JMAD Trust In News Report Shows NZers Want Factual Information, Not Opinion Dressed Up As Fact



The AUT research centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy (JMAD) has published its second Trust in News in New Zealand report which examines New Zealand citizens’ trust in news, news brands, and journalism. During the past year, New Zealanders’ trust in the news has eroded. In 2021, 48% of New Zealanders trusted news in general (down 5% on April 2020 survey) and 55% trusted the news they consumed themselves (down 7% on April 2020).

The report is co-authored by Dr Merja Myllylahti and Dr Greg Treadwell.

“In general, trust in the news has decline because the news media is seen as increasingly opinionated, biased, and politicised,” says JMAD co-director Merja Myllylahti.

The survey conveys that New Zealanders want factual information and not opinion dressed up as news, the researchers say.

As in 2020, RNZ and TVNZ were the most trusted news brands and also the most trusted sources of information about Covid-19. Social media platforms were the least trusted sources for news and pandemic-related information.

Newshub and Māori TV were, jointly, the third most trusted news brands. However, Newshub and Newstalk ZB news brands experienced a statistically significant decline in trust.

The Trust in News in New Zealand report is produced in collaboration with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. For the 2021 report, 1,226 New Zealand adults (18 years of age or older) were surveyed between March 4 and 9 by Horizon Research Ltd. The survey has a maximum margin of error at the 95% confidence level for the total sample of ±2.8%.

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  1. Well when you give NZ Media $100million (2x 50 mil) ‘covid relief’ you kinda expect good govt coverage eh?
    When was the last time (or ever?) A MSM reporter actually asked the hard questions of our countries leader on the countries increasing child poverdy, a million bucks a day spent on housing the homeless in motels/hotels (and Twyford when in opposition decrying National who were spending 90,000 a day as being terrible)
    You see, Arden never gets the same ‘please explain’ questions from NZ leftie MSM staffed mainly by young ‘reporters’ who only offer opion pieces and interviewing their keyboards or printing party press releases with little or no questioning.

    • Well didn’t we have the same senario happening when John was our PM Im right, and wasn’t he taking our media on overseas trips and when they came back they appeared to be brain washed. And didn’t we have all those right wing media get all the cushy jobs in Keys time. So what are you moaning about they are having turns and its the lefts turn now, we put up with those right wing whingers for nine long years.

  2. It’s incomprehensible that any New Zealander still trusts the MSM.
    No mention of that egregious woke-establishment propaganda agency Stuffed? The worst (along with the Spinoff) of a despicable bunch.

  3. There is NO trust in NZ media what so ever. There is possibly manufactured consent (see Noam Chomsky) and finding ‘useful idiots’ to ask opinion of for media to show as ‘typical views’, again see manufactured consent.
    Wake up sheeple, the NZ media is vastly and almost utterly JUST PROPANGANDA for the wealthy uber elites to get their way.
    Until you wake up to this fact you are just preverbally ‘shouting into a hurricane’.

  4. ‘As in 2020, RNZ and TVNZ were the most trusted news brands’

    How sad.

    I rarely watch TVNZ because it is so awful but was in a room when accelerating melting of galciers was mentioned.

    After TVNZ reported the accelerating planetary meltdown there was no discussion about the causes of the dire, and rapidly worsening, predicament we are in because TVNZ had to get onto the ‘really important’ news topic, the restructuring of rugby in NZ.

    Somehow it doesn’t occur to TVNZ executives that without a livable planet there will be no rugby.

    We know what it’s all about: the advertisers’ dollars. Can’t scare the horses by broadcasting real news, that the whole system is destructive, and as a consequence of its destructiveness is now in terminal decline.

    Some are saying the world becomes largely uninhabitable for humans a few years after the last of the ice floating in the Arctic sea vanishes. Credible reports (Scripps Institute) say the last of the ice is likely to be gone in 2022.

    We used to be subjected to ‘Bread and circuses’. Now we are now subjected to ‘Bread and circuses’ without the bread.

    • Be a climate denier while profiting from killing the planet and others, then purchase your super yacht. It’s like the private planes leaving India….

  5. Stuff the new woke on the block with declining trust is taking over from RNZ which toned it’s “woke” down a bit after suggesting removing the Concert FM in favour of a new station for youth aimed at low syllable communication for the….

    students launch petition after being flummoxed by word ‘trivial’ in NZQA exam

    Soon media they can join Auckland Council where in 2017 only 17 per cent of survey’s respondents say they trust the council to make the right decisions, and that 47 per cent do not.

    Auckland Council responded by trying to stop people reading by 1 million in library fines, then spent the revenue on marketing spin to let the ratepayers know how wrong they are.

    Not sure that News Hub ever recovered from the hit on removing John Campbell and Campbell Live.

    • The only good thing about Stuff WAS the comments, then Stuff knocked them on the head because some were nasty. Go Woke, Go Broke.. then get a bailout from Labour.

  6. NewsHub Nation is still unavailable on ALL my browsers – their login system doesn’t work. I decided to bite-the-bullet and watch it on my phone (chrome browser), unfortunately it’s still UNAVAILABLE unless you download ‘threenow’s app’ – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    It’s really tragic that NZ-on-Air is still funding this sh*t show of a news organization. I’m pretty close to blocking the domains of threenow, NewsHub and Magic Talk. They’re a laughing stock in the IT community.

    NZ-on-Air are disgusting for funding a show unavailable to the younger generation. Labour are disgusting for repeatedly bailing out their terrible business model, which isn’t even a business model.

    Well that really says it all !!
    Damn shame if you want your own countries media service to present and report the TRUTH and factual information behind the many bullshit stuff neo liberal market journalism.

    New Zealanders are the perfect lab rats which is why the neo liberal let the market decide has been so successful since 1984.

    The real tragedy is that we have sold out all in the name of profit and greed.

    Which despite our wholesale sell out to the free market our recent history still makes me proud like our independent foreign policy …..No confirm or deny that there are nuclear weapons on our destroyers …. NO stop the bullshit and your ships are no longer welcome Reagan , Bush and Shultz !!!!!!!!

  8. Bog rolls too good for property spruiking sell out granny herald. That granny eats its kids.

  9. Things TVNZ and Radio NZ will NOT tell the viewers/listeners.

    1. The financial system is a gigantic Ponzi scheme, propped up in the short term by ever-greater ‘money-printing’ by central banks, and doomed to collapse in a matter of a few years (at best) and possibly in a matter of months.

    2. Global extraction of conventional oil peaked around 2007, and the unconventional oil extraction business which has been propping up economic arrangements for well over a decade is in dire straits because of low oil prices and rapid depletion of fracked wells.

    3. Planetary overheating -due to excessive use of fossil fuels- has reached the rapid meltdown stage, at which there is extreme danger of the Earth being rapidly thrown into an entirely new climate regime dominated by severe and lasting droughts, termination of water supply systems such as that of Lake Mead in the US, increasingly severe superstorms that wash away infrastructure, and collapse of much (or all) of the industrial agriculture system.

    4. Collapse of health systems worldwide (but especially in the developing world and the US) as a consequence of out-of-control epidemics and underlying health ‘issues’ (such as obesity and diabetes) that are a consequences of ingestion of commercially manufactured ‘foods’ that are high in processed starch, fructose and vegetable oils and low in healthy protein and essential nutrients.

    5. Population overshoot is now of the order of 7 billion -the vast majority kept alive in the short-term by the excessive (and unsustainable) use of fossil fuels.

    6. Corporatised and internationalised sport has no future.

    7. The currently growing gap between the rich and the poor will continue to grow in the short term until a massive crisis is generated, after which the impoverished masses and impoverished ‘middle classes’ will turn on the ‘elites’ in something resembling the French Revolution.

    So what TVNZ and Radio NZ have to do is keep the lid on that lot and keep pretending none of it is happening, and that the ‘problems’ we are encountering can be fixed by the banks and corporations and worse-than-useless politicians who got us into this mess.

  10. I need a list of those in the 48% because I have shares in the Auckland Harbour Bridge to sell them.

  11. What is glaringly crying out for attention by this blog and even the lame stream media is it is not accepted that the Pfizer rolll out is safe quite the opposite. Has the daily blog been told off from covering this issue or is it voluntary pusillanimity?

  12. You’re going to love this…
    AO/NZ’s MSM is entirely about hiding the crimes of a few old rich white fucks who’ve been ripping farmer money off for almost exactly one hundred years. That is all. Sorry. It’s nothing more complicated than that.
    It’s human nature to over-complicate a simple thing and ‘They’ know that. That’s why the ‘They’ do their best to over complicate what’s really a simple thing and that’s why most of you have no real idea what the fuck’s going on. Most of you bark up the wrong tree in the wrong forest at the wrong time then wrongfully blame the wrong people for saying or writing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. And ‘ they’ love that shit.
    What most of you must try to come to understand is that AO/NZ’s problems, while simple and obvious to me, are [made] difficult to comprehend by their all-bought-and-paid-for MSM. After all, that’s why Martyn Bradbury got a life time ban from the aural valium dispensing machine that is RNZ. And before they came for OUR RNZ they already had The Listener and most of our newspapers in the bag.
    It’s difficult to distinguish fake catastrophizing for the alternate normalcy. I suspect, in fact, that many of you do see and comprehend our ‘problems’ but you’re stalled in your processes of an identify-then-act response to the traumas and indignities they inflict upon us because you’re completely baffled by the simplicity of the issues we face. For example homelessness in a resource rich country? That’s simply unnecessary and yet there it is. Child hunger and working class poverty? They’re entirely unnecessary evils that bedevil our waking hours and yet there they are? And they’re there because you’re baffled by the simplicity of the mechanism that renders you powerless to act against your abusers.
    This is a fascinating interview between Russell Brand and Edward Snowden on that subject. I hope you don’t make assumptions and not listen to it because you’ll assume it’ll be shit . Listen to the interview THEN you’re entitled to your opinion. But not before.
    The reason I mention farmers is because it’s farmer money [they’re] making off with ultimately.
    I know, you work hard for your money and yet you’re not farmers. Well, all I can say is that our farmers aren’t known as primary-industry for being secondary or third. Sorry, but that’s AO/NZ’s reality. We’re not the false economy bolstered by borrowing to hide the crimes hidden within our history. A history written by a corrupted MSM.
    One more thing? This guy? You read this guy?
    He writes for The Guardian and I’ve always found his articles to be balanced and intelligent.
    George Monbiot Exposes Coronavirus Corruption at the Heart of Government

    • “Listen to the interview THEN you’re entitled to your opinion. But not before.

      He needs to meet Matt McCarten and the crew. According to their website, they meet “the boring” conspiracies every day, head on, layer on layer. You’d need nerves of steel, and patience for days. Good job he’s on the side of a larger constructive ideal, or we’d all be screwed.

      We can turn off certain internet based tech and just not use it. I could do it, but then I still have bookshelves with real books on them. People born post mobile phones or post-interactive media would find it difficult. If you wander down the Post Office to pay your bill and are forced to use a touch screen, would you complain there’s no place to post your instagram pics? Does it matter if they know how much our phone and electricity bill is this month?
      Russell and Edward have forgotten that the idea of the collective marching down the street being the only solution isn’t true. They’re using a wider context to define their argument, then saying the present day is the context, and then basing a solution on their being no wider context in which to find solutions. Conspiracy in plain view has always existed. People have owned nothing and been unhappy (and also “happy”) via many different methods of governance and control, for thousands of years. The two methods of resistance they’ve missed in focussing too closely on their topic, are 1) the ability of an individual to keep changing, therefore escape both control and behavioural prediction, and 2) the power of a good idea, applied at the right time. Tracking and control of either of those things cannot be done. They’re well known ideas, which is why you sometimes get sci-fi films about it, Minority Report (2002), springs to mind, but there are certainly others more recent. Just saw one on netflix. Even if Mr Big Corp knows how much you paid for your electricity in April, or that you searched for burrito outlets near you soon after, there is no algorithm that can accurately predict you will click on an advertisement about water reticulation privatisation in Mexico, on June 26th.

      (Having said that, I know for a fact that google have now loaded those terms, and later tonight my youtube account will be offering some strange shit! But I will not click on them… or will I? The double bluff! Take that, Mr Big Corp.)

      Also I don’t think they’ve deconstructed the conspiracy/no conspiracy idea far enough to understand why people do or don’t react/respond. There’s a logical flaw in there somewhere: you can’t know about something, and not know about it, at the same time, at least not without some serious dissonance. They might get through an entire dialogue on that and find the original question has changed.

      I’m not saying the interview isn’t useful, or the information flawed, I’m just saying what appeared to me as they played it out.

  13. News based on facts, and Opinion free news? I’ll believe it when I read it. Sounds like a cross between a shopping list, and Literature. Should be fun to read.

    A boy fell from a roof
    when we say boy, we mean he was preadolescent,
    or at least not sexually active (proof pending)
    Doctors assume he will live.
    The roof was not high
    Several people were looking the other way, we weren’t even there.
    From which point do we measure the height? From the toe, from the head, did he try to arrest his fall?
    If only we had a perspective. What is time?
    He is HUMAN.
    Monday, is a matter of opinion.

    I mean, at least you won’t be swayed to vote National to regain control over your investment property fiefdom. When Martyn Bradbury starts talking about kicking in the walls and windows of slumlord properties, is it opinion, or emphasis done in the Bomber style, or both? Does it make the story more understandable, relateable, complex? Does it ask a question? Does it make a sound? Is it recognisable?
    Opinion isn’t really the problem, as long as someone knows opinion exists, and which direction it’s pointed. When Dr. Greg Treadwell was writing for The Gulf News, did the things he write have context and chronology, follow a trend, even when he deliberately tried to create a foil to the trend? Is that an illustration of opinion? Is it a breach of facts, or one of their limitations?

  14. Well didn’t we have the same senario happening when John was our PM Im right, and wasn’t he taking our media on overseas trips and when they came back they appeared to be brain washed. And didn’t we have all those right wing media get all the cushy jobs in Keys time. So what are you moaning about they are having turns and its the lefts turn now, we put up with those right wing whingers for nine long years.

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