Will the vaccine roll out destroy Labour? Best case and Worst case scenario


To date the game has been low targets that the underfunded Health system can manage while quietly pushing the actual vaccination program of the whole population further and further and further down the track.

Because there hasn’t been an outbreak, it’s a game that is winning.

Kiwis aren’t used to thinking about one thing for too long, thinking requires trying and no one in NZ likes being a try hard.

We are so laid back we are horizontal.

That laid back nature can turn in a second with a visceral negative egalitarianism that screams ‘I sacrificed- why am I being punished with another lock down’.

Luckily for the Government the cock ups and vast failures of the vaccine program have avoided any political fall out because the virus has been kept at bay.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Revealed – 3800 unvaccinated border workers, 1100 miss testing timeframe

About 3800 border workers haven’t had a single vaccine jab yet, nor have about half of the 50,000-odd household contacts of border workers who are meant to be at the top of the priority queue.

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And the latest figures suggest there are about 1100 workers at the border who are not getting tested within the required timeframe.

Covid 19 coronavirus: ‘Pissed off’ – More Auckland vaccine rollout issues ahead of national booking system

Aucklanders are coming forward with more issues concerning the region’s Covid vaccine rollout, including vaccination centres being booked until August, records being lost and eight-week waits for a second jab.

Analysis: The burning Covid vaccine rollout questions the Ministry of Health isn’t answering

There are fundamental questions about the rapidly approaching Covid-19 vaccine rollout to the wider New Zealand population which remain unanswered just six weeks before it’s due to begin.

And the Ministry of Health appears indifferent to requests for information and in a number of instances does not provide clear answers to the questions the media is asking on behalf of Kiwis.

Covid-19 vaccinations: This is not the front of the queue

It is becoming harder and harder for the Government to credibly say that the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out is going according to plan.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted on Thursday that the “wide roll-out” in July wouldn’t actually include the entire 16+ population, as the Government had forecast when it first created this plan earlier this year.

Instead, because we still have only around a tenth of the vaccines needed in the country, it will be staggered by age, with those aged 60 or over able to get the vaccine from July 28. That’s just five years younger than the current age cutoff.

By October, the Government expects to actually be able to offer the vaccine to every adult in the country, months after most of the nations we compare ourselves to

The lax vaccine roll out is caused by not enough supply and not enough people to administer the shots inside our underfunded public health system.

Kiwis will put up with this because the constant overseas images of Covid horror put glib complaints about vaccine roll outs into perspective but that all changes if we get a break out and are plunged into another lockdown- at that point Labour’s hollow assurances will get savaged.

Best case scenario: Vaccines are not held up, the virus doesn’t mutate and after a strong public health messaging campaign we gain herd immunity by June 2022.

Worst case scenario: Vaccines are held up, the virus mutates, the underfunded health system implodes trying to vaccinate everyone, social media is filled with angry people who can’t get the vaccine, we have an outbreak and are forced back into lockdown.  We don’t gain Herd immunity.

There is everything riding on this vaccine roll out.

All those in NZ currently screaming at any criticism of the vaccine roll out better hope our incompetent health system delivers or they will be scrubbing their social media timelines clean – this is after all the same health system that fucked up the measles fiasco.


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  1. Quite simply the Government told lies.
    Hipkins said we were top of the list?
    We are now at the bottom?
    What’s going on here or more correctly what’s not going on?

  2. In that case anything is possible. We know the elements dedicated to rebelling against the role out. It’s the ones with in our own circles dedicated to rebelling against the role out that we don’t know. The ones for perfect reasons will not line up independent of those who are online and known.

  3. Sam” there’s a difference between a roll out & a role out (which doesn’t exist). Please use a dictionary to assist your comprehension!


    • That’s a point of procedure. This would be better debated in voice. Want to come at me about environmental protection then we can do a debate on Facebook live, face to face so everyone can see which premise holds water. Don’t come at me if you’re not willing to fight me.

      • Your writing is by and large incomprehensible drivel Sam. As a consequence no one on here bothers to engage with you much because of your poor spelling and grammar. Oral communication is a a different skill to written communication. You have abysmal written communication skills and were I in the unfortunate position of having to teach you written communication I would have ceased to give a fuck about you ever learning the use of the rich and wonderful English language in written form.

  4. Such situations were always likely with private corporations having control over vaccine production and shipping dates and amounts. Various Governments globally should have put this on a “war footing” and threatened nationalisation of the pharmaceutical industry, but such is the power of neo liberal hegemony that was never going to happen with Governments like ours and most OECD types.

    5 Eyes, and NZs allegiance to US and British Imperialism meant the Govt. would not have sourced vaccine from Cuba, Russia or China regardless of how good it was, so here we are…

    In terms of electoral politics what would Nashnull have done any different is the question? Probably a lot more than 26 dead people is the likely answer.

  5. For years I taught staff to be good salespeople and the most important message I tried to get across was be truthful. If you mucked up it is better own up early than be caught out later . Most accept mistakes can by made so owning up usually means you come out in front . Playing with words and phrases to hid the truth leaves people angry and less receptive to other messages. I feel we are being treated like mushrooms re the vaccine roll out and I do not appreciate it.

  6. We don’t all need vaccinating while our borders hold and continue to hold.
    They will hold if the borders are open only to those already vaccinated, or willing to be quarantined.
    The herd instinct pressing for rapid vaccinations likens us to countries that do not and cannot now have an elimination strategy.
    Those that own the IP like the US and Britain are first in the queue, those who do not, like India and South Africa are at the end of the queue.
    There is as yet no power on earth that will force the rich to give their IP to the poor.
    Yet NZ as a small and dependent country has succeeded in both keeping the virus out, and the economy from going into a slump.
    That, and holding its place in the queue and even giving way to others such as the Cooks, Niue and Tuvalu and possibly other states in greater need.
    We have been promised full vaccination by October. Let’s work on that and behave like mature adults meanwhile.
    While we are waiting, lets give some thought to why we always push ahead like piglets at the trough in fear of missing out.
    What are we missing? A world heading for climate catastrophe.
    What about a society where we have herd immunity across all disease, where the health, welfare and education systems are rebuilt so they work.
    Lets have a political system where the political parties are controlled by their members, where delegates are recalled if they vote against their electors mandate.
    Where delegates are paid no more than the average skilled worker.
    Where there is no standing army but a popular militia.
    Where the justice system and the bureaucracy is based on elected delegates of the people.
    These principles were among those raised by the Communards of Paris 1871, the first government to be run by the ordinary citizens in their common interests, and an inspiration since to all revolutionary movements for the creation of the Commune.

  7. Have a feeling that the government sees advantages in having a closed/restricted border. It will open eventually, but the government seems happy not to rush. A cautious vaccine rollout plays into delaying easing of border restrictions.

  8. Labour and NZ have been very lucky indeed with the Covid-19. Lucky that Natz and Act werent in power and followed the advice of their experts Hosking, Duplessis, Garner, Williams, Russel and all the other fools who were promoting Swedish, Australia and Taiwan models and opening the borders to all and sundry.
    Jacinda has listened to the relevant experts making the right decisions and has made Aotearoa the most free and safest country in the world. So rejoice NZ!!!!!!!

    • It is a silly line to say National policy on covid would have been based in any way on the shit spoken by these radio jocks.
      Labour have had the luck of the Irish to have passed through the worst of the current covid period with no major outbreaks.
      They have lied about key factors which left us all open to an outbreak and now we have the ongoing problems of the vaccine roll out. Until it is done we can only tread water and others will move ahead in both tourism and trade.

    • The same people that stated we should be closing our borders in February last year, while Jacinda was still on holiday?

      Oh that right we went early, because “if you tell a lie once, it remains a lie, but if you repeat a lie a thousand times it becomes the truth”

  9. Just waiting for the next Covid mutation -which the so-called vaccine will be less-than-effective against- to emerge somewhere in the world and be brought here.

    May have already happened.

  10. Vaccine stock currently available in NZ as of; 13-Jun 117660
    With millions of doses held up in the supply chain(s) on order.
    Something tells me herd immunity by vaccine isn’t gunnah happen until 2025/2026

  11. Who cares when we get the vaccines as with new variants developing we may need another vaccine anyway or a booster shot and this is the only issue that puts me of being vaccinated in a hurry. Also it is no good all the richer countries vaccinating their own people when the poorer countries are having big outbreaks and the virus is mutating. We are a lot safer than many others cause of our isolation and I wish NZers would stop whinging.

  12. Or maybe those who believe the vaccine is toxic, that toxic shedding is going on from those vaccinated, are correct . One thing is for sure, the government has successfully closed down all debate, reminicent of East Germany/ The Soviet Union/ Mao’s Red Guards !!!

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