Tony Gibson has to be sacked


Community leaders threaten action if Auckland port bosses don’t resign

One of the presenters this morning of a letter demanding the resignation of Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson has promised to take the call to the “next level” if necessary, with protest action.

Shane Te Pou, a former Labour Party executive member and former union organiser, is one of three community representatives who will deliver a letter to the port company at 10am demanding Gibson resign, following a damning independent health and safety report released before Easter.

The others are Tau Henare, deputy chairman of the Independent Maori Statutory Board, and First Union leader Robert Reid.

Te Pou said they are also calling for the resignation of new port company chairman Bill Osborne, if he doesn’t ask Gibson to resign.

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Let’s be clear, the report into safety at the Port is just so damning, the only conclusion is to sack Gibson.

Th Union hating Tony Gibson has done everything in his power to ostracize and silence the Union. He has actively ignored their concerns, he has overseen an incentive scheme that endangers workers and has refused to lower speeds limits in the Port.

His claim that he is staying on to fix the problems he ignored is just outrageous!

If your Doctor had ignored your concerns about being incredibly sick and then after becoming incredibly sick, then demanded to remain on as your Dr to do the surgery, you’d tell them to go jump!

Look, this isn’t a private company, it’s owned by Auckland Council, the public ethos demands leaders who are going to put health and safety first.

It is untenable that he remains.

Where is the accountability if Gibson is allowed to stay on?

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  1. Prices are rising. We just can’t afford this level of incompetent fat controller in the logistics chain / chain of responsibility.

    • From that comment, I take it all you care about is money. How about rephrasing it to we can’t afford more loss of workers lives at the ports of Auckland before worrying how about how much your worthless junk costs.

      • Yknow what I’m not even mad. Australia recieves most of the overflow from this stupid cunt. Seriously your irrelevant shit is just funny to me

  2. “Tony Gibson has to be sacked”
    You can’t do that @ Martyn! It might set a precedent and then the whole neo-liberal house of cards might crumble. Think of his children FFS! Think of the egos that might get bruised.
    Then there’s all the others running on bluff, bluster, marketing and spin.


  3. Yes Tony Gibson has got to go. No ifs, buts, when’s or excuses. No more reports, reviews or delays.
    He is lucky he isn’t being hauled over the coals. This culture of profits no matter what, to davey jones locker with the rest of them, ceo’s attitudes of collecting 6 or 7 figure salaries and acting like they are rockstars while the poor souls at the coal face die in blood sweat and tears has got to stop. Ports of Auckland is really starting to reek of the nasty blatant disregard for worker’s safety and lives like pike river.

    3 deaths at POA is 3 too many.

    My worry is if he goes what incompetent, narcissistic ego driven maniac will they bring in to replace him.

    • @Control denied – thank you. Fantastic comment. Your very apt statement – “He is lucky he isn’t being hauled over the coals”, begs the question – why isn’t he being hauled over the coals? Surely he has to answer to someone and that someone should have initiated an investigation or whatever employers do.

      I agree that 3 deaths is 3 too many. Even one death is one too many. I am a student and not a lawyer but I question why Gibson has not been prosecuted under the law about health and safety in the work-place. Look at what has happened with the Whakaari White Island tragedy and the number of people and organisations that have been charged there. I don’t understand why Gibson and the Ports of Auckland haven’t been charged.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment.

      • @youngsuffrajet
        White island was an excellent opportunity for the do nothing prime minister to have soundbites of her caring and gravitas broadcast around the world. POA has nowhere near the glamour. Also it would mean forcing neolibrel Phil to actually do something, not just say something. The real question here is where were the meerkats when these people were dying???

    • Don’t replace him. Get rid of the COO’s they are useless. Bring back the old system with just Auckland Council, elected councillors and workers in council who actually know what they are doing and are employed to go out each day and do their job well. (And come home alive.)

  4. No accountability is one of the prime foundations on which neoliberalism is constructed.

    Another is outrageously high payouts to incompetents when they foul up so badly they have to go, plus the opportunity to join another organisation as a director/advisor/consultant.

  5. The CEO class are heroes of capitalism, bestriding the Earth like titans, far above us mere mortals. They are not accountable to you, the media, shareholders, and certianly not to the expendable working class. All hail Gibson, maintaining the time honoured tradition of plutocrats everywhere.


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