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  1. There’s a link in the comments by OnceWasTim to a opinion piece, relating to the post by John Minto today titled, Foreign Affairs Officials sell us out on human rights. Wanted to make a few comments about interesting things that turned up, not directly related to John’s topic.

    In the last 2 sentences of paragraph 10, and paragraph 11, he pretty much catches them red handed. This supports the views in John Minto’s post.

    In the first sentence of paragraph 15, he says something in a way you might not have heard before – that was amusing. He then goes on to describe a method of management that people reading might think, “Hang on, isn’t that just what competent management is like?” and yet, what is offered day after day, year after year, from the likes of our political parties? Our processes look a lot like: close eye, money come, problem go away.

    But paragraph 18 and 19 is the real conundrum. What is he advocating? A style of governance, and economic system, not in tune with anything we currently have on offer in NZ, definitely not the US style, and especially not in tune with the kind of people he says he once was? Now that would be interesting.

  2. Is there no end for the MSM to try and get more non NZ aged citizens into NZ and onto our health system.

    In the latest, when Covid broke out, a Chinese family who own a fish and chip shop in NZ with NZ passports, leave their small son with their grandparents in China before flying out without him. Then they demand NZ allow the Chinese grandmother to fly into NZ with the son during Covid, so they can arrange for the grandparent who is not a NZ citizen to get into NZ and of course this works and the grandparent gets into NZ. Then it’s NZ’s problem the son has psychological problems for the delays to Grandmas flights. Oh and that the fish and chip shop is not doing well as well. surprise, surprise.

    “In December 2019, the Wellington family of three flew to China for a six-week visit. Lu and Feng flew back to New Zealand on January 23 – the same day Wuhan went into lockdown – passing through Guangzhou during the trip back, a city which at the time had 354 coronavirus cases. Rhys did not come home with them.

    The plan was for him to spend another month with his grandparents, then they would return home with him to celebrate his fifth birthday and start school. But by the time he was scheduled to come back, New Zealand’s borders had closed to anyone who was not a citizen or permanent resident.

    Rhys is a New Zealand citizen but was too young to fly home on his own. His grandparents are not New Zealand citizens and, therefore, couldn’t travel with him.”

    “Lu applied through Immigration New Zealand for a travel exemption that would allow her mother to fly home with Rhys. The exemption was denied because their case “wasn’t considered critical”, Lu said.

    The couple owns Starfish Fish and Chips in Thorndon and originally closed the shop as a precaution when they first returned home from China. Lu estimates they lost between $6000 and $9000 in income during the alert level 4 lockdown.

    When border rules loosened in September, Lu again applied to INZ for a travel exemption that would allow her mother to travel with their son. The application was successful and so a month later, once her mother’s visa was confirmed, Lu booked flights and spots in managed isolation for December 16.”

    I guess the lesson could be don’t leave your kids around the world when a pandemic is breaking out, so that you can try and get other relatives into countries they should not be allowed into! But all worked out for Grandma but not so much for the poor kid and the NZ taxpayers, and anyone else who could not get a flight or MIQ place.

    Lesson for NZ economy and superannuation, no wonder nobody can get MIQ places and our superannuation and health system is unsustainable, as it’s full of people’s relatives who are not entitled to come to NZ using any means possible to get them into NZ and then low and behold, NZ has to support them (and the entire family because it seems their fish and chips shop is now not during well). .

    Possibly when you take 6 weeks off a year to go on holiday in China, it is not good for small business even before Covid!

    Thanks stuff for running this lovely story without any analysis as per usual! Sarcasm. Can you get a give-a-little too for the Grandmas care, maybe a state house for them, and more help for the kids psychological problems caused by abandoning him in China during the pandemic!

    If you had a child wouldn’t you take them with you in a pandemic or stay with them there, instead. so you all fly out together? Don’t forget all the humanitarian flights for the Wuhan ‘Kiwis, that somehow were not mentioned why they did not take them and left the child there to use to get Grandma out.

    • Your right on the ball and this shit has been happening for a long time. Not just the Chinese the Indians are travelling back and forward so they have money and they are buying up homes I see it in my own street. Why are we allowing these people to bring their elderly parents this is wrong when we can’t even get decent care at primary level. And by the time we get to secondary care level its too fucken late. Is the grandmother going back home or is she going to stay here and leach of our system a system that can’t even look after those born here who have worked and paid taxes.

  3. Magic Talk inadvertently puts the National party to the sword by suggesting a merger with ACT. The NACT Party? Seymour saying (and has been saying) “they are the problem with NZ”. Time for the Christians to stand up and defend their ‘compassionate conservatism’ and push the Luxon/Bridges button before political oblivion and before this sort of talk goes any further? Or allow the right to eat itself to get rid of a problem child? Seymour as Deputy PM? Unelectable combination now in full view for the electorate to inspect.

    • “Or allow the right to eat itself to get rid of a problem child?”
      Unfortunately the gNatz have even lost the ability to set the table correctly at such a gorgeous feast.
      I suppose they could use their hands a fists, just don’t invite the Lords and Ladies – or opt for chop sticks.

  4. Yknow what else. Far from creating the safest space for woman online, The Weka has, with her brand of hate towards, in her words, “left wing men.” Has further widen the differences. In contrast and it’s just a gut feeling woman should have no problem fitting in here. No left-wing man that I know wants to send woman back to the kitchen. Where’s the choice? Where’s the independence? Well it’s at TDB. LMFAO!!!


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