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Millennial culture was brought up by helicopter and bulldozer parents in an educational landscape that went from ‘be the best you can be’ to ‘everyone is special’.

They couldn’t impact the neoliberal economic hegemony but they could savagely police micro aggressions and conflate everything into the worst subjective pain ever.

Add in social media and algorithms designed to enhance dramas alongside critical race and gender theories and you have a cacophony of wounds fighting for social hierarchy.

In the subjective world of the woke, a misuse of the language dictates of the conclave can be elevated into a genocide against disabled queer babies within one tweet.

That’s why the Hate Speech law debate is becoming so radioactive.

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People aren’t fearing what Jacinda will do with this new power, it’s obvious from the interview and two u-turns within a week to highlight the Prime Minister has no actual idea what her policy does, no it’s the growing fear that woke social media lynch mobs will gain the power to criminalize whatever their snowflake triggered safety spaces demand.

That they will begin a purge with a tsunami of complaints to Police about what they feel is ‘hate speech’.

The chilling impact of the rampaging woke mobs are being seen now in the case of Rachel Stewart who had a Twitter argument with a male lecturing her on feminism manufactured into a threat against Trans people and saw the cops bust into her home and seize her guns.

Rachel Stewart matters because the woke keep giving us these horrific glimpses of what they intend to do if the Hate Speech laws are passed.

Take for example the latest woke criticism of the Hate Speech laws from Stuff, by of all people, Stuff’s Homewares ‘journalist’.

I know, why the Christ is Stuff’s Homewares ‘Journalist’ jumping into the fucking hate speech debate, what insight could they provide where philosophical titans have strode?

What else could Stuff’s Homewares ‘journalist’ add that Socrates, Milton and Mill might have missed?

Terrifyingly a lot.

Stuff’s Homewares ‘Journalist’ published a letter she had received from some stupid old bat complaining about a recent article on gay lounges.

Now personally I’m a fan of gay lounges, they are always tastefully designed and make me depressed that no matter how hard I try, my heteronormative cis male interior decorating skills will never match the exquisite beauty and art of a gay lounge.

But this letter writer wasn’t a fan…

Dislike Ikea’s ‘bisexual couch’ all you want, but don’t confuse hate speech with free speech

This week, I received a rather unpleasant email from a mother in Blenheim.

Subject line: Depraved homosexuality promotion.

The promotion in question? A news article about some Pride-flag-themed couches from Ikea.

“Every time these self-confessed queer people are mentioned in the media, the main topic is their physical attraction, like sniffing dogs, to certain parts of the anatomy,” she writes.

“In addition, to portray them as normal when this group of disturbed people is continually crying out for more mental health help is hypocrisy at its worse [sic].

“Please don’t encourage an increase in the cost to the already over burdened benefactor, by attempting to make queer people believe they are normal. The confusion can’t be helping them, nor the kids around them.”

…so a dumb old bat who is projecting her obvious sexual insecurities on a piece of fucking furniture. At worst the letter wasted your time, at best it’s a letter brought out at the end of year Party and read aloud so everyone can mock the writer.

But not for the Homewares ‘journalist’ at Stuff, they bewilderingly blasted the letter as Hate Speech and gleefully warned that this very letter would see a person having the Police called out on them!

Is this hate speech? Under the current New Zealand law, no.

Is it hateful? I would argue yes, and under a new hate speech law it could be a civil offence.

That’s what is so terrifying about this column on Hate Speech, this Woke columnist’s threshold for what she thinks a person should be arrested and spend 3 years in prison for is a fairly banal letter from a basic writer who clearly has some issues regarding their own sexuality.

How the fuck is that letter hate speech?

Does some basic mum from Blenheim deserve 3 years in prison for that letter? Really?

When you appreciate the brittle subjective timid threshold these woke want to claim as Hate Speech you suddenly glimpse the Big Sister fascism they so gleefully wish to be empowered by.

While Stuff’s Homewares ‘journalist’ had nothing intellectual to add to the Hate Speech debate, they did show us the anticipation for their purge and the very low threshold they will claim is Hate Speech.

Don’t forget, last month Golriz claimed the Producer’s justification for the movie ‘They Are Us’ was literally white supremacy because the Producer was focusing on Jacinda and not the victims!

Golriz’s definition threshold for ‘white supremacy’ is so low that milk would be considered a hate crime! Her claim that the Producer is a white supremacist suggests she sees the KKK every time she changes her sheets!  If a white person disagreeing with her equates to white supremacy we are in an identity politics theology not a functioning democracy.

For the Woke, micro aggressions lead to macro violence so the micro aggression policing of anyone who disagrees with woke dogma must be executed without mercy to protect the sacredness of trigger free spaces.

Voters will stop fearing minorities facing Hate Speech and start fearing they will be accused of Hate Speech.

This fiasco is going to hurt us on the Left!

The woke are so blinded by their own righteousness that they can’t stop themselves  handing ammunition to the Right.

This is why we are seeing the movements in Roy Morgan.

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  1. Bring it on I say. This has suddenly begun to have momentum and this finally MIGHT be the runaway train that begins the decline of this gong show of a government.

    Those on the progressive left, INCLUSIVE OF THE BLAIRITE don’t appear to be able to help themselves. To date the Blairite hasn’t been able to back off this proposal. This indicates it’s a captains call and unlikely to change. We’ll have 18 months of this then. A weeping, festering sore for the Blairite. Must be praying for a Covid outbreak.

  2. People aren’t fearing what Jacinda will do with this new power? Aren’t David Seymour and Judith Collins telling people to be fearful and those who believe that will be telling others to be fearful?

  3. what makes this hate speech posturing extra disgusting to me is not just its Orwellian implications, but the fact that so much oxygen is wasted on identity politics bullshit when the real problems in NZ are ignored by the MSM and the govt is happy to look the other way.

    the real problems being world record housing inequality, deprivation, child mortality, mental health crisis and suicide.

    all in the “too hard” basket, Labour prefer to do photo ops and talk about Covid or anything else really

    • The real problems being world record housing inequality, deprivation, child mortality, mental health crisis and suicide?

      The real problem was only thinking those problems existed or were only important from the end of 2017.
      Many opened their venetian blinds in October 26 that year and looked out windows that had been shuttered for years. They didn’t like what they saw.
      The next real problem was in thinking that at the clicks of some fingers those problems would be sorted.
      Be impatient, be demanding but be realistic.

  4. I am fearful. I am a left wing liberal.

    Martyn is correct. This women from Blenheim’s rave (possibly when she had drunk too much who would know)
    will see her visited by the police and charges pressed. It isn’t out of the question this woman will end up in jail……………….How fucking stupid is that. Far better to think wtf……….how made is she. Some people…..and then send her up.

  5. On a planet undergoing meltdown (NZ was 2oC degrees warmer than average in June), and undergoing the dire effects of energy depletion and environmental collapse, all this ‘woke’ shit has no relevance whatsoever.

    Jacinda and the other clowns and criminals that constitute the LINO ‘government’ can pass whatever idiotic legislation they like; in the real world none of it will matter, and none of it will be enforceable, as the collapse of everything accelerates.

    • Sadly, I fear that you are correct.
      It’s as if ‘all this non sense’ in Govt is purely for obfuscation reasons, so the rich can get into the lifeboats (so to speak) whilst the poor and middles class are preoccupied with non-sense, e.g. reorganising the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • yeah the soil is really warm for this time of year and the narcissus are flowering at the same time as the Plum magnolias.The plant world has been adjusting to climate change for 25 years or more. But the warmth is speeding up.

    • Indeed, thank you AFKTT for keeping it real. Interesting times. Humanity as a whole “herd” has only every evolved through mass suffering (imho). Will we destroy our planet with this growth “phase” ? I guess we’ll find out! I do know our Mother Earth has a few tricks up her sleeve though! You don’t get to be as old a beauty as Her without making some necessary “corrections”. And good on Her!! Kay Sera Sera 🙂

    • Of course it is a distraction, they don’t have any real solutions, though I’m sure they’ll appreciate the increased levels of control a lot of the “woke” legislation offers.

      One thing to remember is humans are very adaptable and we live on an island a long way from the chaos that will result from climate change elsewhere. We also grow a lot of food, have good access to freshwater & renewable derived power. We could be a self sufficient commune in the South Pacific if we needed to. Our lifestyle won’t be the same by a long shot, but hardly Mad Max.

  6. Who on earth loses sleep all gets all bitter and twisted over a flipping sofa anyway? Cushions maybe but a sofa?

  7. Taking this to its logical conclusion, then the New Zealand Police should be imprisoned for sporting a rainbow car, as well as the Wellington City Council for painting rainbow pedestrian crossings. Ah well.

    If we are to have freedom of speech, then the Stuff Homewares person is free to write idiotically and very meanly, but it does look as though Stuff editorial policy needs an injection of intelligence and maturity to establish reasonable sort of boundaries. Anti- gay prejudice is nothing new, and it can be sick and sickening, but setting the police onto this correspondent is a colossal waste of police time and tax payer money when the person’s problem with the couch is their problem, that’s all, and it doesn’t affect other persons.

    Any hateful effect on other persons comes directly from the Stuff Homeware Ed publicising that letter from Blenheim, and therefore Stuff should also be reported to the police – what Stuff has done in making the contents of the letter widely known, has the potential to cause more widespread harm than the initial letter.

    It is also very bitchy.

  8. Can’t say I have ever heard of gay lounge furniture before apart from back in the day when it simply meant some bright and cheerful upholstery. That said people can decide to have whatever furniture they please, it really isn’t any of my business.

    As to the letter, crikey if that is stuff’s idea of “hateful speech” then they really need to get a grip and spare us all the histrionics. The woman had an opinion and she aired her opinion as so she should be able to in any free society.

    These woke people seem like out of control control freaks if you ask me. Their view on what is OK is narrow and rigidly defined and watch out if you cross their threshold: your life will be ruined.

    How did we end up here?!

  9. Finally, something the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ can find common ground on. A lot less anti free speechers on TDB lately, I’ve noticed. Plenty of red pills to go around.

  10. I think we should all thank the Gay baby Jesus that this is all we have to worry about.
    For as long as I’ve noticed there have been ding a lings. There’s always some noisy, emotionally deformed, intellectually devolving meat pack spurting out guff. The Gay Lounge lady is an adequate example of that.
    News flash! The moment someone invented trousers there rose those who were trouserist. “ Nothing wrong with arse hair. Been wearing arse hair since before I was born. Anyone against arse hair’s a poof and can remain upright. The rest of us, we of the hairs of the rectum, will remain hairy, on all fours and trouserless. After all? It’s what Jesus would want, indeed expect. “
    There’s this thing, right? If you ignore them, they do eventually go away. Imagine being an idiot and the only company that could could abide you is yourself?

  11. Why doesn’t msm focus on things that actually matter and that are affecting the majority of the population , like housing , the banks hijacking our currency after extracting billions in profit and still winding down services and estimating that it’s going to cost 500 million to keep cash in circulation asking and implying that we the taxpayer should lump an extra tax , when really all we the people seem to get consecutively currently is tax after tax while labour who have no actual experience in running govt and even less in maintain img a healthy economy just keep printing / spending money , fix the roads which we pay for , fix the mental health services prev promised , stop paying for motels for everyone and most importantly stop fobbing we the public off with lies when questioned about policies or potential changes in legislation . I’m embarrassed to be a kiwi with the current state of things and there is not really light at the end of the tunnel as far as I can see , but hey let’s build a bridge for the guys on bikes , never mind the bumper to bumper traffic on a sun avo , get some frkn perspective

  12. You know it’s bad for the government when Mickeysavage belatedly rolls out the turd-polishing and straw-man-making posts on the standard, and Lprent micropolices any comment on them contrary with Tl;Dr ad homs

  13. Garner seeks to cancel

    On Duncan Garner’s opinion show, Thursday 8 July 2021 just after 8am, Garner threatened social media users directly ranting that ‘something awaits’ certain social media users and that ‘karma’ will get them. Prior to this outburst he interviewed some unknown mouthpiece who tried to defend twenty years of bloody American occupation of Afghanistan and who said that the US pulling troops out of the region will cause terror and harm. She actually said that. A few minutes later Garner trots out ‘social media harms, social media kills’ in a bizarre display of cognitive dissonance, presumably attacking someone or something he had read on social media that doesn’t agree with his worldview.

  14. Garner should just turn his show into the giggling mess that is TVNZ Breakfast and emulate John Campbell, who seems to accept his journalistic days are behind him and is now just a government/corporate shill masquerading as a Sunday school televangelist. Like really dumb it down. This is rated news according to the Herald:

    NZ Herald. (2021). TVNZ Breakfast gaffe-Melissa Stokes bursts into laughter as Indira Stewart walks into shot. Retrieved from

  15. Baker seeks to cancel

    Not satisfied at being the only person (let alone health researcher) allowed to talk about Covid in the media in this country, epidemiologist Michael Baker has now taken a swing at the UK government and health officials, calling them ‘barbarians’ for daring to suggest they actually live with some illness in the long term:

    The sum total of New Zealand’s ‘experts’ and ‘the science’ (it feels like it), Baker was quoted as saying an end to restrictions would invite the “Grim Reaper to harvest”. If these alarmist statements were posted to social media, Baker would probably receive a strike notice, demonitization and a warning visit from the local constabulary asking if his mental state was ok.

  16. Martyn I hate it when you call yourself a ‘heteronormative cis male’ how about your ‘manly’ interior decorating skills.

    The old bat from Blenheim, if she hates something let her say so. Then we know where people stand.

    I hate nazis I expect to be able to say so. If nazis hate me let them say so, I want to know.


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