The Liberal Agenda – 66 Days- Bobby Sands and the Irish Hunger Strikes


40 years ago this Thursday, Bobby Sands was the first Hunger Striker to die in the campaign for political status for Irish POWs in the Long Kesh Prison Camps.

Join the Connolly Club for a screening of the powerful documentary 66 Days and learn about one of Ireland’s most poignant revolutionaries whose death saw the world focus its attention on Thatcher’s oppression of the Irish people.

BYO- music afterwards.


  1. I met and talked with you Joe Carolan, about 5 years ago, before I had me heart attack.

    We discussed a rogue security company that had been breaking NZ labour laws…we went together to a memorial service for a fellow guard who was murdered in Henderson,… well I recall that, It was there that I was beckoned over by Helen Kelley , because as a guard, I was naturally circumspect and preferred to remain in the background. Yet she was warm and friendly. And that’s how I remembered her. With some discomfort, I moved to the front lines on her beckoning.

    That was on Lincoln road, Auckland.

    Now. I’m Scots / Norse in ancient history, Galloglass to be precise.

    And by that I mean Clann Gunn.

    Mercenaries of the English against the Southern Irish.

    I want to apologize on behalf of my Clann, whether they respect that or not. I’ve long held the belief, that the English had no right to invade Ireland. I am Protestant, but hold no grudge against Catholics. My heart sank as I learned of this part of my Clans history,…they did it for wealth at the expense of another peoples.

    Yet my grandmother was Irish.

    All the best to you Joe Carolan, I’ve read your posts and kept you in mind since meeting you.

  2. Every month I hear reference to the holocaust on the radio, a campaign.
    But I never hear of the harm done by Britain to Ireland and its people for nigh on 700 years of often Brutal profit taking, slavery, selling of slaves and the monstrous deliberate campaign of genocide by Cromwell in the 1649 when over the space of a few months the population was cut down by 60%.. Just 40% left alive. It led to the most ruthless process of ethnic cleansing that there has ever been in western European history.
    Then there was the famine 1845 -52 that killed over 1 million and caused another million to try and find an escape falling into the clutches of many ruthless ship owner from Britain and elsewhere. Many of them perished and others ended up in slavery. All through the Famine food from Ireland was exported to England to fill the pockets of English and Jewish merchants.

    The world keeps quiet about that deliberate slavery and genocide in Ireland but if a holocaust is to be brought to public attention then the Irish genocide far outweighs others.

    No profiteering or special terms are given to the Irish, nor have the Irish oppressed others ever since they were so brutally slain, men women and children.

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