GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – US embassy calls on all American citizens to leave Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY.


US embassy calls on all American citizens to leave Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY, right after Taliban claims to capture 2nd largest city

Amid the whirlwind advance of the Taliban, the US embassy in Kabul has urged all American citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately, offering to loan them cash for plane tickets if necessary.
“The US Embassy urges US citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options,” read a security alert from the diplomatic outpost on Thursday. The embassy offered loans to Americans unable to afford plane tickets home, and assistance with immigrant visas for foreign family members.
The alert went out shortly after the Taliban claimed to have captured Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city. Earlier, they claimed victory in the city of Ghazni, 150km (95 miles) from the capital. Ghazni is the 10th Afghan provincial capital to fall to the Taliban since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan began in May.


Shades of 1975 Saigon falls…

…Vicissitudes of War – in someone else’s country.

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What happens next in North East Syria and Libya where American delivered democracy via the Arab Spring or as Frankie might say: “My Way”.


Ross Meurant, B.A. M.P.P. Resigned from the police at inspector rank in 1987 to enter parliament as a National MP. Today he is Honorary Consul for an Africa State and trustee and CEO of commercial assets owned by absentee Russian investors.



  1. Ah, but the weapons manufacturers made extraordinary profits for decades. And in the American government’s eyes, that is all that counts.

    Well maybe that not all that counts in the American governments eyes: keeping the people uninformed or misinformed is pretty important, as is maintaining the Ponzi financial system that gives the American dollar [fake] value in the short term.

  2. Nothing new here for either Afghanistan or the US.
    Afghanistan has been the grave yard of virtually every major power since the Greeks lost Alexander the Great there 3000 odd years ago . In more recent times the British in the 19th Century the Russians in the 20th and now the the US in the 21st.
    It is a God forsaken country with few redeeming factors controlled by numerous War Lords fighting to protect their patch of of rock and rubble from each other when no Invader is present and as an alliance when the foreign Infidel attempts to change their way of life!!
    They have been doing that for Centuries. The Afghani’s will now go back to locking up their women, scrapping with each other and growing poppies to provide the opium to the the affluent West – life back to normal for them.
    For the US yet another War fought and left not won. From Korea to Vietnam to the Gulf and now Afghanistan and numerous other minor skirmishes in between the story has been the same.
    Not the issue for the US. The real driver, motivator here for them is the military industrial machine. Developed by FD Roosevelt to supply military hardware to the British under Lend Lease at the beginning of WW2. This brought prosperity to the US and decades of debt for the UK, This Military machine was secured as a cornerstone contributor to the US economy when the Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower became President Eisenhower and used the only thing he really understood, war, to keep the masses employed. Like wise the military itself has become critical to provide a path out of poverty for many in the lower quartile of the US population. So war, for the US is just a mechanism to provide employment and bring prosperity to the US. The Russians under Kruschoff were no different.
    Where is the next excursion to? watch for Biden to pick a new scrap somewhere soon.

    • The pretext for the next war will likely be to ‘protect’ Taiwan.

      The fact that Taiwan was a part of China since the Dutch were driven out in the seventeenth century (it never really became part of Holland) and for a short time after the Japanese were driven out in 1945.

      But in 1949, the Chinese fascists, having lost the civil war on the mainland and stolen all the gold, made a hasty ‘retreat’ to Taiwan (invasion), where they overthrew the legitimate government, killed a whole load of people, and set up the anti-democratic military dictatorship, sponsored by the US.

      The US military-industrial-financial (fascist) complex will now be working on ways to propagandise the dumbed-down masses into ‘defending democracy’ and preventing the ‘Yellow Peril’ from liberating Taiwan from the fascist invaders.

      We already know which side is going to win this coming conflict. America has lost every war it has instigated since WW2 (which it won because it had ample supplies of petroleum -now all squandered- that other nations did not have).

      China has little oil but has formed strong strategic alliances with nation that do.

      Over many decades America has demonstrated a supreme capacity for invading nations with marginally effective air forces or no air force at all.

      But now Russian-made hypersonic missiles are ‘everywhere’.

      • AFKTT

        I could not have penned a more accurate account of America attempts to be the world policeman.

        Very good

    • A good summation but one point may be amiss. When the Taliban were last running the show, they stopped the growing and selling of opium in one season. Must have been some serious withdraw problems in the US until the supply was ‘democratically’ restarted after the invasion.

    • Clifford
      Your erudition impresses.
      Try “Economic Hitman” Perkins
      A hands on chap whose true accountants validate your take on USA and its saviour Industrial Military Complex.

  3. It really is just like Xi Jiping was quoted as saying recently “Hasn’t USA done enough damage in the world already”.
    Unfortunately it is in the nature of super powers to demand loyalty and we are going to be under ever increasing pressure as these struggles continue. Kia kaha Nanaia Mahutu!

    • No great expectations of Nanaia Mahuta standing tall since she joined the braying dogs about the Uighurs at the behest of the US when the evidence is still sketchy. She has also maintained a studious silence on the renegade middle eastern Caliphate called Israel.

      • It’s an unenviable position we are in; traditionally because of USA protection in WW2 we have become strategically and culturally aligned with them, but we have serious moral reservations about all the wars they have dragged us into since then. How do we now respond to the USA’s attempt to stop China’s growing economic power and political influence. China is one of our largest trading partners and never dragged us into any unjustifiable wars.
        I wonder if National or ACT would have responded any differently to the issues you identify – until we as a nation decide to break our links with 5 Eyes expect more of the same.

  4. Interesting comments;thanks.

    It would seem to me that as Nixon had the fortitude to pull out of the Vietnam quagmire created by Kennedy, Biden demonstrates a similar courage pulling out of a mess created by the liar all presidents aka Weapons of Mass Destruction aka Bush; and for that Biden gets my thumbs up.

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