Judith’s dog whistle becomes canine trumpet – why segregation race baiting won’t save National

National Party Māori Health Policy

Watching Judith manage to douse herself in petrol and then light a match to it over the last 24 hours is a bewildering reminder that she does this to herself.

It’s reminiscent of the last week of the election campaign when she for no reason whatsoever decided to attack fat people. She just can’t help being vicious, it’s what she does and we love her for it!

Judith’s decision to call the Māori Health Authority ‘segregation’ is less a dog whistle and more a canine trumpet but who is listening?

This flagrant race baiting is designed not to win over anyone who voted Labour in 2020, it’s a blunt and crass attempt to win back Right wing vote that National are haemorrhaging to ACT.

As TDB has been pointing out since the election, ACT have become the defacto Right Wing Values Party and their rise isn’t a fluke, it’s a true realignment on the Right, but this race baiting crap isn’t where ACT are making inroads, they are gaining traction from authentic Right Wing value issues like freedom of speech, gun rights and culture wars.

Judith using ‘segregation’ will appeal to those men who refer to Jacinda as ‘Cindy’, but National have already won that vote.

This entire segregation episode comes off as an act of desperation while also sounding politically schizophrenic. Let’s not forget, the only reason Judith is talking abut this is because of the National Party review of their disastrous election campaign which found National were too racist and needed to bash Māori less and become more diverse!

Judith’s response to a report calling for more diversity and less Māori bashing is to declare no ethnic ‘quotas’ while calling out Māori aspirations in Health as cross burning racists.

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I mean, what the fuck is she doing?

I think this is disastrous from Judith and a total misread of the electorate. The reactionary vote  that Don Brash surfed with his Orewa Speech coalesces around Woke micro aggression policing and culture war hot buttons now, not Māori gaining their own Health Authority.

This is clumsy, ill thought out and mildly racist, which kinda sums up the National Party right now.

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  1. This whole episode goes to show the current MSM bias and ethos. Irrespective of your views on quotas, inclusiveness and everything woke this whole story was on the basis of 1 question asked of Collins of which she replied with the current National policy that is to select people on merit as opposed to gender, sexuality etc. Start, beginning, end.

    Collins didn’t make this a story – Toxic did. What this has got to do with the Maori party’s co-leader (a rent-a-quote if ever I have seen one) has got me buggered. There is 2 ways National can deal with this:

    1). Ignore it and be prepared to weather a mini storm from every woke ‘wowser’ for the next 7 days; or
    2). Make this an issue and go on the attack

    Whilst the majority of the electorate is still happily in their covid-cult, housing inflation based stupor if National follow 2). it will at least show the party is willing to fight for its ideals and founding principals and has conviction thus placed for 2023 should economic conditions deteriorate. Sadly the communications and PR mandarins will advise against this risky strategy and National will go with 1). and continue to stumble along resulting in Uncle Fester and a truly horrific 2023 result (Act >18% anyone).

    National and the centre right won’t gain any traction until the core fundamentals of (little) Aotearoa get to a point where kindness and spin are taken over by desperation and disgust (2026 baring an economic crash) or they get a conviction based leader. The former is at present odds-on.

    • Spot on Frank the Tank. It should be obvious. But with double standards and selective outrage aka intellectual dishonesty it ain’t. Notice the virtual US political blackout on TDB.

    • The National party answer is to stop anything put in place by the Labour government, now frank can you enlighten me as to how the supposed one question put to Judith was misrepresented, I heard her with Susie Ferguson on morning report and there was more than one question asked on this very subject of Maori health reforms etc. It appears to me that Judith Collins puts absolutely no real thought into her answers, the reforms were still warm on Andrew Little’s breath when she said the national government if elected would overturn them. We all know our health system is a lottery at present we read it every day , Jacinda Ardern had to resort to a bunker mentality for the Covid response because she knew along with the rest of the country that our system wouldn’t cope with multiple infections. So Frank frankly Judith has herself to blame for her segregation remarks because someone in her position should know better than just to bark for barking sake .

      • National has long had (and hopefully in perpetuity) a creed of no diversity based hires and/or promotions. This is a cornerstone of centre-right and indeed right politics. Dressing it up as some racist dog whistle ignores this is a long held view.

        In addition if you think race-based health reforms are going to be a silver bullet then I have a fully funded and paid for integrated light rail project from Auckland CBD to Auckland Airport to give to you free of charge. “segregation” remarks – who is promoting different approaches based on race alone?

  2. Both the National and Labour party were buried with the remains of their foundational values in the early eighties. I don’t know who these clowns are anymore. Just two groups of hateful homicidal idiots.

  3. I almost feel sorry for National. Anyone with a brain knows how poor our heath system has become, with any culture. I for one am beyond thinking one system fits all, ours almost fits no one. If a Maori run sub system delivers positive results then fantastic. No one cares Judith about your beliefs anymore.

    Housing however is one area anyone but National could make hay from. Labour have been a disgrace and continue to be so. But we all know National spent 9 long years ensuring the next government walked into a meltdown. They could not flog off social housing fast enough. National did not give a shit. Their very DNA prevented them giving a shit. They loved poor non voting people suffering. Trouble is the public know that and now ignore Nationals new found care for this problem.

    Tough being National nowadays.

    • And yet our side has been flogging off state houses too. Two sides of the same coin. Labour is no better than National and in many cases worse and vice versa.

  4. You are spot on Frank she was asked a question and she answered it.
    To put this blog under the banner of the Ku klux burning a cross is disturbing and much more of a dog whistle than Judith Collins answering a question.

    • So Ardern is asked a question and is accused of lying or spinning, yet Collins was “just” answering a question. The hypocrisy is astounding. Does anyone here truly believe the National party have escaped the 80’s? God knows their ministers haven’t.

  5. Bit disappointing to see that political debate in this country is still to get past shallow, juvenile ego tripping…. Damn, even the Aussies are doing a better job of constructive dialogue than what I’ve seen so far here.. The only comprehensive comment on this thread is still just meaningless waffle that relies utterly on a set of assumptions… The definition of assumption is “the basis for utter fuck ups”.. What’s happened? Did all the smart ones leave while they still could?

  6. Let’s also be quite clear about health. Tax cut after tax cut, always a bribe by National to pander to the wealthy and or the miserable, has left spending on health and a number of other areas rather emaciated. We as a nation spend far less on health per head of population because the money is no longer there.

    Sad that Collins, who offered the same unaffordable bribe last time, can’t see that this is the real problem!

  7. X-RAY
    Are you sure my research shows NZ health spend per capita way above the OECD average?
    The United States per capita spend is the highest by a wide margin.

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