The Gaza Centre for Human Rights has been targeted and destroyed by Israel


The offices of the Gaza Centre for Human Rights have been targeted and destroyed by a missile from an Israeli fighter jet.

New Zealander Julie Webb-Pullman has been working for the Centre for several years as an international expert on gathering evidence of Israeli war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza. (Julie – 0224723248 – is currently waiting to return to Gaza after being delayed in New Zealand through Covid 19)

So far the Centre, under Julie’s guidance, has sent over 2000 claims of war crimes relating to Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2014 and its targeting the Great March of Return protests in March 2018.

Earlier this year the International Criminal Court made the formal announcement that they are opening an investigation into allegations of grave Israeli breaches of International Humanitarian Law. Israel is furious and has tried to stop the investigation.

Now Israel has seized the opportunity to hit back with missiles from a Israeli fighter jet.

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The Centre is making an appeal for funds to get back up and running and PSNA is co-ordinating fundraising here.

People can donate to:


Account number: 38-9015-0849542-02 (Please put GCHR in the reference)

This is a message from Julie describing the photo and the damage.

I would really appreciate it if you could also appeal for funds for Gaza Centre for Human Rights – our offices were directly targeted and destroyed a few days ago. We need to replace printers, photocopiers, furniture etc.

Our electronic backup files are safe, but all of the original documents have been destroyed.

Attached is a picture of the destruction – our offices were on the third floor, the translators’ office is the one with the blue wall, my office is at the front. Was.

Like almost every building in Gaza, it is a mixed residential and office tower.

We expect the New Zealand media will report on this and we are asking the government to condemn outright this bombing of a human rights organisation.


    • Ex L
      The comparison is not valid. Sure NZ has a bad history of colonialism that needs addressing by tackling the racism that exits in NZ and assisting a better distribution of wealth across society.
      But deliberate state sponsored murder, land theft and a policy of planned genocide, as we see in the Israel / Palestinian theatre is something NZ should not tolerate happening.

    • @ ex labour. You win dodgy logical fallacy spitting pro natzo of the day award.
      Stay on-topic or you just look like a pro natzo spin Dr.
      Outed! Am I correct?

  1. When Israel drops 500 pound High Explosive Usa made bombs onto homes and neighborhoods ,,,, then no Palastinians can shield their children from Israels indiscriminate weapons of mass murder ,,,

    made in the usa ,,, ,,,, the same usa which has 3 x blocked un security council ceasefire resolutions.

    Consider from a NZ perspective ,,, that every murdered victim in Christchurchs act of terrorism was a child ,,,, because that is what Gaza Palestinians have received ,,, just counting dead children ,,, From Israel in a week ,,,, plus another 3 or 4 Christchurch massacres worth of adults.,,

    Israels attack on the worshipers in a Mosque,,, to kick start their civilian air massacre campaign ,,, also has that Muslim hating Christchurch feel to it as well ,,, Although the Christchurch killer never got to destroy the Mosques he attacked ,,,,, Illegal Settler Zionists are trying to Trump him on that score

    Indifferent bombing killing mainly civilians,,, causes Israel to shrug and go “human shields” ,,, Hamas Hamas Hamas*.

    BUT the huge amounts of civilians, medics, reporters and children ,,, shot by SNIPERS is not like Israels 1000 pound High Explosive lethal violence ,,

    ,,,, Snipers are a precise, deliberate and 100% targeted at the specific victim …

    The peaceful medic and inspiring young woman Razan al-Najjar was murder with ‘head shot’ ,,, and then they lied like Weinsteins about her
    Razan al-Najjar and others posing no threat ,,,

    Israel went open season in their series of massacres and extreme violence against Palastinian ‘Great March’ protestors / supporters ,,,

    Deliberate pin point lethal violence ,,, snipers bragging about shooting 42 knees in one day ,,,, or the 200 meter and 300 meter head shots ,,,,,,,,Is like a Olympic shooting event ,,,, for psychopaths , fascist and Nazis ,,

    That such degenerates using pin point marksmanship could even utter “Hamas human shields” ,,,,, or ICC / the UN are anti-Semites ,,, is frankly as evil as any murderers ‘not guilty ‘ fabrications.

    A bit like Dr Cumins smiling like a hyena encouraging and spreading the “fake news” response to the real and documented murder of Palestinians on video, on the internet…. by Snipers.

    See who is fake and who is sick yourself ,,,

    And Support Julie & PALESTINE SOLIDARITY

    P.s,,,,,, It is to NZ’s credit that we do not designate Hama’s / Gaza as Terrorists ,,, unlike the Usa, ,,,5 eyes,,, and all the other western white races ,,, known as the EU.

    Instead NZ differentiates between the militant wing ,,, and the elected organization.

    Which means NZ alone is positioned for real “Talks” ,,, which is the road to peace ,,, ie IRA terrorism was stopped by talks / negotiations ,,,,

    Bad faith from the Usa and others ??? ,,, Don’t talk to or negotiate with terrorists .,,, Trump–“Kill their families”

    “The United States, Canada, and the European Union have designated Hamas a terrorist group. New Zealand has instead designated the military arm of Hamas, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades as a terrorist entity.”

    • The Psychopathic element is real and instilled right through preschool and the education system. When you are surrounded by psychopathic mantra then most people conform just like they did in Nazi Germany.

  2. ‘We dont expect the New Zealand media will report on this and we are asking the government to condemn outright this bombing of Israel with over 3,000 rockets’.

    Fixed it for you John…

    • Wouldn’t you love to place Minto there, 3,000 rockets raining down on him, and then record his reaction. Brown corduroys time!

        • Why ‘grow up’ AOM
          Because we dont believe all the Hamas propaganda, that you and others take hook line and sinker, that Israel is attacking for no reason and as such we are to be treated like children!
          It is a well know fact Hamas is a terrorist wing from Iran, this is a proxy Iran Israel conflict, and having casualties in Gaza suits their propaganda no end…they must be delighted with the useful idiots like yourself minto/bravery and lois.

          • wow bunch of Zionist propaganda there I’m Right. Why can’t Gaza defend itself? Why is it ok for the USA and Israel to run a proxy war /genocide program against the Palestinians ? Because they believe in the Bible? is that the justification I’m Right? So illegally entering the Al Aqsa mosque during Ramadan and attacking worshipers unprovoked is how Israel promotes peace?before it steals more Palestinian property and that shithead Netanyahoo gets to keep his filthy grip on the leadership of the dysfunctional deranged delusional toxic democracy that is Israel(hell) I haven’t swallowed anything I’m asking valid questions here of all Israel supporters who comment on this perpetual war. Because if you truly believe this is acceptable behavior by these degenerate scumbags then you are the problem. All religion is superstition and superstition is ignorance . A superiority cult(god’s chosen people ?? of course you are FFS! ) masquerading as a religion is crock of deluded bullshit and only ignorant deranged fools would swallow that shit! So once again why is Israel’s disgusting violence justified??? C’mon I’m waiting!

            • ‘So once again why is Israel’s disgusting violence justified??? C’mon I’m waiting!’
              Until Hamas recognises Israels right to exist, and not have their utter annihilation as part of their charter…Israel have every right to wipe out the Hamas terrorist organisation, until Gaza have another election and Hamas voted out, then they are legitimate targets, the fact that Hamas use human shields is their sick islamic way of keeping up the attacks on Israel….and who would blame a country defending itself from a neighbour (funded and supplied by Iran) hell bent on its destruction?
              USA fund Israel…Iran fund Hamas!

          • IR
            Just roll back the stupid for a bit and get to grips with Hamas being an elected representative body of Palestinians not Iran
            Israel has 3.8 billion dollars a year from the USA taxpayer to spend on genocide in Palestine, Yemen, Syria and Iraq.
            Terrorist yes Israel and USA.

      • What indiscriminate killing of children not enough for you today Gaby? Do you have kids? Would you like them to be in Gaza right now?
        Crawl back to you IDF troll farm.

      • @ gaby. You’re a compelling reason for closing down the israeli embassy and deporting the staff. You’re a dangerous wee gaby. Whenever I have the nerve to read your guff I read an angry, humerless fanatic who surely lives entirely within a bubble of his or her own brain farts.
        I appreciate that you may have a murderous mayhem fetish, most humans are quite mad at least some of the time but you’re infatuations with violently defending the indefensible is unsettling and in my opinion the SIS and any other security apparatus that isn’t zionist of course should closely monitor you. And by monitor I mean lock you up until you can be shipped out. ( They probably are, actually. )
        If you’re here in AO/NZ you should be made to go with the embassy staff. We certainly don’t need you here. I doubt if anyone needs you anywhere come to think of it?

  3. The targeted attacks by the IDF on the civilian population, health facilities and public utilities in Gaza will be judged as war crimes but as before Israel will never be held to account because of US control.
    The mainstream media around the world (including NZ) is complicit and seem unwilling to speak truth to power because propaganda pays the bills.
    Thankfully their are are outlets like this where good people write with integrity and honesty to inform the people with truth and facts.

  4. The situation is dreadful and hopefully will end soon,very soon.
    Can we expect an objective view from people like Julie Webb-Pullman?

    • Of course, Julie lived there for years, she helped see that the evidence was 100% that has gone to the International Criminal Court to ensure that some Israelis are called to account. Israel has put a ‘secret’ list together of people who should not leave the country because they might be arrested and quite rightly be taken personally to the ICC.

    • John.
      The name Julie Webb-Pullman was unfamiliar to me until just now. I have done a little reading and I note that she has been in Gaza for a number of years, has met Hamas Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar, President Ismail Haniyeh, has quite a History of humanitarian work.
      You have stated “My knowledge comes from many years spent in the Middle East including Israel and Gaza” to which I replied something along the lines of “one can be up close but miss the big picture”.
      Your experience in Gaza seems to be quite the opposite to that of Julie Webb-Pullman.
      Two Kiwis (assuming you are one) with quite different stories to tell from the same experience.
      One of you is missing the big picture.
      Perhaps you can elaborate on your experience there and why you disparage Julie Webb-Pullman with “Can we expect an objective view from people like Julie Webb-Pullman?” for those of us who were not acquainted with her or the possible dark side of her biography.

      • There are a number of articles in the Israeli news outlet Haaretz which back up and underscore what Julie P-W has to say.

        For someone who claims to have “lived there”, the comments by “John” don’t make sense.

  5. International Media Centre one day..then Human Rights Centre another day….
    whole families slaughtered..
    Gazan hospitals were unable to cope with Covid19 BEFORE the latest wave of bombing.

    Israel is a rogue State, a cruel criminal regime,the Israeli embassy SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN !!!!!!

    The One State that is Israel must be pressured internationally to transform itself into a one democratic State with equal rights for all.
    It is possible but won’t happen without global grassroots/flaxroots pressure.

    • Stop with the senile nonsense, woman. Great news is that Ghahraman’s and the dopey Greens’ quest to have NZ recognise Palestine as a state has failed, and one reason is that her, Swarbrick’s and Menendez’s tweet using ‘the from the river to the sea’ mantra has completely backfired on them, with widespread condemnation. Well done NZ!

      • The U.N. back in 1947 recognised Palestine as a sovereign state despite gifting huge tracts of Arab land to Israehell to be its own state. This insane partition sparked the 1948 war. Who are the agressors here??? the shit stained corduroys of Minto or Nazi SS assault on peaceful family people from Israehell’s insane murder machine? By the way: You wouldn’t have time to shit yourself as these missiles came in except that you’re wounded and dying.

      • More propagandist bullshit. The pre-Israel *”From the river to the sea,” has been distorted and weaponized among the usual channels after being endlessly circulated in the Zionist propaganda bubble. *( Sorry that the information will take more than 20 seconds to read, so will be a bit taxing for you Gaby.

        Where is the widespread condemnation apart from IINZ and within the clique that cheers on the wholesale murder and destruction of Palestinians?

  6. Look. If the US, Biden can give the IDF an extra $735m (on the 5th March, 2021) for specialised Weaponry to be used against Palestinians which can be added to their other $3.8b Israeli Military Hardware budget. He could at least do the same for the Palestinians and fund them as well! Then it would be a fair fight!

    • US funding of Israel’s Military Complex assists in Genocide and keeps the death toll low for Israel.
      In 2016, Barack Obama signed a defence agreement with Israel providing $38bn in US military support over 10 years including funding for the “Iron Dome” missile defence system.

  7. Obviously there was a closet Hamas prescence there. They’re pretty cunning those terrorist blighters!

  8. Michal,
    I lived there for many years so is anything I say correct?
    I’m not Jewish I’m not a Muslim so you could say I’m not biased.
    The views no matter how sincere of Julie are biased.

    • John, being neither Jewish nor Palestinian and where you have lived does not make you unbiased. In fact, your attributes are not dissimilar to many obvious and card carrying racists.

      On the other hand, Julie Webb-Pullman is a qualified international expert. Even if you are not academically inclined, you surely understand what that means with regard to bias!

  9. On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger. He discusses why Palestine is still the issue in 2021, the Israeli aerial bombardment of Gaza which has claimed hundreds of lives, displaced over 50,000 and claimed the lives of over 63 children, the EU, US and UK role in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Palestine’s legal right to resist and Hamas as a part of a resistance provoked by Israeli occupation, the ‘media boycott’ of Gaza and why the mainstream media’s ‘both sides’ assertions are false, the entrenching Israeli illegal occupation of Palestine, the US-led campaign against China and the likelihood of war breaking out, China’s rise and memory of its ‘century of humiliation’ of dominance by imperialist powers, the persecution of Julian Assange and much more!

  10. Yes I’m a New Zealander 4th generation.
    I’m white pakeha.
    When talking to an Israeli or a Palestinian their views on the situation are almost every time polar opposite and that is completely understandable.
    To expect objectivity from either side after years of people being killed is not reasonable.

  11. John we had state sponsored land theft, murder, hired vigilantes like Von Tempsky, gaols without a trial, Taranaki men shipped like cattle wrapped in a blanket while being transported to the South Island many dying on board the ship, the Manukau. So we need to be mindful of what we say and do as we ain’t exactly saints ourselves and have a lot of our own shit to clean up.

  12. After 15 years of siege on Gaza and a pandemic to deal with, the attacks by the IDF have literally crushed the Gazan health system.
    Now there are reports that the Gazan Ministry of Health building has been destroyed.
    If our government does not expel the Israeli ambassador they will lose widespread support and respect.
    Those of us who stand for the rights of all Palestinians to live with equality and freedom in a secular state that recognises all religions and cultures have watched with despair at the relentless march of Israeli systemic racism and an extreme form of Zionist colonialism.
    But let’s not forget the enablers of this ongoing catastrophe, from the beginning to now, the US and the UK governments.
    ps Agree 100% John W

  13. “Gaza Must Go Free”.
    Writing from Aotearoa:
    “I lived in Gaza from 2011, through the attack of 2014, and for one year after. I am not Palestinian, but some of the things I remember will be relevant in the coming months.”
    A statement by scholars of genocide, mass violence and human rights last week described the danger: “[T]he violence now has intensified systemic racism and exclusionary and violent nationalism in Israel—a well-known pattern in many cases of state violence—posing a serious risk for continued persecution and violence against Palestinians, exacerbated by the political instability in Israel in the last few months.

    The risk to Gaza now is the risk of our disengagement before we have brought down the walls. That is the task; nothing less. This time, Gaza must go free.
    Read more here

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