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  1. The advent of motels, social housing, and quasi companies that are insolvent (because renting is not actually that profitable in many cases and you can easily get losses when you are expected to upgrade buildings to gold standards while maintaining low rents to low income tenants who can’t afford much and may have multiple issues going on).

    Today’s headlines on the government led train wreck (both Natz, Labour and Greens) of ‘business led’ housing and scapegoating of previous systems that seemed to not have a massive shortage of rentals while also being a lot cheaper and safer for tenants…

    A Capital Letter: Wellington council social housing arm will be insolvent by 2023

    Immigration NZ looking into complaints migrant sex workers operated in former Wellington emergency housing motel

    The old system of state housing and private ‘mum’s n dad’s’ rental owners were always the most safe and financially efficient system to deliver housing in NZ and did it well for decades until neoliberalism found a new way to kill multiple birds with one stone and destroy it in favour of social housing with multiple suppliers, motels for both long and short term housing and soon to be massive housing contracts that the government (taxpayers) will pay for to big business running it for profits.

  2. When ACT seems more interested in human rights than the Greens…

    ACT party will file motion asking Parliament to debate Xinjiang ‘genocide

    Yep all aware this is politically motivated by ACT (although for a good cause because you would have to be an absolute human rights denier to think the Uyghur’s are not being abused) but in the old days Greens would have been filing the motion not ACT.

    Since the Natz are such sycophants of China, and this has turned off many Natz voters it’s own party, what better way to help get the right wing back into power in NZ, than have ACT play up China’s poor human rights record….. then come election time, team up!

    Go Team China, as they seem to have both the Natz, Labour and Greens in their pockets…. and living in fear of their export tactics…. sadly when you enable bullies you often become victims.

    Message hasn’t seemed to got through that NZ voters also don’t seem to want to become another occupied or economically bound, territory of China like Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong etc

  3. The Act party are claiming to stand up for the dignity and human rights of all people re- the Urghurs yet they have no problem in cutting peoples benefits and stopping the winter power payments for our elderly where is the dignity for our own NZ peoples they are nothing but a bunch of two faced bloody hypocrites.

    • ACT may be hypocrites, but so are the Greens and Labour, willing to forgo the Uyghur, muslims and human rights when it suits them.

  4. We cannot fight all people battles saveNZ we need to save NZ first and foremost and then do our best by others. We also need to clean up our own backyard it ain’t exactly tidy.


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