Dome Valley Shock Decision: Where the hell are the Greens on a Chinese mega company dumping toxic waste in Auckland?


When it comes to gerrymandering the law to ensure more men are convicted of Rape – the Greens are there.

When it comes to anything on Trans issues you can’t shut the Greens up.

When it comes to woke middle class identity politics nonsense, the Greens lead the debate.

Yet when it comes to a Chinese mega corporation dumping radioactive and hazardous waste into the Dome Valley, the Greens are no where to be found.

The hopelessly incompetent Eugenie Sage ruled that this China mega corporation could poison the water table and possibly the Kaipara Harbour because it might create 50-100 jobs on the construction of the tip.

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She used the exact same crap reasoning when she granted a Chinese water bottling company license to do so because it created a dozen jobs.

The Greens argue their hands were tied in both decisions because the Minister can only look at job creation when it comes to determining if an Overseas Investment Office consent can be granted.

This is bullshit – the Minister decides if the economic gains are worth granting the consent, not a rubber stamp process that greenlights any environmental destruction just for a few jobs.

If it’s a woke middle class identity politics virtue signal, the Green’s are there, but when it’s actual environmental vandalism, they are no where.

They have time to cancel a movie they haven’t seen because of ‘white supremacy’ but don’t have the time to stop actual pollution of the actual environment?

What sort of environmental party are they?

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  1. That same person signed over hundreds of thousands of hectares of Aotearoa, into ownership by a foreign regime, – China. The body of this land, – carved up in huge chunks and sold off…

    It was not hers to sell!!!!

    (I cannot easily write her name, as I feel so much disgust and anger at the harm she has wrought on this land. Harm that will continue to be felt for many generations, if we even survive that long.)

    • Most people won’t survive much beyond 2030.

      Declining energy supply meets rapidly overheating planet, meets meltdown of Ponzi finance, meets collapse of industrial agriculture, meets population overshoot, meets micro-plastics in the water supply. meets leaking pipes and overflows, meets deforestation and raging fires, all interspersed with flooding worse than experience in Canterbury recently.

      • Petrol in Australia stepped up a tier by cents to about $1.30-$1.70 from $1.20-$1.60 and these whinge moaning cunts go on about Ute’s and welfare queens. I pay way more than what boomers paid for stuff in there day. How’s everyone? We are entering uncharted territory. Things are moving extremely rapidly and our ability to help each other has been diminished so everyone is just going to have rely on your own mana to get yourselves through these changing times. Good luck, sending good vibez.

    • Kheala – And I also feel the same about the social harm which Davidson and Ghahraman have wrought upon certain sections of persons in this country, and for no good reason. I think them both deranged.

      • Ok, yes. I finally got to understand what you were saying, – about Marama in particular. Oddly, perhaps, it was when I read the book written by Golriz, “Know Your Place” – when I read the very last chapter, the one where she talked about the ChCh massacre and events surrounding it. The lights came on for me, and I understood what you had been saying.

      • Snow White, Recently I read Golriz’ book, “Know Your Place”. I can strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of who she is and all she represents. It is a good read.

        One thing that I had not known is that in the weeks just before the ChCh madman performed his atrocities, Golriz had herself been receiving death threats. These were not just “I’m gonna kill you” vague threats, but increasingly graphic, intense and targeted specifically at her. Others took the threats seriously and she was assigned security.

        The nature of the threats meant that this was incredibly disturbing, in part because she kept telling herself words to the effect of, “This can’t be real. This doesn’t happen here”.

        But then it did happen. ChCh happened. Golriz was a bit wrecked. She was in an extremely vulnerable state.

        That was when Marama contacted her. Marama came to see her, and co-opted her into speaking out (together with Marama) ..on that day.

        • The thing is, that Davidson, the co- leader of a political party, which I had supported for so many years prior to that night, stood at the Auckland Muslim vigil, and to the world’s media, she blamed white New Zealanders – colonialism and the usual cliches – for the atrocities committed down in Christchurch. She let a lot of us down. Pakeha were unfairly lambasted.

          I don’t watch television, but I later read it and saw it online, finishing with a poc girl of about 18 announcing, “ White people hate us. “. This is also untrue. It was also a shocking thing to do to the already scared and grieving Muslim community. It was crap.

          I can’t speak for Ghahraman, but I can see how New Zealanders with long associations with this country, and who very much part of the land, and who are good and decent people, and are people who have a work ethic and integrity, and contribute and may have sacrificed much for it, become irked
          by immigrants who come here, especially from more troubled places, and then proceed to tell us what we should or should not be doing, whether they are politicians or newspaper editors. Ghahraman irritates me like a mosquito, and I don’t care if that sounds racist. ( Immigrant Key had a nerve wanting to change our flag to fit his tacky branding.)

          PM Ardern’s “ We are one” statement was a statement of fact.

          Even if it was brilliant pr, it was still a statement of fact, we are one. Ardern annoys me too, but I do believe that she was totally sincere in what she said, and that that was what most would have felt.

          Davidson took a polar opposite view to the Prime Minister, and she utilised the massacre to try and whip up anti-Pakeha sentiment. In some ways, being a Green might have made it worse – it demolished the whole concept of the inter-connectedness of everything, but deliberately strove to divide the community, which is not what a so-called leader should be doing, and frankly, the less I say about that the better – especially on a Sunday.

            • However it has thrown us off topic from that of the extent of China’s toxic grip on our throat. They need to let go of Aotearoa for a time – to step back. We need to fight to reclaim our independence from them. If we don’t start very soon, it will become ever more difficult to do so in the future.

  2. The clues are on their website…

    Marama has replaced the banner of herself on the Green Party website with an Asian mother and baby and under the volunteers section another Asian person is the representative. These ‘clues’ to their direction are pretty much the only ‘representation’ of people other than themselves on their website now.

    Chinese in NZ are known to be generous with their time and money for the right outcomes. $100k can buy you a list MP seat access for the Natz and NZ Mayors and other people in NZ in power, are targeted with soft power trips. NZ so CHEAP to buy!

    “Is your rent unreasonable” the greens ask? It is now!!! First the Natz, sell offs now the Greens and Labour lead it. NZ First survived for years, until they sold out for donations. But it does work for a while and to line people’s pockets.

    Chinese player in NZ state house sell-off

    Chinese player in NZ state house sell-off
    Chinese pour $1.5 billion into NZ housing market last year

    Lets rob NZ of our water too…

    Green Party labelled ‘sellout’ over water decision

    Don’t forget ‘green’ light pollution here

    Now our sea is a intensive Dairy farm Chinese owned cow toilet.
    Oceania Dairy Ltd granted consents for controversial wastewater pipeline

    Greens target market seems to indicate who want to volunteer for the Greens – what some political Asians lack in dedication to their new country and jobs, they can make up in political donations!

    Now that the traditional ‘green’ supporters are repelled by the Greens new direction and values, the Greens without lifting a finger can just sell their brand to the highest bidders who will also do all their campaigning and fundraising work for them too….

  3. They’re not an environmental party anymore, just a motley group of chancers and shoulder chips who hijacked a decent little party for their own purposes , and Eugenie Sage does have better green credentials than many. I can’t see Rod Donald or Jeannette Fitzsimmons out night- clubbing at 2 am in a strip joint – and asking busy police to explain what they’re doing out on the street. If Sage stuffed up, then her colleagues should have been awake to what was going on – it’s all of them at fault here, the whole lot of them.

    A Maori Party ( not holding my breath there) initiative ,or Mana, may be the best hope, but clawing back what politicians have given away or flogged off at mate’s rates, is unlikely to happen, and climate change without a political voice a bad prospect.

    • It is the fact of her “credentials” that makes this so abominable in my eyes. She allowed her “Green” credentials to be used to cover these atrocious backroom deals. Disgusting, and a crime against this land and our future.

      Sorry, but she is G.I.N.O.

      • None of the Greens have any real environmental credentials. They have destroyed the Green Party in NZ from the inside out.

        It is actually worse than not having a Green Party at all, as to have one with the ‘Green brand’ that is helping industry pollute and make this country poorer and less equal by selling off/gifting our natural assets like water, to offshore billion dollar corporations (who actually tend to be controlled by PRC) which is not even a democratic country and seems to hate Muslims.

        (Double standards for NZ COL, they say they support CHCH Muslims, but then have a massive history of financially helping regimes that are detaining Muslims, environmentalists and pro democracy advocates like PRC operating NZ).

    • If we don’t require some level of responsibility and accountability from our elected representatives then WE ourselves are to blame when things go from bad to worse, to disaster. If we have sat back and just let it all happen without a murmur then we are to blame – we are part of the problem.

  4. Maybe it’s because I’m only starting
    That I think it won’t take too long
    Maybe it’s because I can see you laughing
    That I think you’ve got it wrong
    Maybe I could be like Robin Hood
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    Deep Purple – No One Came

  5. “Where the hell are the Greens on a Chinese mega company dumping toxic waste in Auckland?”
    Resting up after being all bought and paid for I’d think.
    James Shaw:
    “Prior to returning to Wellington in 2010, Shaw worked in the consulting division at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Between 2011 and 2014, Shaw worked as both a consultant for HSBC bank on “environmental awareness programmes for future leaders” and also at Wellington social enterprise the Akina Foundation.[6]”
    For example …
    A Gallery of Rogues.
    Akina Foundation”

  6. A truly Green movement would be protesting and blocking all access to this site and others all around the country. They just don’t have the balls any more – too hung up on the BAU, don’t frighten the horses Blairite shit.

  7. A truly Green movement would be protesting and blocking all access to this site and others all around the country. They just don’t have the balls any more – too hung up on the BAU, don’t frighten the horses Blairite shit.

  8. Some 2,000,000 hectares of OA/ NZ is now covered in alien mono-forests, according to a recent tv news item. Most of that is foreign owned. Much of that is owned by China. Pretty much all of it is a huge fire risk once the next long hot drought hits. And all of it displaces our native flora and fauna.

    Instead of giving all that land to a foreign regime (by illegal transaction, imo), some of it should have been secured in trust to re-home Pacific Islanders whose homes are disappearing under the waves, smashed out of existence by ever more powerful mega storms/ mega cyclones.

    Pacificas are our brothers and sisters. When Jacinda first took office, in the early days, she said she would look out for them. With Climate Change gaining force, that is what we need to do now.

    How about we re-appropriate OUR OWN LAND from China! …and secure some of it as a Climate refugee area for our families around the Pacific. SOON!

  9. Agree they are not a true Green Party.
    They are far more interested in Middle East politics and gender issues than they are in what’s good for New Zealand.
    I see most of them as a disingenuous mob with a holier than thou attitude.
    Incredibly dismissive.

  10. Well with the government’s announcement about EV rebates.
    You’ve gotta have somewhere to dump all those toxic batteries!

    I guess they’re just thinking ahead.

  11. One of the things I don’t understand is why so many people go on here about them no longer ‘just being an environmental party’. The kaupapa of the Green party has always been one of both environmental issues and social justice issues. They were never ever just an environmental party.

  12. Agree Michal but does that give them license to abandon the principles of their Green mantra or does it reveal environmental concerns is a cover for extreme left wing intentions.


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