re happy to invade with, if ‘you’ don’t do as you’re told !! Admittedly that army looks worse and worse at every crucial point (Afghanistan, IRAQ, Vietnam, Korea, Syria et al), BUT so far her ‘allies’ are too scared to call her bluff. But China and Russia will probably do so and ‘free’ the rest of the world from the American gangster.
      Though not just yet, but very soon, the USA will follow the rest of the world to the Weimar scene you mentioned.

  2. I TOTALLY agree. So PLEASE start the political party to help make this happen; or help someone more appropriate to do so.
    I will happily help in the Kerikeri area as best as I can.
    We desperately NEED an alternative to all the right wing idiotic parties that we have as an option today in Slavelandia.

    • I think if National were at the wheel they would take a business first approach and we would be just as fucked as the rest of the world.
      As much as Im sick of Jacinda and the lack of doing anything for the sick, disabled or renters, its probably the better of the two evil parties who run this country. TBH Im sick of all politicians, at the moment they’re doing nothing to improve NZ, trying to create more monopolies re our water and currently all the money we have is paying for travellers accomodation which they pay back later on, meanwhile the rest of us have to pay for that while facing increasing taxation and fuck all help.

      • So do we have a coalition, as in wartime? But even that would be comprised of politicians. So what alternative? Benign dictator? They don’t stay benign for long.
        Human frailties, to a greater or lesser degree, belong to all of us.
        But I’d much rather have JA leading us at this time – and into the future – than JC.

  3. Adapt. Bring on the collapse of everything and start again. No point in trying to save anything as the rest of the westernised world is against any real change. Fuck’em!

    The bumpy landing won’t be as bad for most of us except for the middle class and wealthy who have the most to lose.

  4. This involves

    1. importing ICU nurses to train local nurses
    2. importing nurses seeking to escape the COVID nightmare up north to fully staff wards.
    3. ending any requirement for any nurse or doctor to pay back any TD while working in New Zealand.
    4. and the generous pay offer Little says is coming
    5. better drugs to improve the basic health of the population – from diabetes to medical marijuana.

    Health and housing first priorities.

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