Of course NZ is lagging behind in Covid vaccinations – duh!


Chris Bishop and David Seymour are in a frenzy over our incompetent Health system not vaccinating enough NZers…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern defends lag in New Zealand COVID-19 vaccine rate

The Prime Minister is defending a lag in the rate of COVID-19 vaccinations, highlighting how New Zealand is not in as desperate a situation as some other countries. 

The Ministry of Health published statistics about the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in New Zealand on Wednesday, showing the number of jabs administered so far sits at about 95 percent against the Government’s plan. 

Nearly every other country in the OECD is now ahead of New Zealand with their COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, with just Japan behind us. It’s got National “deeply concerned” for Kiwis while ACT worries about whether we’ll meet our targets. 

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…this is the underfunded NZ public health system we are talking about here!

Did everyone just forget about the Measles epidemic they oversaw?

Government inaction left door open to measles outbreak: Ministry of Health report

Measles outbreaks that put New Zealand children in intensive care before likely spreading to Samoa where children died could have been avoided if the Government heeded expert advice and closed immunity gaps fuelled by a racist health system.

…none of that has been fixed!

The Covid vaccination roll out will be just as wretched and until we start funding health properly it will remain so.

If we aren’t going to tax the rich and the corporations properly to fund public services, you can’t be shocked when this public services fall over!

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  1. But the purpose of NZ is to enrich banks, corporations and opportunists, Martyn. So the agenda is being met quite well. Government handouts, subsidies, tax exemptions…

    I don’t think it mentions anything about the welfare of the populace in the handbook ‘Management of NZ Inc.’, that Jacinda abides by.

    In fact, in a brief moment of honesty, the National government removed all the welfare aspects of the Local Government Act 2002, and in 2012 replaced them with ‘construction of infrastructure’. So it really is old news.

    • So long as health, education, welfare, public housing, defence and so on and so on is taken care of first, wealthy people should in my opinion be rewarded for boosting and maintaining high levels of growth and productivity and wages.

  2. “The Prime Minister is defending a lag in the rate of COVID-19 vaccinations, highlighting how New Zealand is not in as desperate a situation as some other countries.”
    This is why Hosking doesn’t want her back on his show – no straight answers!!!! So instead of of getting stuck into him, you should get stuck into Jacinda and her govt for answers, like he does!

    • “No straight questions”!!!!!!
      Hosking is a right wing nutjob, but carry on supporting him as his opinion carries the weight of a dozen or so.
      Hundreds of thousands would be dead and our country overrun with immigrants and people on $5 an hour if the son of John Key was running the show.

      now he has apologised to Barry Soper. I bet that was like swallowing a cup of cold sick.

  3. So we are lagging behind in vaccinating, whip- de- do. What concerns me more is the MIQ slip ups and the high risk countries with people still coming back with the virus intact despite the pre- testing regime which seems to be useless and highly ineffective. And are we keeping proper tabs on people leaving and coming back with the virus and who is paying for their quarantine when they do this as its not fair if us tax payers are footing the bill when they choose to tiki tour.

    • Planes leaving Australia to Auckland do they have international passengers from hi risk areas transferring onto the Air NZ flights in Sydney,Brisbane… at present ..are they keeping passengers from low risk areas separated from high risk areas.? or is it a jolly mix up ..

  4. We don’t even know whether so-called vaccines actually provide sufficient protection to make them worthwhile; nor do we know the medium-term and long-term side effects.

    It has all been done in a rush so that global corporations (or in the case of some of the ‘vaccines; local corporations) could make money. There’s nothing like $10 to $30 (US) to bring in the billions of dollars very quickly).

    On the other hand, numerous other killers -tobacco, alcohol, air pollution, water pollution, industrially-produced ‘food’ (and the diabetes it causes), poverty etc. get close-to-zero attention.

    • “We don’t even know whether so-called vaccines actually provide sufficient protection to make them worthwhile; nor do we know the medium-term and long-term side effects.”
      True @ Afewknowthetruth
      However, to have done nothing would have been Trumpian.
      FWIW, whatever the means, I’m pleased various people have got together to come up with possible solutions – or maybe only potential solutions.
      As soon as the gummint can get its shit together for a vaccine rollout, I’ll be first in.
      At the moment though, I seem to have shifted from a Category 2 to a Category 3 between the two times I’ve visited ‘offiical’ websites. Which is a bit weird, because if I could easily leave the country, I know a place in that “shithole” 3rd world where I could be vaccinated within a day or two

    • After a lifetime of being pro-vaccination it is a shock to suddenly find myself labeled an ‘anti-vaxer’ or even ‘denier’. If covid is stopped at the borders then there is no rush to push mass vaccination of a substance that will not finish trial work until 2023, and is only approved for emergency use only. It is an experimental medicine in an approval classification only approved for situations where someone is in imminent likelihood of death if they do not have the treatment. This is not the case in NZ where covid is not rampant in the community.

      It is most likely that these vaccines are safe and effective. But it is possible they may have side effects so damaging that covid will seem like the good old days in comparison. I see no reasonfor the majority of us to use them in NZ before the safety trials finish in 2023. Lawyer Sue Grey is presenting a court case suggesting the use of these vaccines is actually illegal under NZ law.

  5. Add poor, ineffective and useless self serving elected governments to your list of numerous killers list please Afewknowthetruth.

  6. “Nearly every other country in the OECD is now ahead of New Zealand “.

    We are only seven weeks in. Within the OECD nations, vaccination rate is generally proportional to death rate. With a toll of 26, people shouldn’t be surprised that NZ hasn’t acted with the haste of nations in Europe and the Americas. We are in a group with Australia, Japan and South Korea at the bottom of vaccination and death rates.

    We are not using the potentially blood clotting AstraZeneca, nor did we need to give legal protections against civil lawsuits to vaccine producers like they have in the UK. Other countries get to be the guinea pigs, we don’t.

    The test will come when we ramp up to cover the general population in July. But for those who want the borders open immediately, any vaccination rate is too slow.

  7. I have just spent 10 days in hospital for a blood infection. I was never sick enough to need help from the nurses thank goodness . The medical staff were marvellous but so stretched that some in the ward were in pain or needed toilet attention for far too long.
    My stay proved to me that our medical services could not have coped with a major outbreak and I understand why this government has been so over the top, with stopping covid. I am not blaming just this government as the underfunding goes back years.
    There are so many areas need fixing in different parts of the economy that we need new ways of raising money or except a lower standard of living

      • Thank you Bert . I reckon if we sat down for a beer there is a lot we would agree with but the pathway may be different.
        Now at home and being cared for by Nurse Maud with antibiotics through a PICC line for next 6 weeks. Starting to feel stronger but very tired.

  8. LOL. Can’t wait till the weekly numbers roll out. This will be Kiwi build and 1 billion trees over again. Don’t worry – the Blairite has told the feckless ones to not worry about inconsequential issues such as this.

    Oh look a non-vaccinated border worker just caught covid. I repeat a NON-VACCINATED border worker. I’m sure the brains trust of the Blairite, Grunter, Squealer and St Ash are working on their spin right now.

    • Or the 10 Bridges or narrowing the wage gap with Australia LOL, that was the Ponytalier and the Double Dipster spin, spin, spin Frankie. Don’t lose sleep Frankie, the P.M. will keep you safe at night.

      • how bout they are both part of the problem and both are so blinded by their idiotic biases that they can’t do right by the country.
        today a little 8 month old baby with a cleft palate, who at two month was bashed into permanent deafness by a relative was told to wait another 4 month to get that cleft palate looked at, to have her checked to see if maybe a cochlar implant could give her back hearing and the likes.
        Jacinda is keeping no one save. You can’t even go to the hospital for a standard bog check up or cleft palate surgery on a baby, cause we don’t have the resources, the staff, and so on and so forth.
        Fuck covid, we don’t need covid to cripple our healthcare system, our kinder and gentler bullshitters do that for us by refusing to fund it.
        Oh, and can’t you see the few nurses still left in NZ leaving the country to OZ for better pay and cheaper houses…..Cause i can.
        Labour/National, both the problem and neither one is part of the solution. Useless fucks all of them. The pox on all of their houses.

    • Yes our health dept opted for USA vaccine at $40 a dose while the Russian vaccine is $18 or less and just as effective. A cool $100 million of financial incompetence.

  9. I was wondering , seeing as this “vaccine” seems to actually be a “gene therapy” gust how it relates to the process of genetic engineering. So I googled “covid vaccines and Genetic engineering” and the first result that Google presented said ” Yes 1 some covid Vaccines (all of them in circulation) are genetic engineering agents; Get over it! And then went on to say why that’s all right .
    We don’t allow GE crops to be grown here, why are we fighting over the opportunity to be be genetically modified ourselves?
    I will not be getting this injected into my body under any circumstances. It is not a vaccine as we know it. It is a completely different approach and it is wildly experimental. If you object to GE foods how can you contemplate the alteration of your own genes?
    D J S

  10. I don’t even like taking a panadol but I have concerns about the speed the vaccine was produced, the new strains of this virus requiring another stronger vaccine, the vaccine effecting our immune system, the false sense of security some medicines give people, the groups of people who cannot for health reasons take the virus, the long term effects, the open borders when and if we achieve herd immunity what ever that maybe as really does anyone know. We still don’t really know where this virus came from. So with so much uncertainty why do we really need to rush the uptake. I think we just need to be more vigilant and people need to use their common sense. Some people are trying to jab us all so they can flood our country with more people to suit their own financial gain. Too many people have hidden agendas and want to return to a so called normal life. I work in public health and too many NZers are using pills for everything. We have a take a pill mentality in this country and pharmaceutical companies are creaming it.


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