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  1. ACT (freedom inc) releases more policy today. If anyone thinks that this Govt hasn’t done anything, then why are Nat/ACT promising to repeal all legislation in regard to workers rights? 90 day work trials to come back, ‘de-emphasise’ unions and the employment relations authority (is this another word for ban?), bring back instant dismissal, roll back minimum wage to 2017 level, close down the human rights commission, bring back cheap overseas labour to the pre covid level and on and on. Seymours argument that it is better for a business to employ someone on starvation wages than not being able to employ anyone at all is just a sad joke. Freedom for business owners to profit from ripping off their employees? As I have said before, this all looks very Victorian Age to me. Off to the workhouse for those that won’t commit to libertarianism? Private charity to replace welfare anyone?

    • OMG – can someone stop the woke/neoliberal Labour and Greens before their voters don’t turn up at the polls in disgust and the Natz and Act are back! Labeens seemingly have zero idea how much anger is growing against their woke plans from banning freedom of speech, millions to ex gang members, more taxes on farm utes while turning a blind eye and enabling Rio Tinto, Chinese Landfills etc to pollute here with NZ tax dollars.

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