Political Caption Competition


Tie me kangaroo down sport has become punch your horse up pig.

Free speech? NEIGH!


  1. I see on OnewokeNews they were enquiring about the health of the horse. Seriously is this how backward our media has become

  2. Whack ! Good on him ! Bloody horse can only wheel to the right anyways, obviously a stroppy number that needs correction. What are those cops teaching them ffs???

  3. Aussie protestor demonstrates right to free speech by punching horse and catching Covid 19.
    Equines of Aotearoa ask for permanent Australian travel ban.

  4. ACT’S gutless free speech minister uses military force to get his long haired unshaven message across. Appropriately wearing yellow.

  5. Grammar Old Boy left shaken after vicious equine head butts fist in yet another unprovoked attack.

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