Freeze unfrozen – Union Bosses keep their invites to Jacinda’s Wedding



Hilariously the middle class Unions think they’ve ‘won’…

The Government blinks first as unions claim a win in negotiations with Minister Chris Hipkins

The unions have claimed a victory in their opening skirmish with the Government over public sector pay and the freeze of many workers’ pay.

…Oh for Gods sake this was always going to happen!

Folks, to understand what the hell just transpired here you have to appreciate the goal Labour strategists were aiming for – to announce the most radical upgrade of Union power NZ has seen in 40 years without giving National, ACT and the Right Wing Troll Farm at ZB the chance to spook the middle and scream that Labour were taking NZ back to socialism…

…Labour strategists managed this feat by claiming a civil service  ‘pay freeze’ 3 days before they announced the Universal Unionism of the Fair Pay Agreements. The Greens, CTU, PSA and their twitter bubble Journalists all screamed and screamed and screamed and thank Christ completely eclipsed the Fair Pay criticisms of Hosking,  right wing business think tanks , Tax Payers Union, National and ACT.

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Of course Labour were always going to back down on the ‘pay freeze’ once this stoush had done what it was supposed to achieve, which was steal any news oxygen over their incredibly radical Universal Unionism by Fair Pay Agreement plan.

Personally I thought the CTU would see right through the ‘review’ of wages at the end of 2022, but hilariously they didn’t.

OF COURSE Labour were going to review it in 2022, the fucking election is in 2023! No one in Labour gives two shits if the PSA and CTU are pissed off with them in 2021, but it matters in election year.

Let me pierce the veil of mystery here for the CTU – come the ‘review’ in 2022, the Government will miraculously find  the money for a huge pay rise IF they get re-elected in 2023.


Some will say this was a cynical tactic by Labour and that they are terrible for causing such needless stress. I would say that if the Greens, CTU, PSA and their twitter bubble journalist mates are this easy to manipulate, it’s wrong not to.

Consider what we just gained here, the most radical upgrade in workers rights in 40 years and all it took was annoying the middle class Unions and Stuff journalists to rob the right of any news oxygen.

In terms of lasting damage – those same furious Union Bosses will all be flooding their social media with photos from Jacinda’s wedding come the end of the year.

The real winners here are those public servants earning under $60k and the 90% of the NZ workforce not currently in a Union, but who will be once Fair Pay Agreements are passed.


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  1. It was a cunning plan after all! Or probably a U turn. But I’ll go with cunning this give them some credit.

    Now a Ministry of Works?

    Mass social housing build?

    • It didn’t look that cunning to me; more like seeing if a kite will fly, then winding it back for another day when it doesn’t catch the breeze. Budget day on May the 20th will have the details – now with rejigged numbers! A nominal pay freeze seemed more about making the books look better in a week’s time, than actually saving government money.
      That said, they might have gone through with it if there hadn’t been the outcry.

    • Any pay increases fought for through Fair Pay Agreements won’t even touch the massive increase in housing cost for buyers from 2020 forward. So not much of a win really
      Nice for landlords who’ll be able to lift rents further as they didn’t have their ‘pay level’ frozen

  2. They haven’t passed the legislation just yet and as sure as night follows day there is going to be massive resistance to the FPA. I know Bomber thinks it’s a done deal but for what’s it’s worth I think there will be a significant campaign from business and the centre right and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacinta and Grant rolled over to let their proverbial bellies be tickled as they won’t want to risk upsetting the median voter.

  3. Martyn, for almost 4yrs Labour have had great ‘bumper sticker’ quotes that you got all excited about and waxed lyrical in posts about how ‘transformal’ its going to be….and then the delivery, lol
    Please tell me after 4yrs you are not STILL believing their bumper sticker quote V’s delivery are you?
    Under Arnern child poverty has increased, homelessness increased (a million bucks a day for motel/hotel accommodation when you were running numerous posts about the disgraceful $100k a day it was costing under National)

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