So if National win 2023 all they promise to do is attack Maori?


Ummm. Does National just not like Māori?

I ask because to date, all National are promising if they win in 2023 is to strangle off Māori political representation at Local Council level, protect property speculators and dismantle any new Māori Health agency.

Look, protecting property speculators and bashing Māori has been a policy platform that has paid National dividends in the past, but it just seems so 1890s.

I don’t think bashing Māori and worshipping speculators is enough anymore to win an election in NZ, we are too intellectually laid back to have our racism as blatant as that. We prefer our racism to be couched in soft logic, the way Don Brash does it. Actively dismantling Māori representation and destroying a Health policy Māoridom have been crying out for will start conflict that National will never see the end of.

All National have is piss and vinegar, for those who call the Prime Minister ‘Cindy’, this will be a vote winner.

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For everyone else, it will be an ugly bigotry they will not want to associate with.

At this rate, National will be lucky to get 25% in 2023.

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  1. National seem more and more like the operations division of the ACT party, except that Operations and Head Office never freely co-operate. People say that using a corporate model for government is bad, but if it also means the worst that can happen between these two monkey tribes is the “surprise” Epsom Alliance every few years, then it isn’t as bad as it could be. In the spirit of your kindness in estimating their ideas to be of the 1890’s, I will assume National attacking maori every time they move is a covert woke policy designed to expose and ridicule racism by pushing it to such a boring ineffectual extent that no one with even two brain cells would bother to accept it anymore. By flogging a race horse to death, National can then ressurrect the concept of the Horse Who Cannot be Flogged. Race Horsing will finally end. That’s sum big brain work there, National. Good for you!

  2. Let’s see. The inability and lack of desire to make meaningful change to big ticket items such as housing, poverty and law and order means there has been an increasing focus on social issues that traditionally don’t go well with the sheeple middle. It will be a test to see how ‘tacked’ on +45 female support is.

  3. National need to present their alternative policy and this does not mean the same old policy as we all know it hasn’t worked. When they were in they cut the government agencies budgets saying they had to do more with less and we know this did not work either.

  4. National aren’t the only one who see a Government imposing a race based system on everyone only conforms what Taika Waititi very correctly pointed out, NZ is racist as fuck.

  5. They certainly couldn’t do less than Labour who in 4 years have achieved nothing and by all indicators everything they promised to improve has worsened.

  6. Both Labour, National, ACT – they all know that bashing Maori goes down well with many Pakeha voters. Bear in mind also that we now have many immigrant voters with profoundly racist attitudes( Blue Dragons do not like black Taniwha).
    Remember when Taikia said New Zealand was ‘as racist as fuck’.? Why do you think he would think that? Was he wrong?
    Kia kaha nga iwi tatou

  7. ‘Times, they are a-changing’. National don’t understand the huge demographic move underway as the young have their say. National still locked into tax cuts and championing bad landlords, property speculators and their ilk, the wealthy and the well off. NZ just getting on with it while retired folk mutter into their keyboards are ignored by everyone under 30 or even 40? When we were 20 did we listen to anything the over 65’s had to say? Yeah Nah. National has become the over 65 party and I don’t think most of NZ is at the local RSA having a jug on the leaner anymore. As an aside, I’m 57 (8 more working years) and I am struggling to understand the youngsters motivations on a few subjects but it does not seem to be a yearning for the hard right or even vaguely right wing from what I’ve observed. Most seem to long for a ‘kind’ socially liberal NZ where everyone is ok and are happy. Seem to remember thinking that myself when I was 20. Long may this trend continue.

  8. National are like old Newspaper that Takeaway shops wrap Fish & Chips in, then afterwards you discard the soggy, greasy mess & heave it in the rubbish bin? National are so yesterday’s news that they need a date stamp to confirm the year they think their in? They have nothing to offer but mindless criticism, whinging & whining about Labours policies without offering anything of their own! National only offer to reverse & cancel Labours policies without having any backup plans to replace them with, a similar vindictive mentality that Trump displayed to cancel out anything Obama accomplished & purely out of sheer spite! Their pathetic! Old, white, pale, stale & male, that’s National! At least Labour have Policies, National have zip, zero & nadda ideas! I can see them being out of Govt for a very long time!

  9. ‘you discard the soggy, greasy mess & heave it in the rubbish bin’
    No I do not.
    I carefully tear it into little pieces and put it into my compost bin.
    Maturing with all the other organic scraps it makes rich soils that provide me with healthy winter vegetables( healthy aternatives to fish and chips.
    Similarly we should plough National into the soil.

  10. Why can’t we just ignore the Nasty Natz like the media does with stories they don’t support like school children being spied on by the oil industry.


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