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  1. I see our Aussie mates have made a mistake at Brisbane airport allowing red zone travelers into the same area as green zone travelers this need to be fixed asap to ensure it does not happen again. As this mistake puts the much wanted travel bubble at risks. And for this to happen so soon not good enough.

  2. Get in why you can whanau its only a matter of time before our trans- tasman bubble burst as we now have a man who flew from Rarotonga to Auckland and then Auckland to Perth. And while we are at it we need to throw the book at these people who are spoiling it for others.

  3. Take Stuff From Work
    by John S. Hall (1987)

    Take stuff from work, it’s the best way to feel better about your job.
    Never buy pens or pencils or paper. Take ’em from work. Rubber bands, paper clips, memo pads, folders. Take ’em from work. It’s the best way to feel better about your low pay and appalling working conditions.

    Take an ashtray – they got plenty. Take coat hangers. Take a, take a trash can. Why buy a file cabinet?
    Why buy a phone? Why buy a personal computer or word processor? Take ’em from work.

    I took a whole desk from the last place I worked. They never noticed and it looks great in my apartment.
    Take an electric pencil sharpener. Take a case of white-out; you might need it one day. Take stuff from work. It’s your duty as an oppressed worker to steal from your exploiters.

    It’s gonna be an outstanding day. Take stuff from work, and goof off on the company time. I wrote this at work. They’re paying me to write about stuff I steal from them. Life is good.

    (John S. Hall – not his real name – is an American vegan buddhist agnostic, author, poet and singer. He became a lawyer to get rich. I don’t know if it worked.)

  4. He didn’t become a lawyer to get rich. He became a lawyer to make money. He didn’t make money as a lawyer, but he eventually got a good job at a law firm as an analyst, and he makes some money. He is definitely not rich, but then again, he never wanted to be.

    -John S. Hall (speaking about himself)

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