The Right to Resist


In the photo (above) three Israeli soldiers can be seen manhandling a young, defenceless, boy as they march him off into captivity. One of the soldiers has his arm tightly around the youngster’s neck and, for even more security, other troops accompany them. The threat posed by their lightly-clad prisoner is typical of the danger Israeli Occupation forces face in their daily population-control missions in the militarily Occupied West Bank! Here can be seen an example of the Zionist conviction of its right to totally dominate ‘the other’. The Zionists would have the world believe that Palestinian youngsters are brainwashed by hatred-driven parents into threatening the security of Israel. Yet could it be that population control, enforced by a foreign military invader, is leaving a bad impression on the young? Being awakened in your bedroom by heavily-armed soldiers in the middle of the night must appear, to say the least, rather unfriendly. Fortunately, the Israeli Army’s conduct can now be caught on camera – even though, unfortunately, the mainstream news media continue to show little interest.

Rubber-coated bullets

Security camera footage taken on Friday, 9 April, shows a 14-year-old Palestinian boy, Izz al-Din al-Batsh, being shot in the eye by the Israeli Army, immediately outside the vegetable shop where he worked after school. After a protest began, near the permanent Israeli military checkpoint in the Bab al-Zawiya neighbourhood of Hebron, Izz al-Din and his cousin, Karim, came out to watch from what they believed to be a safe distance. It was then that Izz al-Din was shot, falling to the ground in great pain. After being rushed to a local hospital, emergency medical staff gave him first aid and doctors found that the wound from the rubber-coated bullet was too severe and that his right eye could not be saved. The Israeli Army claimed that the boys had been rioting but the security camera footage showed that they were not involved in the demonstration, even though they had been directly targeted. Referred to, misleadingly, in the mainstream news media as “rubber bullets”, the ammunition can be deadly. A 1988 report by Israeli human rights group B’Tselem found that, in eleven months, during the First Intifada, at least 58 Palestinians were killed by rubber-coated bullets.

Population control

The only power to have introduced nuclear weapons into the Middle East, Israel uses its massive military superiority to dominate the Palestinian people. The Zionists and their shameless allies nevertheless invoke the importance of Israel’s security above every other consideration. Security for defenceless Palestinians is never an issue. In fact, the so-called two-state ‘solution’ allows a future Palestinian state no defence capability or even sovereignty over its airspace: the state “will have provisional borders and certain aspects of sovereignty, be fully demilitarised with no military forces, but only with police and internal security forces of limited scope and armaments, be without the authority to undertake defence alliances or military co-operation, and Israeli control over the entry and exit of all persons and cargo, as well as of its airspace and electromagnetic spectrum.”

Whatever the ‘solution’, Israel and its allies are determined that Israel will achieve all its Zionist ambitions, territorially and ethnically. New Zealand’s UK Five Eyes partner is determined to back Israel to the extreme. In answer to a Parliamentary question regarding the taking prisoner of five young Palestinian children aged 9-13 years, who had been interrogated for approximately eight hours, James Cleverly, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Minister could not deny it, answering on 12 April: “We repeatedly call on Israel to abide by its obligations under international law and have a regular dialogue with Israel on legal issues relating to the occupation, including the treatment of Palestinian children. We remain concerned about Israel’s extensive use of administrative detention which, according to international law, should be used only when security makes this absolutely necessary rather than as routine practice and as a preventive rather than a punitive measure. We continue to stress the importance of the Israeli security forces providing appropriate protection to the Palestinian civilian population, in particular the need to protect children.” How shamefully lame is that? ‘Administrative detention’ means of course, imprisonment without trial. For Cleverly, again, it was all about Israel’s security – no mention of that for Palestinians, not even for the children.

Again, with respect to rendering Palestinian families homeless, often by destroying their homes, the Minister could not deny that Israel commits these crimes and even admitted that they are commonplace, saying, “the British Embassy in Tel Aviv raises this issue regularly with the Israeli authorities.” When will Israel’s allies demand that Israel abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention, which Cleverly admitted “applies to all occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, prohibits demolitions or forced evictions absent military necessity.”

In an appeal to another New Zealand Five Eyes partner, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is calling on the US State Department to demand an end to illegal Israeli settlement expansion in East Jerusalem. Palestinian families in Occupied East Jerusalem face heartless violence from settlers attempting to force them out of their homes, to make way for Zionist settlers. JVP states: This is part of Israel’s larger plan of racist colonial expansion throughout East Jerusalem and the West Bank, forcibly displacing Palestinian families from their land and homes and replacing them with illegal Israeli settlements.” In defiance of international law, Israeli courts provide support for this behaviour.

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The Daily Toll

Since the beginning of April, there have been 14 Israeli air strikes on Gaza, including damage to homes as well as agriculture, and the Israeli Navy carried out 19 attacks, pursuing and opening fire on Palestinian fishing boats. In addition to two waste-laying incursions into Gaza, the Israeli Army bombarded agricultural areas in Gaza on 17 occasions. All this provoked just two responses by Palestinian Resistance forces, the first, with the firing of a number of missiles towards the Green Line and the second, with just one missile-launching. Israel makes much of any act of Palestinian Resistance but the reality is, that if the Gaza blockade, air strikes, incursions, bombardment of farmland and attacks on fishing boats were to stop, there would be no Resistance.

In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the daily cruelty and population-control is malicious, down to the tiniest detail. The Israeli Army has even prevented the entry of hundreds of Iftar meals, intended for people breaking their fast at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Israeli forces also stopped the feeding of people breaking their fasts in Al-Ghazali Square. On the 2 April, Israeli soldiers beat up a 13-year-old boy, hospitalising him with severe injuries. On 3 April, armed Israeli settlers forced Palestinian farmers to stop working their land, and night-raiding Israeli soldiers abducted a 14-year-old child from his home. That same day, a homeowner was forced to destroy his residence, surely one of the most cruel forms of home invasion. Since April began, there have been 78 home-invasion raids on towns, villages and UN refugee camps, each often involving several homes. On 22 April, armed Israeli settlers, with Israeli Army support, wounded/injured 106 people. Israeli soldiers also abducted more Palestinian children, this time three, aged 14-15. On the same day, the Israeli Occupation ordered several Khirbet Ibziq families to evacuate their homes, within the next four days, because the Army wanted to use the area for training exercises. Also on the same day, Israeli forces made another waste-laying incursion into Gaza. The mounting Israeli violence and oppression was leading towards a desperate reaction from Palestinians. Acts of Palestinian Resistance, of course, provide welcome mainstream news media headlines that divert attention away from Israel.

Palestinian missiles and Israeli air strikes

At 1am on 24 April, an Israeli Army position, behind the Green Line, opened fire on east Jabaliya in northern Gaza and Israel finally got what it had hoped for: at 2:30am the Palestinian Resistance began 14 ceasefire violations, launching 35 missiles across the Green Line until 6am. At 4:45am, Israel began five air strikes, launching seven missiles into Gaza. Starting at 1am, Israeli Army positions behind the Green Line began the day’s attacks on Gaza communities that lasted all day. Meanwhile, the Israeli Navy attacked three times, pursuing and opening fire on Palestinian fishing boats. By the end of the day, the total Gaza ceasefire violations for April amounted to 17 committed by Palestinian Resistance and 67 by Israeli forces. Nevertheless, it was the Palestinian missile-launchings that drew the most news media attention.

A nightly battlefield

On 24 April, Orly Noy wrote of what she had just seen in Jerusalem Since the beginning of Ramadan this month, Jerusalem Police have banned Palestinians from sitting on the wide steps at the entrance to Damascus Gate, the main plaza in the Old City, and holding evening gatherings in honour of the holy month.” She writes that the arbitrary decision, delivered for no plausible reason, had ignited widespread Palestinian protest. Perhaps that had been its purpose. Orly Noy notes that: “The police, as if just waiting for the perfect opportunity, has turned the place into a nightly battlefield.” Her article is published in +972 Magazine, run by a group of Israeli and Palestinian journalists that commits itself to defending human rights, democracy and freedom of information. It actively opposes the Israeli Occupation. Besides having to face the Israeli military and police controlling their everyday lives, Palestinians find themselves confronted by violent Israeli settlers, such as the Jewish supremacist group Lehava. Backed by their representatives in the Knesset, hundreds of its supporters raid Palestinian districts “with the stated goal of attacking Arabs”. Orly Noy doesn’t hesitate to call them fascists.

So far, in April, Israeli settlers have destroyed 100 Palestinian olive seedlings and variously uprooted and set fire to 345 olive trees. Life for Palestinian farmers is becoming intolerable as settlers drive them off their land, ruin their crops and damage their equipment. Three Palestinians, one man and two women, have been killed, and already more than 37 have been wounded/injured. Israeli forces have silenced the Call to Prayer at a mosque and seized food prepared for worshippers at the end of their fast. On 6 April, after raiding and searching homes in Bir Nabala just after midnight, Israeli soldiers returned to a checkpoint. There they stopped a vehicle and interrogated the driver, Usama Muhammad Sidqi Mansour (42), and his wife, Sumaya Ezzat Mansour (35). The couple were then given permission to continue their homeward journey but, after having driven a short distance, were fired on by the soldiers. Sumaya, slightly injured, described how her husband collapsed onto her lap, with a head wound, and died.

Israel’s massive military superiority and immunity

Israel is advantaged by a combination of massive military superiority and immunity granted by powerful allies. The rhetoric surrounding its ‘security’ and right to exist is an essential component of this complicity with Zionism’s objectives. Without international support, the Palestinian people, who were made subject to Zionism’s racist ambition by the international community so many decades ago, have no hope of achieving security and the right to exist. The slightest attempt at Resistance by Palestinians is met with absolute, uncompromising and disproportionate violence by Zionist forces. It should not be necessary to point this out but, sadly, it is: Western leaders need to be reminded that there are no air strikes damaging Israeli homes. No Israeli fishing boats ever come under attack. Israeli children are never incarcerated by order of any military court. No Israeli homes are invaded or destroyed by foreign forces. Neither is any Israeli family ever forced to destroy its own home. Israeli farmers never have their crops destroyed or plundered, nor is their land ever seized by illegal Occupiers.

All of these atrocities are suffered by Palestinians under foreign military Occupation. Israelis travel freely around Israel, as well as the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, without let or hindrance. Contrastingly, Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem are held up for hours at Israeli checkpoints. For them, there is no such thing as freedom of movement.

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Leslie Bravery is a Londoner with vivid World War Two memories of the Nazi blitz on his home town. In 1947/1948 His father explained to him what was happening to the Palestinians thus: “Any ideology or political movement that creates refugees in the process of realising its ambitions must be inhuman and should be opposed and condemned as unacceptable.” What followed confirmed this assessment of the Zionist entity a hundredfold. Now a retired flamenco guitarist, with a lifelong interest in the tragedy of what happened to the Palestinian people, he tries to publicise their plight. Because the daily injustices they suffer barely get a mention in the mainstream news media, Leslie edits/compiles a daily newsletter, In Occupied Palestine, for the Palestine Human Rights Campaign. These days, to preserve his sanity, he enjoys taking part in a drama group whenever possible!


  1. This is what ethnic cleansing looks like ,,,,,

    This is what Palastinians are subject too and protest against ,,,,

    This is what the world ,,, our media ,,,, and our Governments ignore.

    Obviously the wrong victims ,,,, and the wrong perpetrators ,,,to apply.
    those things called ‘ Human Rights’ .

  2. There is no apartheid. There is no ethnic cleansing. As Golda said: the Arabs need to love their kids more than they hate Jews. Those Jews have every right to protect themselves against genocidal Arabs.
    More biased and obsessive nonsense from Bravery. A child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen, but ‘human rights’ activist bravery focuses all his obsessions and resources on Israel, the world’s only Jewish state, cherry picking anything he can twist into a slur. What a pathetic life you must lead.

    • The french resistance of WWII did not not fight the Germans because they ‘hated’ Germans.

      When India was seeking to overthrow the rule and exploitation by the British it was no because they ‘hated’ the British.

      Palestinians resisting and seeking justice against the ongoing theft and displacement of them from their homes and lands do not do so because they ‘hate jews’. ,,,,

      The Israel army (IDF) operated and had a actual policy of using Palestinian civilians and children as ‘human shields’ ,,,, showing they view Palestinian children as less than children ,,, or enemy children perhaps.

      Israels High Court ordered this official IDF army practice, known as the ‘neighborhood policy’ to stop ,,, this official banning took place around 2002 ,,,, so one has to wonder if the Israel use of Palestinian human shields was taking place back when Gabys ‘Golda’ was bullshitting about Palestinians being responsible for the children that Israel murders. ….

      Finally ,,, and seeing Gaby brought up Yemen

      “Both Saudi Arabia and Israel think they can get away with killing innocents, including children, for a very simple reason: they absolutely can. They enjoy the military and diplomatic support of the west. Occasionally there may be utterances of regret, which are quickly forgotten. But as long as Britain and its allies are complicit – and as long as our media fail in their duty to inform the public of what is happening in their name – these horrors will only continue.”

      Left wing & anti-war ??

      • The ‘Palestinians’ have no land. They went from Ottoman backwater to Mandate to rejecting Partition. Hence, no land. They gambled on destroying Israel and failed. They will never be trusted now.

        • “The ‘Palestinians’ have no land.”
          “We who live abroad are accustomed to believe that almost all Eretz Yisrael is now uninhabited desert and whoever wishes can buy land there as he pleases. But this is not true. It is very difficult to find in the land cultivated fields that are not used for planting. Only those sand fields or stone mountains that would require the investment of hard labor and great expense to make them good for planting remain uncultivated ….Therefore, it is very difficult to find good land for cattle. And not only peasants, but also rich landowners, are not selling good land so easily…”
          – Ahad Haam (Asher Ginzburg) (1856-1927), one of the founders of Zionism.

          Later Zionists solved the problem – they took it at the point of a gun once the indigenous population had been disarmed.

          “Although the Arab Revolt continued well into 1939, high casualty rates and firm British measures gradually eroded its strength. According to some estimates, more than 5,000 Arabs were killed, 15,000 wounded, and 5,600 imprisoned during the revolt. Although it signified the birth of a national identity, the revolt was unsuccessful in many ways. The general strike, which was called off in October 1939, had encouraged Zionist self-reliance, and the Arabs of Palestine were unable to recover from their sustained effort of defying the British administration. Their traditional leaders were either killed, arrested, or deported, leaving the dispirited and disarmed population divided along urban-rural, class, clan, and religious lines. The Zionists, on the other hand, were united behind Ben-Gurion, and the Haganah had been given permission to arm itself. It cooperated with British forces and the Irgun Zvai Leumi in attacks against Arabs.”
          – Encyclopaedia Britannica

        • You are a deeply disturbed and irrational person without empathy or human understanding.
          The same old diatribe presented on every blog with reference to Israel, No one takes any thing from your rants but the observation of how rotten the backers of Zionism can be. You do the Jewish people a dis-service and engender extreme dislike for your kind

    • Please fuck off Gaby, back to your IDF troll farm. BTW, just because there are other injustices in the world doesn’t mean we have to look the other way from the ongoing Zionist oppression of the Palestinians and theft of their land.

      • Take your own obscene advice. The disgracefully unbalanced focus on Israel on this blog does not indicate any concern with ‘human rights’ or ‘injustice’. The lack of historical context, the lies and distortions, the inversion that makes the oppressors – the Arabs – into the victims, all reveal an ugly, pathological hatred of Jews, and we all know what that’s called.

    • They are Palestinians not Arabs.

      Where are all the Christian Palestinians, could it be that they have been stripped of their land and ability to have a livelihood in the holy land, and now reside in Australia.

      Yemen is benign talked about and activist are fighting. Look on any left wing site.

      But the reality is for almost 80 years, the ideology of Zionism has deemed itself the upholders of the Übermensch and treated anyone who is not of it’s ilk like scum.

      Like the Arab, Persian, and Ethiopian Jews, who get treated like utter crap inside the Zionist state of Israel.

      • Almost too deranged to comment on. They are not ‘Palestinians’ – there’s no p sound in Arabic, for starters – they are Arabs from Egypt, Syria, Jordan etc who poured into Mandate Palestine because the Jews revived it. There were only ever around 150,000 settled Arab families in Palestine when the Jews returned. The surnames of the Arabs reveal their origins to this day. Arafat himself, who invented the term ‘Palestinians’ following the 6 Day War, was Egyptisan. In Gaza the 13 leading families are all Mazris, or al Mazris which means ‘the Egyptian’. Nice try but you’ll have to do better.

        • Joan Peter’s nonsense and you know it.

          Based on the figures of Roberto Bachi, head of the Israeli Institute of Statistics from 1949 onwards, between 1922 and 1945 , and including those netted by the border alterations, Joseph Melzer calculates an upper boundary of 8.5% for Arab growth in the two decades, and interprets it to mean the local Palestinian community’s growth was generated primarily by natural increase.
          – Jacob Metzer, The Divided Economy of Mandatory Palestine, Cambridge University Press, 1998 pp.31ff.

          “The overall assessment of several British reports was that the increase in the Arab population was primarily due to natural increase. These included the Hope Simpson Enquiry (1930), the Passfield White Paper (1930), the Peel Commission report (1937), and the Survey of Palestine (1945). The 1931 census of Palestine considered the question of illegal immigration since the previous census in 1922. It estimated that unrecorded immigration during that period may have amounted to 9,000 Jews and 4,000 Arabs. It also gave the proportion of persons living in Palestine in 1931 who were born outside Palestine: Muslims, 2%; Christians, 20%; Jews, 58%”
          – Wikipedia

          “From analyses of rates of increase of the Muslim population of the three Palestinian sanjaks, one can say with certainty that Muslim immigration after the 1870s was small. Had there been a large group of Muslim immigrants their numbers would have caused an unusual increase in the population and this would have appeared in the calculated rate of increase from one registration list to another… Such an increase would have been easily noticed; it was not there.
          The argument that Arab immigration somehow made up a large part of the Palestinian Arab population is thus statistically untenable. The vast majority of the Palestinian Arabs resident in 1947 were the sons and daughters of Arabs who were living in Palestine before modern Jewish immigration began. There is no reason to believe that they were not the sons and daughters of Arabs who had been in Palestine for many centuries.”
          – McCarthy, Justin (1990). The Population of Palestine: Population History and Statistics of the Late Ottoman Period and the Mandate p.16

          …..the prosperity of Palestine in the 45–50 years before World War I was a result of the modernization and growth of the economy owing to its integration with the world economy and especially with the economies of Europe. Although the reasons for growth were exogenous to Palestine the bearers were not waves of Jewish immigration, foreign intervention nor Ottoman reforms but “primarily local Arab Muslims and Christians.”
          – Gad Gilbar Professor of Economic History in the Department of Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa.

          …..the notion of “large-scale immigration of Arabs from the neighboring countries” is a myth “proposed by Zionist writers”
          – Yehoshua Porath, lecturer in the History of Muslim Countries, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

          • Do you honestly believe anyone takes these long-winded falsehoods seriously? That’s what I mean by delusional. Dodgy, biased sources as per usual. Wikipedia has such a poor reputation teachers advise kids not to rely on it. Joan Peter’s work is based on endless relevant corroborated data from the Mandate period and regarded as a definitive work. The US took her work seriously as did so many others. She has exposed many anti-Zionist lies. Try harder.

            • Do you even read the posts you denigrate?
              The sources you characterise as delusional, false, dodgy, biased include:
              Jacob Metzer, Professor of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
              The Historical documents Hope Simpson Enquiry (1930), the Passfield White Paper (1930), the Peel Commission report (1937), Survey of Palestine (1945) and the 1931 census of Palestine.
              Justin MacCarthy PHD (UCLA), history professor at the University of Louisville Kentucky who has published ten or so books on the demographic History of the Middle East.
              Gad Gilbar Professor of Economic History in the Department of Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa.
              Yehoshua Porath, lecturer in the History of Muslim Countries, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

              Robert W. Olson has published 12 highly regarded books on Middle East History. Here is what he says about “From Time Immemorial:
              “This is a startling and disturbing book. It is startling because, despite the author’s professed ignorance of the historiography of the Arab-Israeli conflict and lack of knowledge of Middle Eastern history (pp. 221, 335) coupled with her limitation to sources largely in English (absolutely no Arab sources are used), she engages in the rewriting of history on the basis of little evidence. …The undocumented numbers in her book in no way allow for the wild and exaggerated assertions that she makes or for her conclusion.”

              British Historian Sir David Gilmour ridiculed the book as “pretentious and preposterous” and argued that Peters had repeatedly misrepresented demographic statistics.

              I would suggest that anyone who prefers the work of a magazine writer (one who does not have a University degree in anything, let alone History) as their authority in the face of such universal, qualified derision is a perfect fit for the description “delusional, false, dodgy, biased”.

    • “Such a coalition had already been set up in 2015 by Saudi Arabia, who partnered with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Pakistan. Israel is also an unofficial partner. Israeli cyber companies, gun traders, terror-warfare instructors and even paid hitmen operated by an Israeli-owned company are partners to the war in Yemen.

      In September, London-based Al-Khaleej Online published a long article about Israel’s involvement in training Colombian and Nepalese combatants, who were recruited by the UAE for the war in Yemen. The report cites sources in a U.S. House Intelligence Committee who said the foreign fighters’ recruiter was Mohammed Dahlan, who was a member of Fatah’s central committee and head of intelligence in Gaza. Dahlan was ousted from Fatah in 2011 and later moved to the UAE, where he became the advisor of the crown prince and the liaison and mediator between the UAE security forces and Israel.

      The report also says that Israel set up special training bases in the Negev, where the mercenaries were trained by Israeli combatants. Dahlan occasionally visited those camps, in which the UAE flag was hoisted.

      The mercenaries later took part in the war on the port town Hodeidah and other fighting zones in Yemen.

      The site’s sources said Israel also sold bombs and missiles to Saudi Arabia, some of which are banned. Recently it was reported and later denied that Israel also sold Saudi Arabia combat drones and intends to sell it Iron Dome systems as well.

      Many reports have been written about Israeli companies like the NSO group, which is suspected of selling Saudi Arabia Pegasus spyware accused of helping trace and survey Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, or the AGT company owned by the Israeli businessman Mati Kochavi, which in 2007 won the $6 billion bid to set up surveillance and monitoring systems in Abu Dhabi. But what remains a mystery is to what extent Israeli technology served the fighting forces in Yemen.

      Another company, Spearhead Operations Group, which was set up by Israeli Avraham Golan and is registered in the United States, was responsible for assassinating Yemenite clergyman Anssaf Ali Mayo in December 2015. Mayo was one of the leaders of the Yemeni reform party, which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood. The latter is classified in the UAE as a terror organization. Golan confirmed to BuzzFeed in October that “there was a plan for targeted assassinations in Yemen. I ran it. We did it. The plan was under the UAE auspices as part of the Arab coalition.”……..

      Dahlan has a History of dirty work for Israel:

  3. The photo tells an all too common story. That’s why the Israeli regime hates journalists, especially photo-journalists.

    • youtube censors a lot of things ,,,, like the link which shows IDF snipers shooting protestors ,,, with all the justification as the usa cops who murdered George Floyd.

      I’ve re-posted it here
      Video shown at UN Human Rights Council meeting
      The second to last non threatening person shot is a clearly marked journalist …. Israel targets real journalists.

      They and Gaby hate truth tellers.,,,,

      Here’s the reality about Israels ‘human shield’ history …
      “Israel has a well-documented history of systematically using Palestinian civilians as human shields, particularly children. 

      Since the beginning of the occupation in 1967, Israeli security forces have repeatedly used Palestinians in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip as human shields, ordering them to perform military tasks that risked their lives. ”

      “the IDF systematically compelled Palestinians to take part in military operations or to act as “human shields”. Women as well as men were used in this way”. ………………. “The use of Palestinians as “human shields” and to conduct military operations was the subject of a petition in the Israeli High Court in May 2002. Seven human rights organizations submitted a petition seeking to prevent the IDF from using Palestinian civilians as “human shields”.

      “Article 51 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the Occupying Power from compelling protected persons to assist in military operations. Article 28 prohibits the use of protected persons as “human shields”. Article 147 lists “wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health” as a “grave breach”. It is therefore also a war crime.”

      “Israel’s baseless “human shields” accusation against Palestinians is an attempt to mask a military policy that systematically violates international law.”

      Gaby and co are so sick and cynical they are the equivalent of Harvey Weinstein claiming Palestinian men have a bad attitude towards women ….
      Harvey Weinstein Hired Israeli Spies to Silence His Victims

      Or Jeffry Epstein claiming Palestinians do not respect, love and value children ,,,,

      Israel the proven repeated serial user of Palestinian civilian human shields ,,,claims Palestinian deaths caused when they drop multiple 1 Ton bombs onto crowded neighborhoods is caused by Palestinian use of human shields …

      The above link shows how Israel drops 1 ton bombs on peoples homes ,,, the civilians and children killed look like nice people ,,,and nothing like Gaby makes out

  4. Neanderthal Zionists who still wave Joan Peter’s “From Time Immemorial” about like a flag demonstrate how out of touch they are with anything even resembling scholarship and the Historicity accepted by Israelis themselves. Few books have been so thoroughly debunked. There is a comprehensive autopsy here:

    Even staunch Israel-firsters panned the book after Norman Finklestein and Noam Chomsky exposed its flaws.
    “From Time Immemorial quotes carelessly, uses statistics sloppily, and ignores inconvenient facts.”
    – Daniel Pipes
    Reviewing the book for the November 28, 1985 issue of The New York Times, Israeli historian Yehoshua Porath described it as a “sheer forgery,” stating, “In Israel, at least, the book was almost universally dismissed as sheer rubbish except maybe as a propaganda weapon.”

  5. As Bravery’s title implies, the Israel-haters frequently try to whitewash Palestinian terrorism by drawing an analogy to the French Maquis in WW2, making the Arabs out to be noble ‘resistance/freedom fighters’. Hogwash. The Maquis, which included many Jewish fighters, targeted only military infrastructure because if they killed a German soldier the Germans employed their collective punishment policy and murdered 50 French civilians in reprisal for every Nazi death. Often they obliterated whole towns as with Oradour sur Glane. The Palestinians are vicious, racist terrorists because the targets of their rockets, guns, suicide bombings, stabbings, mortars, car-rammings etc are innocent Israeli civilians. The hollow analogy merely highlights the historical ignorance of the ‘anti-Zionists’.

    • Yet the video evidence ,,,,, and the horses own mouths ,,,,,,,, shows the zionists to be pale faced ( not locals ), land and home thieves.,,,,

      The above video links I’ve put up ,,,,, show exactly what sort of disgusting and disturbing behavior upset Miko Peleds mother so much .

      She refused to take a stolen house from her non-jewish neighbors

      Trump lives on in Gaby ,,,,, and Netanyahoo is his Hero.

      Jews who do not support Israel are ‘Kapo’s’ ,,,, according to Gaby ….

      ‘Meet The Wrong Type of Jew,,,,,”

    • Gaby the only thing your winning is stronger dislike for the irrational rants.

      Most don’t bother answering you. A childlike mind is not worth arguing with.

  6. Wrestling with Zion, Edited by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon, Grove Press.

    “In a recently published book, Wrestling With Zion, some of the most important writers and thinkers in modern American Jewish life are assembled for the first time to address these questions, It is a book which deserves far more attention than it has received thus far.
    The editors of this volume are Tony Kushner, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, and Alisa Solomon, who has been covering Israel/Palestine since the 1980s for the Village Voice and is Professor of English/Journalism at Baruch College-City University of New York.

    Kushner and Solomon write that, “The founding of the State of Israel required the dispossession of an indigenous group, the Palestinians. This is unignorable reality, obscured by but not dissolved in preexisting and subsequent claims made by, or acts of inhumanity committed by, both sides, long before and long after Israel’s formal declaration as a state. Tracking through a forest of competing identities and histories of persecution and oppression, one must adhere to this simple fact or else one’s moral compass loses its true north and ceases to function. The founding of the State of Israel required the dispossession of a sizable indigenous population.”

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