It’s time for Green Membership to dump co-leadership and make Chloe Leader for 2023 election  


The Green Party result in the TV3 Poll is poor when you consider the Housing crisis and the lack of real progress on child poverty and welfare reform.

Labour Left should be bolting to the Greens.

They are not.

Anything less than 15% at the 2023 election by the Greens should be seen as failure. The demographic of the electorate favours the Greens, the issues and lack of Labour action favours them and duh – climate change.

Green members should go hard or go home.

They should dump the co-leader policy and elect Chloe as the Leader to give her 18months exposure in the run up to the 2023 election.

Chloe is a unique talent. She speaks with the energy of the new voting generation in a language that empowers and challenges. She is an incredible communicator and if she had the Leadership, she could dominate political debate.

What could be more radical than the youngest Political Leader in NZ History?

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Marama and James should be thanked for the stability they bought the party, but now is the time to step up and be a 15% Party.

Chloe as Leader is a 15% Party. Imagine Jacinda as Prime Minister with Chloe as Deputy.

If Labour gain another Majority MMP result in 2023, what was the point of the Green Party?

To be politically relevant, the Greens need to be needed by Labour. To do that they need to take Labour voters.

Chloe can do that. Marama and James can’t.

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  1. Chloe certainly the best of the bunch. She has a better than outside chance of holding Auckland Central but leadership won’t come her way until after the election imo. Mores the pity.

  2. That is Matt McCarten style going back to New Labour, Alliance, Auckland Mayoralty races and recently the Māori Party–unexpected tickets, come out of left field, bold moves.

    But maybe it should be driven by Green members themselves, who do actually have a lot of say in what their party does. Mr Shaw is certainly past his use by as a potential exciting leader! A better backroom guy perhaps, and while his public assault was nasty, he also had little compunction putting the knife into Hone Harawira and Internet Mana when he did not have to–just like all the other parties. Marama is genuine, but not exactly national leadership material either due to her lack of detail skills.

    Chloe would be brilliant–how many expected her Auckland Central victory really?–be honest people…

    The Greens have to go for it one way or another in 2023 when the electorate balance of power finally shifts from boomers. If they do not go for Basic Income, Rent Control, compulsory rain water tanks and solar, fare free public transport, free Wifi nationwide, that sort of thing, they deserve to remain just another Parliamentary party whoever their leader is.

  3. Marama with her message against white males is a big turn off and James is pretty anonymous. They could do worst than give Chloe the lead roll .

  4. Yes I agree 100%.By taking Auckland central she’s proven she can gain votes. She also grabbed the bull by the horns and was the leading voice in the run up the referendum taking on the likes of Bennet and Nick Smith and holding her own in debate. She’s got the goods I think. Marama and James are looking more like expensive seat warmers.

  5. I don’t think Chloe is as popular as you seem to think.

    Housing is an issue that seems to be getting worse the more the woke intervene with their style of intervention. aka add in more and more people to compete while making house prices higher and wages lower, while eulogising developer led building, who are building expensive and non sustainable new builds with no public transport for profits. Then blame other’s for the problem.

    Labour and Greens are continuing the Natz legacy on housing.

    What is needed is for the Greens to return to the environment and local focus aka buy NZ and keep NZ food safe. People can relate to that, rather than the current government Neokind policies that are not practical and the hate/blame/lack of accountability led culture.

  6. You’re dreaming. Chloe doesnt travel well outside her niche, and has been given an armchair ride by much of the media. I dislike what James represents to me, but am prepared to hear him out, and if Marama can’t attract the left, I can’t see Chloe doing it

    • Chloe is not the least prepared leader in New Zealand by a long long way. Chloe is not someone takes a free ride. She is committed to her cause and has carefully crafted herself that she sees the big questions coming down in slow motion so when she’s up against what ever media select which bat she wants to hit and if she wants to hit it into the ropes, the stadium or the carpark. Indeed Chloe has outperformed everywhere Green MP in New Zealand history. It’s the numbers, look at the numbers. Then once you have something that is objectively observable, then you will have something of value, to talk about. Okay boy?

    • Ah…? @ tony kidd? Wake up. ( That was irony btw.)
      “Chloe Swarbrick doesn’t travel well outside her niche”
      I call balls on that one son. I’ve met and talked with Swarbrick and in this cynical and paranoid person’s opinion she’d travel well in any circle where straight-up and no hidden agendas were considered strengths.
      She’d be a bit shit at being a devious Machiavellian arse hole like, for example, jude The Gristle collins or any one of the army of other career arsehole politicians I could name but I can’t be bothered being bored at lunch time.
      Marama Davidson strikes me as mean. Is she a bully? Personally she scares me. People, generally like to be lead by someone they trust and respect rather than being driven like cattle.No Class dahling whereas Swarbrick has Class by the pound.
      So? To round up? Chloe Swarbrick seems to be straight up, genuine and has Class. She’ll be way out of her league in our parliament then, that’s for sure.
      In my opinion she’d be a tremendous Green Party leader and an even greater Prime Minister.

      • Who can fill Arderns shoes when she’s had enough? Agreed @CB that Chloe may well fill that big hole in the future and possibly NZ will lose SFA. The Greens should drop her into the top job prior to next election to generate a spike in polling if they are smart enough. Take some votes off Labour but staying Left would be win-win for NZ.

      • Agree 100% there Countryboy. Spot on.

        The current Green leadership is IMO diluted, lukewarm at best. Gone are the dream teams with purpose, straight talking co leaderships of the past … Jeanette Fitzsimons/Rod Donald (RIP Jeanette and Rod), along with the forceful team of Russel Norman/Metiria Turei. These four leaders had some clout and represented the Green Party well. Whereas the drab ineffective combination of James Shaw and Marama Davidson is not doing Green supporters any favours. Their leadership put me off at the last election, voting both ways for Labour, instead of Labour/Green as I have done for years.

        Time to step away now from the gender/ethnic balance and put someone there who has the attitude, charisma and sharpness the Green Party leadership needs. It’s had its time, but isn’t working any more. In this regard, Chloe Swarbrick is the star choice. Look at her when she goes into interviews. She does her homework and knows her stuff, emerging from a grilling shining, totally unblemished, in many instances leaving the interviewer slightly dishevelled, without even having to raise her voice or resorting to personal tactics. Chloe is intelligent, mature and has the ability to lead single handed. Chloe’s leadership will get the Greens moving once more. If the party ignores Chloe’s potential as leader, then the party doesn’t deserve to be in Parliament!

  7. Watching last Sunday’s Q&A showed the stark contrast between Shane Reti and Chloe Swarbrick. She comes across as dynamic with consistent policy/principals; he as unsure and bewilded even in an area that his GP experience should make him an expert. The Greens certainly need to raise Chloe’s profile.

  8. WHAT….dumping a whahine maori from a leadership platform!!! You will be tarred and feathered for even suggesting it.
    On a serious note….I agree with you Martyn, the green party are identity politics at its worst, and Golritz and Marama the worst offenders. Personally I dont think Chloe is ready for party leader but i will agree when her time is right she will be formidable in that role, and also the party as a whole need to look at the (PC?) Male/female joint leadership, it only waters down the party spokesperson/leaders voice when having 2 leaders.

  9. The Greens target their marketing at subadults – i.e. student union level politics. It’s a gig I suppose but with that approach it’s unlikely they’d ever crack 10%, because even most students eventually grow up. 😉

    If they were to develop some *actual* green policies then they might head north of 20% but that’s not going to happen while the party is infested with narcissistic trust bunnies.

  10. Doesn’t matter who leads the Greens the Labour left won’t vote for them. They and yes Chloe herself, represent everything wrong with Labour but on steroids. They are an elitist upper middle class woke identitarian boutique outrage party that sticks it’s nose up at the working class and lectures poor people about their privlidge and Chloe is one of the worst offenders of this she may be popular but that’s with people already voting Green. After turning the weed referendum into a wokeathon instead of focusing on economic gains and civil liberty which is what nzers care about they lectured NZ, when they weren’t invisible.

    If there was a party like Alliance, the Progressives etc still around the left would be willing hell I think it’s more likely the left would unify around the new rebooted Maori party which now talks about class but working class people aren’t going to go vote for the fart smelling bourgeoisie who sit in their ivory towers telling people in poverty that they are privlidged, that free speech is facism etc

    I voted for them and then they gave the Nats their questions and blamed Nz for march 15th. The internal membership is a clusterf of rich woke karen’s who care about crystals and champagne communists obsessed with social engineering who openly talk about rolling their leaders during election their motto should be “for the many , except cis white hetero scum” (I say this as a member of the lgbt+, their pandering is cringe beyond belief)

    • well said Corey! And I personally like Chloe a whole lot. But she lacks acumen and experience politically. She will get there tho’. Oh and “privileged” is spelt thus.

    • This captures well all that is wrong with left/green politics in NZ and much of the rest of the western world. Identify politics rather than solving structural inequality and environmental destruction. I guess it’s easier to pontificate and pass laws than to actually real solve problems.

  11. My politics are probably polar opposite to Chloe’s but even I have to admit I’ve been impressed. She communicates very well, comes across thoughtful and bonus of not coming across a perpetual protestor. She also doesn’t seem a push over, unlike Shaw. She actually comes up with solutions. I find the likes a Golriz, Davis and the Mexican Marxist totally off putting, but I admit I’m not their target audience (im still trying to figure who is?)

    One thing Chloe wouldn’t have done was roll over and have her tummy scratched in 2017 when negotiating with Labour. She would have demanded more and may have even had the courage to talk to National if she thought Labour were taking advantage of her. This is probably why she may not get that role?

  12. Oh fuck no! The Yoof Fascist Nazi ‘Hate’ leader! Fuck no! Send her to the guillotine!!

  13. I vote greens for environmental issues. I am a member of the greens for environmental issues. They are useless with social issues, only criminalising smacking a child and that was about 15 years ago. Chloe couldn’t even get dope legal. Greens sold a lot of political capital on that bomb. My party. Fuck me.

  14. If the Social Democrats get another do nothing majority in 2023 then MMP has failed…twice.

    Its like pre 1996 all over again where one party forms the government then rules like a dictatorship for three years.

    I voted Green in 2020 with the hope they would form a government with the SDP because the Greens have some excellent policies that would have made a massive difference in a number of area’s that need a different approach.

    The Social Democrats are all about the status quo which has been failing the people they pretend to care about for 35 years.

    Chole winning Auckland Central was an incredible feat and proof that she can harness support around a Green agenda. Chole is probably the only hope that the real left have in having any influence but that is dependent on a MMP result where the SDP needs the numbers to govern then Chloe who is the only alternative leader would be in a strong position to advance Green policy without the current distractions and as leader can grow the Green vote.

    Chloe leading a new progressive movement is something i would join and vote for.

  15. “It’s time for Green Membership to dump co-leadership and make Chloe Leader for 2023 election”

    Translates To: Chloe is the only one who’s not nuts and/or useless. Voting wise the Greens are a non-starter.

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