Duh! Of course the confiscating Neoliberal Settler State found Ihumātao sale ‘unlawful’

Queen Wasp Nicola Willis standing next to excess baggage


Auditor-General rules the $29.9m the Government used to buy Ihumātao was unlawfully spent – Minister blames ‘technical error’

The Auditor-General has ruled the $29.9m the Government used to buy the land at Ihumātao was unlawfully spent.

The money from the Land For Housing Programme was incurred without proper legal appropriation in Parliament, Auditor-General John Ryan ruled.

The Government has blamed the error on a small mistake where two recommendations were left off a briefing paper, and say such errors are not unusual.

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For the love of God!

Of course the confiscating Neoliberal Settler State found Ihumātao sale ‘unlawful’! Firstly, it’s the mission statement of the Neoliberal Settler State  to steal Māori land and never pay for it back, it’s not there to actually buy it back for Māori, so the fact Labour managed to jump through all the hoops and tripped on some bullshit budget technicality is worthy of salute.

Secondly, what is most outrageous is National’s burning cross grandstanding on this.

Queen Wasp Nicola Willis is outraged, but you get the feeling any time Māori win back some basic rights she becomes incandescent with rage.

The screaming from National over a technicality in buying Ihumātao is funny because I don’t remember this level of outrage when National gave a $11.5m bribe to a Saudi Businessman, or blew $200 million on their PPP ideological mutation at Transmission Gully, or needlessly and spitefully pissed $100million against the wall on the meth contaminated state housing fiasco.

So fuck National and their selective outrage and fuck the confiscating Neoliberal Settler State, buying Ihumātao was the right thing to do and we should be grateful for Labour’s leadership in finding a solution, even if there was some technicality breached.

When Labour ‘break’ the rules it’s to return stolen Māori land. That cost $30m

When National ‘break’ the rules it’s to bribe Saudi Businessmen , make State Tenants Homeless and idealogical mutations like Transmission Gully. Those cost $311.5m


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  1. Transmission Gully.

    Now there is an outrage, a criminal act of waste of taxpayer money, all thanks to National. No wrong was righted there, just Stephen Joyces lust for motorways badly planned and managed from day one.

    Will Steve write an article this Sunday decrying the waste of money and sheer incompetence of the National Party. Probably not!

    Anyway Ihumatao, to National, remains the real problem.

    • “Anyway Ihumatao, to National, remains the real problem.”

      The subtext to the message being pushed by National, is that the government is “too pro-Maori”. While they will point out the errors being made by Labour over Ihumatao, you are also supposed to notice the recipients. It is the same with today’s health announcement, Judith Collins was questioning a separate authority for Maori before the government made the announcement. That is the key thing she wants you to focus on. When Simeon Brown asks why some people are facing Iwi panels rather than the courts, he knows you can work out which kind of person is eligible for such an option. Andrew Coster is called woke, where being woke includes a component of being a “Maori-lover”. When Labour goes “soft on crime” and wants to reduce the prison population, which demographic will benefit the most?

      The last time National was in opposition, it was a speech at Orewa that helped revive National’s polling and potentially gave them a shot at winning the 2005 election. It seems National are positioning Labour in the same way now, just in a more subtle manner.

      Maybe Steven Joyce’s next article can support National by bringing back his “Iwi/Kiwi” messaging from his time as campaign manager in 2005.

  2. ‘Will Steve write an article this Sunday decrying the waste of money and sheer incompetence of the National Party. Probably not!’
    No but Stevie will!
    National Party Election slogan:
    ‘Rely on us to NOT organise a piss-up in a brewery if someone turns the taps on for us.”
    Also to NOT arrange a fuck in a brothel.
    If you think Labour is ‘National Lite’ vote National for a National/ACT shitstorm.
    Remember bad as Labour is we are much worse.
    ( Long live socialism and the world revolution!)

    • Stevie
      Our chances of running a socialist style govt are slim with the vast network globally of neoliberal pirates sacking every community at will and literally bombing some countries with governments working for the common good.
      But China, Vietnam and a few others are emerging with strong systems of public good arising out of throwing out the colonial scum that divided the population, fostered the elite and raped the resources, while feigning “Democracy and Freedom”

      After the Russian revolution communist parties strengthened in the UK and USA scaring hell out of the wealthy ruling “elite” and so the viscous campaign of push-back began. Communist sympathetic organisations were infiltrated and the witch hunt included public propaganda against the revolution and all it stood for.

      The result still is seen today with the McCarthy cry of “Communist” to people who merely look for common good.
      There is not a communist state in the world today. A communist state owns all things including banks, business and places of work along with property.
      We have China who prefers to call their political party The Communist Party as it was the root of their sucess including pulling 700 million out of poverty over the last 4 decades. But it is a country with a strong Socialist fabric right through its organisation and government structure including its very comprehensive system of elections, which are continually refined to produce one of the most stable countries today.
      NZ started on a path of rejecting the crumbs left on the floor for the workers by the politicians with their mates at the table, and with the leadership of the early Labour movement activist often associated with the communist movement, broke the stranglehold of the established ruling group who had worked up a strong rural backing. The depression still dogged the globe had bitten hard for the poorer people in NZ and the socialist rhetoric gathered a strong following. The workers felt the power of numbers and were excited by the prospects of what the Labour movement promised. John A Lee wrote much of the material handed out as newspapers were not projecting the message from Labour.
      After a landslide victory Labour went to further strength as they transformed life in NZ for workers and most of society.. The raft of social legislation left much of the world behind. Free heath, pensions , unemployment benefits, state housing, state insurance, bank reforms, family benefit for every child paid to the mother, workers compensation state advances loans to home buyers and small business and opposition to the past legacy from “colonial constraints” on this fledgling country.
      The Labour thinking was ahead of Keynes’s but parallel to it.
      1935 to 1949 Labour built a stronger NZ , lowered poverty and built up hope for working classes in a more equitable society.
      Since then the foundation of that awakening of NZ, has been slowly but successfully whittled away. The democracy of division and rule has been at play since.

  3. What the hell is the Neoliberal Settler State? Am I a part of that just for being white?…. This blog is becoming a little Simon Bridges like in that it barks at every car. This was a mistake in law.. nothing more and its been fixed. Gezzz

  4. ” Queen Wasp Nicola Willis standing next to excess baggage ”

    Shit Bomber you nailed that observation perfectly -lol.

    Like the vast amount of stolen Maori we will be living with the consequences of the last evil administration for many years to come and i would expect more scum to rise to the top of the neo liberal swamp.

    I have always believed that a hell of a lot of dodgy shit happened that was deliberately never made public because their media friends were in Key and Jason Eade’s pocket before they were elected to government and a number would have been threatened with their reputation and career had they written or broadcast anything other than life on planet Key is O for awesome.

    You only have to remember the terror campaign waged against not only yourself Bomber but Nicky Hagar and others were are unaware of.

    This country is resembling just another corrupt and evil state where our rights and freedom of expression so hard fought for in the last world war are slowly being denied us.

  5. Tribal comments. The government fucked up but it doesn’t really matter as this will be tidied up in due course. Non event and instead National should focus on the implications of the deal not the finer details.

    • Let’s not overlook the fact that Queen Wasp Nicola Willis’s complaint didn’t hold water and that it was the Auditor General who identified a defect that was simply rectified.

      Dog whistling Willis got it wrong again!

      • Call her what you like – in question time she is giving Woods a kicking. Woods has gone from a go to minister to a liability in a matter of 3 months.

        Not my cup of tea however if she turns Woods into a female version of Twyford then her star will rise

    • Yep another National government fuck up, they go on and on and on!

      Almost certainly why Joyce, English, Key, Coleman, Bennett etc etc etc jumped ship Frankie such was the collosal fuck ups left behind to clean up.

  6. I’d add that the really exciting stuff consists in the disputes between various Maori groups over who really owns what and who did what to whom.

    Much of that is historical, predating the first European settlers. But now it will all be back on the table. For those who don’t know that history, it’ll be an eye-opener.

  7. I’m guessing it was deliberate, orchestrated. The Maoris are coming!
    The Tainui-Waikato claim for Tamaki might have something to do with it.

  8. Queen wasp that is a good name for her she (Willis) could always be an actress when she is tired of politics she is very good at pretending. (to care)


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