Greyhound trainer fined for striking his dog – SAFE For Animals

In a judgement released yesterday, the Racing Integrity Board fined Francis McPhee $350 for striking their dog Vegas Chops across her hindquarters. The incident on 11 July 2021 was in full view of spectators and broadcast across Trackside TV.
This is not the first offence of its kind for Aotearoa’s greyhound racing industry. In 2014, a trainer was fined $300 for kicking their greyhound, and in 2015 a $250 fine was issued to a trainer who punched their greyhound.
SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe said the incident shows how little regard the industry has for these dogs.
“Many greyhounds develop behavioural problems because of their training and upbringing,” said Appelbe. “Hitting dogs is simply unacceptable.”
Last week Labour MP Priyanca Radhakrishnan accepted SAFE and The Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand’s 37,700 signature-strong petition, calling for a ban on greyhound racing in New Zealand. It’s understood that the Government’s review of the greyhound racing industry is complete, and Racing Minister Grant Robertson is considering its findings.
“Thirty-one dogs are confirmed to have lost their lives in the most recent season and hundreds have been injured. How many more dogs must suffer before the Government acts? These dogs belong on the couch, not the racetrack.”
“As one of only a handful of countries that allows dog racing, it’s time for Aotearoa to find other ways to amuse ourselves that don’t needlessly put the lives of dogs at risk.”