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  1. Pseudoscience watch

    TVNZ’s Q+A today interviewed a NIWA climate modeller who when asked by Jack if the purpose of his work is to “win over” the public, especially “climate sceptics”, agreed. Scientists and science are firstly not tools to win over or persuade anyone, science is the pursuit of truth using a systematic set of principles operating outside of the realm of coercion, influence or bias. Secondly there are no sceptics in science because all scientists should be sceptical, foremost of their own work which should be subject to scrutiny for ever more. Science is scepticism.
    Jack’s guest needed to push back on the claim he was seeking to win hearts and minds (he presented as a scientist for the Crown not as a layperson free to give opinion or spread ideology), to present just the facts and to make people aware of the complexity and limitations of climate science (taking into consideration just 10 km of the air above Earth means trying to control, map and attribute future causation of more than 5 billion cubic kilometres of ever changing atmosphere). More could have been gained from suggesting people not build houses in river beds, on flood plains or on beaches.

  2. Man on horse uses media to punch down

    After reviewing the footage it appears the Sydney protestor alleged to have punched a horse in the face today (reported by multiple news networks) was actually only pushing it away, after being charged at by mounted constabulary. The questions that have to be asked are why police would bring a half tonne animal into a city centre during a protest knowing that it would be a danger to protestors and the animal, and how police taking a baton to someone’s head protects the public from Covid.


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