MEDIAWATCH: Middle class Stuff journalists soften us up for Covid death & globalization


I love the middle class stuff journalists trying to soften up NZ for Covid deaths so they can get back to traveling…

It’s not realistic to stay at zero Covid 

…it’s a real culture divide I think. Middle class volk are vaccinated, have money to burn & are itching to get back to their lifestyles while the most vulnerable who will bear the brunt of mortality & illness don’t have that security.

Woke Spin-off podcaster, Matthew Hooton employee & Thanos mug shot model, Ben Thomas nervously gets it.

He claims NZ is a place of low key chums who are easily tricked by the hollow promises of globalization.

He paints the sudden desire to lock NZ away from the world as a xenophobic mean streak.

He doesn’t acknowledge that for the NZ working class domestics who have been priced out of home ownership, who have been left to fight migrant workers and international students for rentals, jobs and access to basic infrastructure don’t see globalization as anything other than a curse.

Ben and his middle class chums at Stuff want their globalization back thanks and luckily for them Labour, Greens, National and ACT are all right behind them.

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The mainstream media refuses to consider maintaining Fortress Aotearoa, the political establishment refuses to consider Fortress Aotearoa and all the middle class pundits agree.

Thankfully the realities of Covid and the climate crisis will overtake them all.

Just as Trump ignited an American working class who had been mutilated by free market globalization, the political conditions for a radical break from that neoliberal globalization consensus grows beneath the beltway radar with every passing month.

The middle class globalists want us to accept Covid death and sickness so they can get their lifestyles back, but a self sufficient Fortress Aotearoa will only gain more and more support as the climate and Covid get worse and worse.

Imagine a Winston Peters barnstormer whereby he uplifts Robert Muldoon and argued he was right at the wrong  time.

Imagine how popular a closing the border position would be amongst the working classes who have been swamped by mass immigration, scarcity of housing and infrastructure stress.

Globalization on a burning planet is dead.

If not Winston, then another more extreme version.

The climate crisis makes Fortress Aotearoa an inevitability.

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  1. “Globalization on a burning planet is dead”.
    As are, in the NEAR term, both the middle and working classes and everything else bigger than a bug.
    You Tube/Nature Bats Last/ Latent Heat Explained.

  2. Agree but don’t think the middle class (which quite frankly is most of NZ) are all for opening up the borders. Most are against.

    The cry for opening up the borders is a certain type of woke or right wing individualist who have copious amounts of time on their hands and work for media, because in their view it is worth the death of others so they can have the luxury of a holiday skiing and not have their rights infringed! Most of these people seem to be given opportunities on a plate, ($1 to buy Stuff).

    The other big brayers for open borders are of course, exploitative employers of mostly low wage industries, Meth and criminals desperate to continue their profitable trade in NZ and migrants trying to get their elderly parents, love interests and dependants into NZ as quickly as possible.

    If we remember Jacinda was way ahead in polls after the last lockdown, Labeen eroded that by again listening to the whining individualist woke, woke media that is so unpopular is sold for $1, and going with the insane micro aggressive thought police legislation on hate speech where the wheels came off on her popularity (and the 2.75 million to mobsters).

    To the woke mentality, putting a billboard with the dictionary definition of a woman is a crime, preaching about God is a criminal act, everyone should be financially supporting their love interests and free care for their parents who are not NZ citizens, and who cares about the 130,000 deaths of Covid in the UK and tens of thousands of new cases each week, where like NZ, the UK have a free public health system. Who cares about doctors and heath professionals, community leaders in NZ dying of Covid….. Who cares about less than 1 million Maori who might be big casualties of open borders….

  3. Yep. These guys seem to be in complete denial about climate change – or they think themselves buffered, but not so. The uber rich with bunkers may buy themselves a little time, but that’s all. The others will whimper. The lifestyle of the Wellington litigation lawyer with a holiday house down in Wanaka is over – kaput.

  4. And for those braying about economic destruction, the opposite is happening in many cases. NZ always does well in wars and disasters as the world needs our primary products so exports have been up in NZ over Covid as has spending.

    In addition the amount of company profits seems independent of Covid in many industries aka many industries asked for the wage subsidies, and then had to pay them back, as they had a highly profitable year, aka The warehouse,, Silver Fern Farms Convita

    Note many of the companies who made record profits also laid off a lot of staff, and then demanded from government more open borders to replace them. So it seems to be more an exploiter mentality than an actual worker shortage because their profits seem un-coupled from worker shortages (apart from of their own making).

  5. I LOVE the illogic of their arguments that SADSLY others fall for.
    We can’t stay isolated forever, thus open the borders….D’Oh……..why not wait until it makes MORE sense to open up the borders. i.e. When we have a vaccine that works, when there’s no queue to get said vaccine, when the world HAS actually opened up again WITHOUT catastrophic results.
    We should stay ‘borders closed’ for as long as we possibly can.
    I gather or economy is doing better than usual and their are jobs for those that want them, no we don’t have as many travelling-debt/indentured-slaves allowed in the country.
    Pa Aotearoa !

  6. Can the middle class be classified as a H8 Group under this new legislation if it passes?

    Ask’n for a friend who’s ready to call the Police.

  7. Considering climate change and Covid19, it seems probable that the average citizen has no realistic perspective on how society will ideally need to behave going forward. That isn’t a criticism. What will society be like in two years time? In five years. In ten? If we had some well informed vision there might not need to be so much wasted effort.

  8. For those few of us who prefer the bullshit they feed to us to be well pealed and plopped rudely in front of us. For the fans of the mighty power of the ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ words, for the fans of honesty and clarity served up with kindness and empathy.
    This is for you.
    “Russell Brand: Re:Birth”
    Russell Brand: Re:Birth is a 2018 standup comedy film written and performed by English comedian and activist Russell Brand. It debuted on Netflix on 4 December 2018. Re:Birth was filmed at the Hackney Empire theatre in East London in April 2018 during his 2017–18 comedy tour of the same name.
    I follow Russell Brand’s YouTube channel. While some might find his subject matter objectionable and bizarre then too bad Little Daisies. Grow up and get over yourselves.
    The damaging, dangerous, narrative we’re being bullied in to following here by fascist corporations isn’t the only narrative we could follow.
    An AO/NZ farmers UNION ! ! ! ! focused on direct action in league with The Green Party would herald in an AO/NZ renaissance . We could crush the banksters, the natzo’s and the devious, useless, fucking natzo-clone labour party into a paste.

  9. The Herald is far worse.

    Stuff will have to process the fact that Maori health inequality means they will pay the price with their lives for open borders first, thus their approach is a form of institutional racism against the indigenous people.

    Then again you probably realise that the Herald (homeland of Collins’ white pride movement) had no shame, they would just import replacement workers/foreign students into their rentals.

  10. Yeah. Just wait for the,” well they don’t want to be vaccinated so let our kids and babies use the vaccine before it goes out of date because those brown folks don’t want it!” kinda bs line.

    And,”‘we’ all know that they die earlier than us european folks because of their bad health and lifestyle choices,” kinda bullshit ay.

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