MEDIAWATCH: Stuff Hate Speech cartoon highlights the smug intellectual snobbery of woke opinion


To date, the elite woke opinion at Stuff has oscillated between declaring cancel culture isn’t a thing at all, to writing off criticism of Hate Speech as ‘hyperbole‘ and ‘political chatter‘ while columnists have endorsed the Maori Party Stasi and let us know that the low threshold Stuff has for hate speech includes criticism of gay lounges.

This cartoon that ran last week sums up the smug certitude the woke have in crushing free speech for noble reasons.

It’s as if there can’t be any legitimate criticism of criminalizing speech by expanding sentences from 3months in prison to 3years based on what the Police define as hate!

Under what is being proposed, the first you will know there is a problem is a knock at the door by Police asking to interview you about what was in your heart when you wrote something on your Facebook page 2 years ago.

In a cultural landscape of woke micro aggression policing, people will stop fearing minorities are facing hate speech and they will start fearing being accused of hate speech.

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We always joked on TDB that the holy trinity of Woke Dogma is all white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

I’d always throw in a cute ‘and there’s no wriggle room in those positions’ and we would all laugh about how crazy middle class identity politics really is.

But fresh from trying to pre-censor a movie no one had seen, the Woke are actually trying to implement their Dogma as accepted faith by gaining a micro aggression policing legal weapon they will smash the evil with.

The spittle of anticipation from their fangs for a purge is woke fascism – this isn’t social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy!

Jacinda’s soul was tattooed with the rage and pain suffered upon good people merely practicing their faith in a temple that should have been the safest place in the world. Her thirst for justice and change is righteous but what’s been suggested will mutate intentions far less noble than Jacinda’s and weaponize offence.

Mark my words, if this madness passes it will unleash a tsunami of Police complaints as schisms turn on schisms and social media will erupt with roaming lynch mobs seeking justice for a thousand sleights.

Stuff opinion writers will be the first to anoint themselves as high priests of the purge.

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  1. Cool, eh?,… let em run. Its time this dinky di shit faced country faced up to its hypocritical shit. Let them all reel out like a KON TIKI and scrap it out. Its been brewing for a long time.

    Lets have at it.

  2. Funny enough those in the temples will soon not be able to say anything about their gods and beliefs as it may offend and alarm others.

    The definition of ‘hate speech’ seems to be everyday speech and debate…. the proposed ‘hate speech’ laws are bringing intolerance into NZ, such as when a teacher in France shows a cartoon and is beheaded as it’s deemed offensive. People instead need to be taught the opposite of what is being proposed, aka to get a grip and be able to control themselves around people with different views as it is not ‘hate speech’ and a crime to have a different view point.

    Showing the cartoon should not be the crime, but those who threaten to kill or hurt those who do so, should be investigated which is the law under our current laws or those lying about what was said and done in the lesson. Obviously once they get to the killing part it is a crime already.

    “In a leaked testimony, the girl claimed she made up the story in order to not disappoint her father.” So in these cases there is a lot of things going wrong, aka kids are making things up which can then criminalise others.

    The new laws will make the teacher the criminal of hate speech and being imprisoned for 3 years.

  3. This is the type of change that is needed in the age of the Internet.

    Wall’s amendment would state anyone who posts an intimate recording “knowing that the individual who is the subject of the recording (the victim) has not expressly consented to it being so posted; or being reckless as to whether the victim has so consented” has committed a criminal offence.

    Also shows the type of new residents that NZ seems to be encouraging here – maybe to prevent terrorism and crime there needs to be a greater look at who gets to live in NZ and whether they meet the good character needed and have enough money to survive rather than posting on porn sites with victims who do not give permission for sharing and thus lengthy police investigations.

    Revenge porn: Christchurch police won’t charge man who uploaded sex tape without consent, cannot prove ‘harm’ to victim

    • If you can’t disagree with others with words in a democracy, you do not have freedom of speech, you have totalitarianism and that breeds corruption and violence.

      All countries that go down that road, end badly.

      UK is a perfect example, since 1986 when they implemented their similar hate speech laws, they have had more terror attacks of various types including acid attacks, people being knifed for religious reasons, more terror bombing, traffic attacks with vehicles, more poverty and homelessness, less tolerance, and less united with neighbours aka Brexit. More surveillance without reducing terror crime but instead increasing it.

      Stopping freedom of speech via faux ‘hate speech’ laws fails. It does the opposite because nobody is allowed to talk and debate anything anymore, and that leads to poor decision making, more mental illness, less democracy, more abuse of power and more violence outbursts.

      Does anyone really think that someone showing a cartoon should go to jail? (unless the cartoon was about killing others etc). People need to be taught to respect other’s view points and debate without violence or punishment any disagreement unless it is about killing others and terror.

  4. I am reliably informed by a Labour Party insider that they’re reeling over the precipitous plummet in internal polling, so they’re going to try and walk back some of their least popular brain-farts, once of which is their proposed hate speech legislation.
    Too late methinks!

  5. Scenario: your house is burgled – police can’t come because they don’t have available officers
    Someone complains that you spoke some words that offended them – they are knocking on your door within minutes.
    I hope this crazy situation doesn’t become a reality.

  6. You need to read Donna Miles column on stuff today. She mocks those who are against the Hate Speech Laws while also playing the Mosque Attack Card.

    She says people have nothing to worry about and no-one will be getting arrested for “saying silly things” but then later down the pages she admits that “There is no legal definition of hate speech, but you know it when you see it in every successful prosecution”.

    We are lead to believe Donna Miles Mojab is a intelligent, intellectual woman (or should I say “menstruating person) so how can she be saying such things with a seemingly clear conscience?

    I think she sees these new laws as a way to gain power over people, ideologies and groups she doesn’t like and she is prepared to make that deal with the devil (state) to get what she wants.

    Ironic that she comes from totalitarian Iran. You’d think she would know the value to free speech


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