If 5 eyes dont want us reliant on China for trade, well there’s a solution to that…


This is hilarious…

Australia should ‘urgently reset’ relationship with New Zealand to ease China’s leverage – Aussie academic

An Australian academic says his country desperately needs to empower New Zealand to break free from China’s economic grip amid a Five Eyes diplomatic disagreement.

Dr William A Stoltz, an Australian national security professional, is calling for an “urgent reset” of the relationship between the ANZAC nations.

…oh Australia have suddenly woken up to us being sick of getting screwed over by our ‘mate’ have they?

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How about review your cruel policy of forcibly exiling 2400 Australians back to NZ to start a gang war we’ve never seen before?

How about the numerous trade issues that Australia screw us over with? How about our citizens not having any right to welfare in Australia?

If the 5 Eyes see our reliance on China economically as a threat, then maybe they should open their markets to us and replace China!

Nanaia Mahuta steered NZ towards an Independent Foreign policy by acknowledging China’s power over us economically while re-stating our values and announcing our intention to de-couple economically! She followed that up by reaffirming our belief that 5 Eyes is not the vehicle to do that criticism through because we don’t want to get tied into some adventure from the American Military Industrial Complex either.

Wellington governs for NZ, not Beijing or Washington.


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  1. Mahuta is shaping up to be one of our better foreign ministers, actually better ministers full stop. She is playing this exactly right and representing us well.

    Apparently Australia was”blindsided” by us not towng the line. Why on earth do they think that treating New Zealand with such contempt as their arsehole politicians do would be fine by us?

  2. The interesting thing is that all the bluster is coming from just a couple of right wing has been commentators. The geographic coverage that our 5 eyes spy domes gives is vital and the other 4 eyes don’t want us to go anywhere.
    We have always had to trade with countries who are not our allies because our so called friends fence us out with trade barriers especially the USA and Britain.

  3. Martyn, what do you expect from Australia, a Nation founded by criminals & convict trash? And these 5 eyes Nations can’t pick up the Trade with NZ to replace China as a Trading partner because these Nations don’t manufacture anything, anymore! They are Nations that only consume, they don’t produce? China is now the entire Worlds Factory! China is a more loyal & greater friend to NZ than Australia ever was. China doesn’t interfere in NZ’s Politics or interests like Australia attempts to do? The way Australia arrogantly treats NZ with utter contempt is a fucking disgrace, its a bully & to see the Aussies hypocritically accuse the Chinese of Human rights abuses is just laughable after their genocidal Treatment of the Aboriginal people! China is now treating Australia like the way Australia treats NZ, giving them a taste of their own nasty medicine! And now ScoMo, from Advertising, this fucking idiot moron PM has singlehandedly sabotaged Australia’s Trade with China, that’s worth Billions & now expects NZ to do the same dumbass thing? And for what, all to suck up, like a grovelling lapdog, to kiss America’s fat arse? ScoMo has committed Australia to this self inflicted, economic suicide, which is sheer lunacy, who in their right mind would purposely destroy Trade relations with your largest Trading partner? Now the Aussies want NZ to sabotage our Trading relationship to appease American dictates! Get stuffed Australia, we’ll chart our own course & you can take back your 501 scumbag people as well!

  4. I’m not sure the issues you mention about visas and past trade disputes are related to this issue. Many of the world’s democracies are trying to create a unified voice against recent CCP aggression and coercion. They are doing this to stop China from putting economic pressure on countries like New Zealand to forgo their sovereignty and keep their mouth shut.

  5. Damn right.
    All the USA has to do is drop its agricultural protection policies and everything New Zealand produces could fill a small part of the US market.
    Likewise the heavily subsidised EU.
    Of course we should not again make the mistake of putting all our eggs in one basket.

  6. The Non Aligned Movement of countries (NAM) formed in the early 60s is still around with 120 member nations, comprising just over 50% of UN members. New Zealand could leave 5 Eyes, join NAM and play a prominent role in reinvigorating that group, that was seen by many as a Cold War creation.

    Fidel Castro used to put the fear of the proverbial up the Imperialists at NAM, and it would be great to see a host of small nations become significant players again, with mutually beneficial bi lateral trade and cultural agreements between themselves rather being locked into Imperialist power blocs and global trade agreements.

  7. Now ACT, the party of job-destroying free trade & ‘profit rules uber alles’, is grandstanding on trade with China.
    If you’re gonna appoint yourselves moral guardians all of a sudden, then don’t look too closely at Australia & USA dickheads.
    Another own goal by the ACT nutters.
    To think Rimmer is the best of ‘em…… hahaha

  8. Agree with you Peterhitch and would like to add, our so called friends try to bully us. And most of the negative commentary is coming from right wing pompus pommy pricks who should be be worrying about there brekit mess and their own PM who has a tendency to put this foot in this mouth. And how many lock down have they had to have?

  9. At present the Realm of New Zealand sits between the Peoples Republic of China and the Five Eyes. Dependent on the one as a market for exports, and beholden to the other diplomatically, militarily and constitutionally.
    That will no longer be a tenable position for New Zealand if the PRC comes into open conflict with the Five Eyes.
    The suggestion that New Zealand should avoid this dilemma by redirecting its exports to the Five Eyes states (assuming such an improbable development) begs a further question.
    Since that scenario implies that New Zealand would necessarily join any conflict on the Five Eyes side, what price would the country pay in the event that China emerged victorious over the Five Eyes or alternatively, that the Five Eyes triumphed over China?
    The simple answer is that in either case the cost would be too horrendous to contemplate.
    The only sensible course for the Realm of New Zealand is to stay out of any future conflict. That means not being bound to China through trade and at the same time not redirecting trade to the Five Eyes states.
    That being the case, there is limited scope for diversification of markets, not least because the Five Eyes are currently blocking access to a number of important potential markets for New Zealand produce.
    Given this, the only sensible course is for the Realm to reduce its current dependence on international trade overall. That process is most easily commenced in the primary sector. Reducing the demand for imported foodstuffs, and followed by items such as petrochemical products, motor vehicles electronics and so on.
    Whether or not the colonialist regime chooses to go down this track, our people are already doing that, motivated by the desire for food security and the need to defend the natural environment both local and global.
    The colonial regime will do everything in its power to remain within the Five Eyes camp. If it could, it would redirect its China exports to Australia, the UK and US. But it can’t do that, and it is not yet completely demented, so it probably will not follow the Commonwealth of Australia in a race to find, bail and hold China.
    The problem with the colonial regime is not recklessness, but timidity. As in its domestic policies, it remains inert in the face of looming dangers, consistently failing to take the bold measures or radical steps necessary to resolve matters.
    So the tangata whenua of Aotearoa have to do that for themselves and are doing it for themselves. We don’t need China, we don’t need the Five Eyes, and we certainly don’t need colonialism.

  10. I think we are witnessing the death of the American empire (Wall street and the City of London) and the rise of the Chinese Century. All to the good in my opinion. The Western financial “powers that be” have misused their position and should have collapsed in 2008 They bailed out the banks on the backs of the American Middle class and transferred their industry to China destroying their working class. They colonised Africa and South America using their military, the IMF and the World bank to steal resources and impoverish those countries. Now they have printed trillions of dollars, as no one wishes to borrow $US any more as Russia and China are trading energy in their own currencies and other countries grow wary of owning a currency backed by nothing. The only profitable industry left in the USA is armaments and despite spending 6x more than any other country on military spending they have been outclassed technologically by Russia and are rapidly being outgunned numerically by China. This does not stop them trying to destabilise Russia via Ukraine, as they have their greedy eyes on the huge natural resources in Russia and also destabilising China in the South China sea as they attempt to check China’s economic growth.
    China has encouraged them to join the Belt and Road initiative and participate in what is the brightest light on the World economic scene but so far The USA has declined, not interested in anything they do not control completely
    They are the biggest threat to peace and stability in the world pulling out of nuclear treaties left right and centre and are seen as “non- agreement capable” by the Russians, Iran and China.
    NZ will have to try and ride out the tumultuous period coming, offending as little as possible its “allies” and it major trading partner.
    Joining the Non Aligned Movement definitely deserves investigation.


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