It is not surprising that there is support in South Africa for the Palestinian people, because of the harshness South Africans endured  under apartheid. South Africans see a parallel between what they went through and what today’s Palestinians have to endure. 

There is also support for the Palestinian people among African Americans. Both  are subjected to  violent militarised policing. Jewish Voice for Peace has released a document, Deadly Exchange  discussing how American police forces learn from Israeli law enforcers. 

But why is there support in Ireland for the Palestinian cause?

What do  the Irish and the Palestinians  have in common? 

A friend of historian David Cronin’s, informed him that Churchill sent the Black and Tans to Palestine. As the Black and Tans had been particularly ruthless in Cronin’s home town in County Dublin, he decided to research Britain’s role in the formation of Israel. His research led to his book  Balfour’s Shadow, about the role of the British in determining the fate of the Palestinian people.

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The support in Ireland for the Palestinians has to do with historical memories. Both peoples experienced being treated cruelly, contemptuously,  by British colonial regimes.

Historical memories are a powerful force.  

David Cronin’s book Balfour’s Shadow, A Century of British Support for Zionism and Israel, Pluto Press 2017,  won high praise from historians and journalists including Robert Fisk, “ Perhaps the most dramatic centenary account.” 

In November  1917,  Arthur James Balfour , British Foreign Secretary at the time, wrote to a short letter to Walter Rothschild, “an aristocrat and committed Zionist.”

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s government , the following declaration of symphathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to , and approved, by the cabinet.

‘His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.’ 

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Arthur James Balfour  

This short letter, now known as the Balfour Declaration,  is seen as the beginning of  Britain’s huge role in the formation of Israel . 

Why did Balfour make such a commitment for Britain and for that matter under what authority, are two of the questions Cronin’s book investigates.   As Chief Secretary in Ireland, Balfour’s  violence earned him the nickname Bloody Balfour.  As MP , he pushed for a tough ‘alien’s bill’ to allow Britain to refuse entry to Jews fleeing Russian pograms.

Balfour’s Shadow is not just about what took place in 1917. Cronin  researched colonial office files, foreign and commonwealth office files. His book  follows the history of the relationship between Britain and Zionist groups from pre-mandate times to the present, from  the December 1917 British capture of Jerusalem through to Theresa May’s declaration of ‘pride’ in Britain’s role. 

David Cronin, who is Irish, explains that he was motivated to undertake his project after being told by a friend that Churchill had sent the ‘Black and Tans’ to Palestine. 

The American historian Howard Zinn has explained why reading  history is so important. “The past is past, “ he agrees. But, “ The important thing is what does it tell us about today…and about what we might do in the world?  There’s a present and a future reason for going into the past.”

In other words, what has happened in the past, casts a long shadow over what is happening today. Hence, the book’s title, Balfour’s Shadow

Lois Griffiths is a Human Rights Activist.


  1. Only reformed AFTER Hamas/Hezbolla/Iran agree to Israels right to exist Sam, but I will not hold my breath for that, so status quo it is then!

    • I have zero issues supporting a 1 state solution. I’ve thought that through and satisfied myself that it can work with the proper amounts of cohesion.

      Can also concede that a 2 state solution, even if that’s what Palastinians want, would be an over the horizon long term and terrible destructive path.

      One state solution for me thanks.

      • Goes to show how utterly delusional you are. Jews as a minority in a state ruled by Arabs? Will NEVER happen, and the 2 state solution is just as dead.

          • I’m the realist; you lot are the spiteful, hate-filled whiners for whom six million dead was not enough.

            • Six million?????????? That’s the figure quoted in the late 1890, in the early 1900 and many times since. Do your homework Gaby.

              How many Palestinians have lost their lives and left children in despair and it is still going now and for the last 70 + years..

              You want to quote deaths the don’t be shy, or don’t you know.

              Ireland was also a target for genocide with over 60% of the population wiped out by Cromwell’s murderous campaign killing men women and their children.
              After that came the famine with at least a million deaths and another million lost as refugees many of whom died. All that from a tiny population.
              Can you experience just a little empathy for those who are victims and their loved ones.

              • Funny really. The Jewish ‘French’ Coffee Club wanted to repatriate their compadres to the UK, not Palestine. The Poms needed a mobile compliant army on the ground to take over when they left.

        • “Jews as a minority in a state ruled by Arabs? Will NEVER happen”
          Seem to have heard that sort of racism before. Maybe from Ian Smith:
          “No African rule in my lifetime,” he said. “The white man is master of Rhodesia. He has built it, and he intends to keep it.”
          Here’s a quote to bear in mind Gaby:
          “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. – MLK
          Gaby’s sentiments belong in the 18th and 19th century colonial era – now universally recognised as an evil akin to its precursor, slavery.

    • Im R
      So does Israel exist as an unoccupied state and is it within the borders set down by the original UN agreements after the British mandate was pushed out by Jewish forces funded by a giant banking cabal.
      Whats Hamas/Hezbolla/Iran got to do with Israels annexation of Palestinean land.

      Or is Israel playing victim again which the world see as ridiculously hypocritical.

  2. Always ignored by the ‘anti-Zionists’: ALL he Allies, including the US, and the LON ratified Balfour.

    “The Balfour Declaration was not the isolated act of one nation. It was approved in advance by the Allied powers whose consensus then constituted the only source of international legitimacy. Before Balfour signed his declaration, leaders and statesmen of other democratic nations signed their names on similar letters and assurances. The Balfour Declaration anticipated a world regulated by a consortium of principal powers—the same world that, 30 years later, would pass a UN resolution legitimating the establishment of a Jewish state….The poetic simplicity of the Balfour Declaration resides in its presumption that a home for the Jews in their land needs no justification.”

    • Do your homework properly Gaby! Once again you are obviously attempting to derail an informed book review.

      Since you didn’t cite your source, here it is, ( Of course, Jewish Virtual Library in a Zionist propaganda seeding site whose missional subheading is “Anything you need to know from Anti-Semitism to Zionism”.

      Now here is some reading of work by the academic, Martin Kramer, who was “quoted” on ‘Jewish Virtual Library’. These links provide enlightened and non-propagandist information and dispel the JVL quote you provided. ( (

      • Article 95 of the Treaty of Sevres.

        “The High Contracting Parties agree to entrust, by application of the provisions of Article 22, the administration of Palestine, within such boundaries as may be determined by the Principal Allied Powers, to a Mandatory to be selected by the said Powers. The Mandatory will be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2, 1917, by the British Government, and adopted by the other Allied Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

        You need more than homework, ant. You need remedial learning.

          • Wrong again, brewsie.
            “It is essential that we protect the truth that formal recognition of Israel as the Jewish national home became binding international law not in 1947 or 1948, but in 1920, when the resolutions of the San Remo conference were included as part of the Treaty of Sèvres (August 1920), and were adopted and signed unanimously by all 51 countries of the League Of Nations.”

            • “Rejected by the new Turkish nationalist regime, the Treaty of Sèvres was replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.”
              – Encyclopedia Britannica.
              If memory serves, the Lausanne treaty does not mention Palestine and, in any event, all those old treaties were cancelled by WWII.
              It has always puzzled me as to why Zionists seek justification for their ethnic cleansing in these old treaties and documents, most of which have been confined to the dustbins of History since colonialism began to be recognised for the arrogant evil it most certainly is.
              If it were not for Zionists claiming loony fundamentalist Balfour’s letter to Rothschild as a founding document, it too would have disappeared as the self-contradicting blathering of an effete racist it most certainly is for “Zionist aspirations” as clearly stated by Herzl et al are incompatible with “nothing should be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”.
              That latter condition negates any Zionist claim to legitimacy bestowed by any document that references it.

            • More of your bluster and bullshit Gaby. You provided this: “It is essential that we protect the truth that formal recognition of Israel as the Jewish national home became binding international law not in 1947 or 1948, but in 1920, when the resolutions of the San Remo conference were included as part of the Treaty of Sèvres (August 1920), and were adopted and signed unanimously by all 51 countries of the League Of Nations.” Where did this dodgy quote come from as it didn’t even come from the discredited blogsite reference you referenced and was not included in numerous sites that were searched.

              As for your link, it is as credible as most of the cherry-picked rubbish you post! Note: “The treaty’s signatories were stripped of their citizenship by the Grand National Assembly, led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,[8] which ignited the Turkish War of Independence. Atatürk led the Turkish nationalists in the war to defeat the combined armies of the signatories of the Treaty of Sèvres. The 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, which superseded the Treaty of Sèvres, ended the conflict and saw the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.” (

        • Again I ask you Gaby but you cannot reply evidently. What part in the negotiations did the native Palestinians have in the take over of their land, villages, homes and holy places, by outsiders.

          • What tosh. The jews bought the land, swamps, marshes, deserts that no one wanted, and made them flourish. That’s when the Arabs from surrounding states poured in. As for desecration of holy places, Israel has always been hugely tolerant of all races and creeds, unlike the Palestinians.

            • “The jews bought the land, swamps, marshes, deserts that no one wanted”
              You are confusing Zionist PR fluff with the reality.
              Arthur Ruppin was the Zionist land agent 1907 – 1943.
              From his article “Buying the Emek” – in his words, “the largest fertile plain of Palestine”, about half of which was at least partially irrigated.
              “It has often been asked why the Zionist Organization has chosen the Emek for settlement purposes, and has neglected the coastal plain, which is suitable for plantations of all sorts and for orange groves in particular. This question can best be answered by pointing out that the coastal plain has not been neglected at all. Since 1910 the Palestine Land Development Company alone has acquired 70,000 dunam in the coastal plain between Gaza and Haifa; and when we count the plain of Acco the total mounts to 135,000 dunams. This notwithstanding the Zionist public has heard much more of the purchases in the Emek Yizrael than of those in the coastal plain — largely because it was possible to buy large stretches of land at once in the Emek, while in the coastal plain only small parcels of a few hundred or a few thousand dunams could be bought at one time.”

              Ruppin was rather scathing of Zionist agricultural abilities:
              “It is difficult to find among the Jews the right sort of human material for agriculture”

              The trope “Jews made the desert bloom” is easily dismissed by reading the British “Survey of Palestine” 1946.
              On the eve of the partition resolution, Palestinians were producing:
              92% of Palestine’s grain
              86% of its grapes
              99% of its olives
              77 % of its vegetables
              95% of its melons
              more than 99% of its tobacco
              60% of its bananas.

            • There was no “pouring in” of Arabs.
              “From analyses of rates of increase of the Muslim population of the three Palestinian sanjaks, one can say with certainty that Muslim immigration after the 1870s was small. Had there been a large group of Muslim immigrants their numbers would have caused an unusual increase in the population and this would have appeared in the calculated rate of increase from one registration list to another… Such an increase would have been easily noticed; it was not there……..
              …..The argument that Arab immigration somehow made up a large part of the Palestinian Arab population is thus statistically untenable. The vast majority of the Palestinian Arabs resident in 1947 were the sons and daughters of Arabs who were living in Palestine before modern Jewish immigration began. There is no reason to believe that they were not the sons and daughters of Arabs who had been in Palestine for many centuries……..
              Some areas of Palestine did experience greater population growth than others, but the explanation for this is simple. Radical economic change was occurring all over the Mediterranean Basin at the time. Improved transportation, greater mercantile activity, and greater industry had increased the chances for employment in cities, especially coastal cities… Differential population increase was occurring all over the Eastern Mediterranean, not just in Palestine… The increase in Muslim population had little or nothing to do with Jewish immigration. In fact the province that experienced the greatest Jewish population growth (by .035 annually), Jerusalem Sanjak, was the province with the lowest rate of growth of Muslim population (.009).
              – The Population of Palestine: Population History and Statistics of the Late Ottoman Period and the Mandate, by Justin McCarthy

    • “leaders and statesmen of other democratic nations signed their names on similar letters and assurances”
      This is extremely interesting Gaby. Please provide a link or reference to these documents. I know several Historians who, not having heard of these letters, are keen to take a look.

    • C’mon Gaby you missed out listing the consultation with the people the land was being taken from and it was taken with brutal force.
      Nothing justifies that.
      So your homeland diatribe is very misplaced. The majority of those who shifted to occupy Palestinean land, were not natives of the area but they forcefully displaced the natives with typical colonial and particularly British colonial style shown in many places of the world, and now thoroughly discredited.
      A state that is founded on oppression and murder of indigenous people tends to go on acting in the same was. Take the USA as another example.

  3. “‘Twas down the glen one Easter morn
    To a city fair rode I.
    When Ireland’s line of marching men
    In squadrons passed me by…”

    Well now, it just goes to show if you stay in one place long enough, everyone comes past. Happy Easter, over there.

  4. A very good informative post Lois ,,, A knowledge of History is the last thing Israel want’s ,,, then people would be aware the issue is about stolen land and displaced people ,,, a injustice maintained by the violence of reprisals ,,, much like the nazis would burn a church full of villages / civilians for any casualties they suffered from resistance fighters ,,, and the use of collective punishment.

    That violence would inevitably be needed to maintain the Zionist project was foreseen and warned about to the usa Govt , when they conducted a census / survey /feasibility study of the middle east in the early part of last century ,,,

    so If Hamas disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow the ongoing criminal actions of Israel would not change ,,, the longest / oldest population of refugees will not disappear and neither will their resistance and quest for justice.,,,.

    Plucky little international law flouter and war criminal Israel IS the problem. ie;
    ‘URGENT: 2,100 Palestinians To Be Ethnically Cleansed From Jerusalem’


    Regarding the Brits and their Black and Tan counter-insurgency / violence ,,,, unfortunately the dirty Brits roped in and used Anzac troops for quashing independence / self rule ‘Arab
    Springs / popular peoples movements ‘ in both Palestine and Egypt.

    World War One did not run from 1914 to 1918 as we have be taught ,,, although that was the ‘moral’ or justified part where we beat the hun ,,,,

    The ongoing militarily use of Kiwi and Aussie soldiers during 1919 ,, so the Brits could rule and exploit the conquered people in their Empire ,,, is barely acknowledged ,,, . I believe Chris Trotter may have written a good article about a atrocity committed by Anzac soldiers,,, when our troops killed most of the adult males in a Palestine village as collective punishment for a fatal robbery.

    Our troops wanted to come home after all they had done and been through in WWI,,, but they were told then that there were not enough ships to take them ,,,,, and it’s still official military history now.

    Personally I think there’s no room on the ships excuse is bullshit ,,,, and there would have been a bit of spare space from up to 18,000 ‘war horses’ NZ sent to WWI ,,, and were mainly shot in the head or otherwise killed after their service ,,,,,, with only 4 making it back to NZ.

    And it was just a lucky coincidence that we were there for the Brits using military force to quell a independence revolution , ,,, with a few military massacres to ‘restore order’ ,,,, and we also enforced rule and order by means of floggings and incarceration ,,, I wouldn’t know which punishment was used the most ,,, but you don’t have to feed them to flog em,,,, or have cells and guards.

    The British in Egypt were basically looting and asset stripping from a poor people,,,

    ‘Dirty War’ would best describe their operations against the Palestinians ,,, who Churchill compared to dogs.

  5. cmon gaby , you’ve got your Harvey weinstein script writers glasses on ,,, and the reading skills of a one eyed deviant ,,, you missed this bit ,,,
    ,,, ” it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,”

    See how the evil clown netanyahu is disgracing himself more than normally in the Israeli electoral farce ,,, 4 elections in 2 years ,,, He’s doing deals with Heroes of Israel who make Harvey Rapestein look like a saint. ….

    ““The fact that Netanyahu is doing everything to push Kahanists and terror supporters who glorify Baruch Goldstein into the Knesset is a national disgrace. He has no shame,”

    gaby says terrorists “get what they deserve ,,, in Netyahoo’s Israel ,,,that would be political representation

    “Poster of a terrorist

    It’s hard to exaggerate the extremism of Ben Gvir’s views, past and present.

    In his teens, Ben Gvir led the youth wing of the racist Kach movement founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane until it was outlawed following the 1994 massacre by Kach activist Baruch Goldstein of 29 Muslim worshipers at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.”

    Netanyahu’s New Normal

  6. In 2017 the Palestinians demanded an apology for Balfour from the British Government, which quite rightly pointed the way for them to go, and the Centenary celebrations went ahead. Bitching about Balfour is like trying to abort the baby after it’s been born. Anti-Zionists fall into the same pitiful camp. Must be awful to know that all that you haters have committed to is so futile. Heh heh.

    • Gaby, you appear to have read the article and must have noticed the caveats, admitted failures, the position of the UK Government on settlements and its commitment to the two state solution. As usual, when you have expected to be caught with your propagandist hand in the cookie jar you ended your comment with your childish, “Heh heh” again. Grow up!

  7. Ireland has a long history of persecution of the Jewish people, nurtured, of course, by their all-powerful Catholic Church. Their most reprehensible act was their refusal to take jewish refugees on the eve of WW2, Jewish men, women, and children who subsequently perished in the Holocaust.
    i suggest that the Irish support for the Palestinians stems from their shared history of brutal terrorism. The great irony is that many of the Black and Tans who served in Palestine, punishing Jews more than Arabs, were Irish, recruited from the Royal Irish Constabulary.

    • Gaby now you are bending Irish history for your own ends.
      “were Irish, recruited from the Royal Irish Constabulary.” – RUN BY THE ENGLISH.

      Many Jewish appointed land holders of Irish land stopped food grown on Irish soil from being given to the starving Irish families as well as the Jewish and English merchants exporting that food grown on Irish soil with Irish labour to be sold in England.

      The Irish generally are not racist having been persecuted by English and others for over 700 years, but they have long memories. Where was the Jewish support for them when the Irish families were starving to death. Many Jews held high office in England as well as Parliament.
      They with others sided against the Starving Irish

      The Irish support for Palestinians is because of the stark injustice which they well understand, quite the opposite to your statement.

  8. More of your propagandist ill-informed and evidence free blogsite opinions! The first is ostensibly a book review that uses slippery language to obfuscate. For example, “Mistake #5: ….No! It just said ‘territories’. Not ‘all territories’.” Not having a copy to establish that in fact Cronin said, “all territories” it is accepted. However, neither did UN Resolution 242 state just “Territories”. The text states,
    “(i) Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from TERRITORIES OCCUPIED in the recent conflict;
    (ii) Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.”

    As for ‘the old apartheid canard’ you refer to, the apartheid state issue has been explained on numerous occasions on this site. Apartheid isn’t just, “not letting them swim on certain beaches or anything like that”. Using de Klerk’s own words, “you have Palestinians living in Israel with full political rights,” gives a convenient smokescreen when the vast majority of Palestinians in Israel do not have any rights and are under Military Law. Even those who supposedly have political rights are stymied, as they have absolutely no political influence in the Knesset. (

    Your links are as dodgy as a pole dancing hippo again Gaby!

    • Holy Hell Gaby, really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, aren’t you. One Kuwaiti equates to the millions who hold opposing opinions!

      By the way, since your comments and links are now on rotate, when will we see this one again.

  9. Holy hypocrisy, atom ant! That’s rich coming from the worst stuck record and bottom scraper in the business. Of course, you reject any evidence or data that doesn’t suit your prejudices, but you never come up with any solid counter arguments (because you don’t have any). You are intellectually dishonest, like all your sad, small, insignificant band of haters.

    • It’s implied, ant, it’s implied. Too subtle for you, though. Reply to the salmon: you, ant, Bravery etc are all intellectually dishonest. You hide behind a facade of ‘human rights’ activism whereas, in fact, you are just good old-fashioned antisemites. Keeping up with what’s happening in Myanmar? Or the other 120+ territorial disputes worldwide? How about theslaughter of Christians in Nigeria? To name just a few ‘human rights’ crises. Honour killings of young muslim women? Muslim female children forced to marry old men? Forget it, eh? No Jews involved.

      • There is no way anyone is reading what gaby has to say and going yknow what. Fuck the Palestinians, Israel needs to kill them all, gaby.

        • Correction: it is the Palestinians, both Hamas and Fatah, who are committed to genocide of the Israelis, and have been for over 70 years. Read their respective Charters. That’s the core problem with you desperate racists. To support your false narrative you have made the oppressors into the victims. This fools nobody; that’s why you’re a designated bunch of fringe idiots.
          Today is Yom Hashoa and we remember the 6 million murdered. Of course, for you and your ilk, that’s nowhere near enough.
          Never again. Stand strong, Israel.

            • Yeah, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? Especially when you’ve been masking it for so long. I never cared for any of your opinions, at any point, because I’m on the right side of hIstory while you pathetic losers thrash about trying to post-natally abort Israel, the world’s one tiny jewish state that takes up 1/800 of the land in the ME. You know, if you extrapolate the population of Jews in Roman times to the present day, there should be about 200 million, but because of the ‘good’ Christian folk and the racists there are below 15 million. Really makes you think,,,or, in your case, maybe not.

          • Give up on the shitfuckery Gaby! Criticism of Israel’s Zionist right wing government and opposition to your extreme racism are not grounds for your repeated pejorative and erroneous statement, “Of course, for you and your ilk, that’s nowhere near enough.” You wouldn’t have the guts to say that face to face, especially since some of us have family members who fought Nazism at great personal cost. Also, while you are at it, note that per head, NZ had the highest military death toll in WWII. Yes, it wasn’t just Jews who died, so did their protectors who were part of the 75 million people who lost their lives.

            Moving on, “Never again” isn’t a sentiment that is exclusive to Israelis or Jews. In fact, the way things are shaping up in one of the the more unstable right wing trending democracies in the world, you need to be less worried about those you erroneously and carelessly label as ‘anti-semitic’. You should be more concerned about where your propagandist paymasters are heading. The Zionist trajectory is leading to increasing numbers of non-Israeli Jews who no longer buy the sort of bullshit you spiel.

    • Somehow this became attached to the incorrect Gaby comment!

      There was really no need for the latest readings from your propagandist reading list, there is plenty of objective material available from far more reliable sources. As well as believing that those who are not apologists for Zionism are anti-semitic, do you also really consider that anyone who takes exception to Zionist human rights abuses are also Jew-hating holocaust denialists? If so, you are again demonstrating a very disturbed understanding of reality.

  10. I find you use of the compound word ‘shitfuckery’ interesting, ant. Does this indicate a scatological fetish, perhaps? Shades of Mozart. (That allusion will be lost on you). I find this with the Looney Left that their physical perversions reflect their mental perversions. Of course, resorting to obscenities is also a sign of a desiccated mind that can offer no solid rebuttals. To sum up another poorly written piece from Griffiths: there is no apartheid in Israel, Israel’s legitimacy in International Law is incontestable, and who gives a fish’s tit what the Irish think.

    • “Give up on the shitfuckery Gaby!” obviously referred to YOUR ‘scatological fetish’, but reading comprehension was never one of your strong suits. Good to see you extended outside your usual Zionist propaganda bubble for once though. Obviously you did a bit of research to discover something about Mozart.

      1. an extreme degree of nonsense, especially when coming from an authoritative figure (or rabid propagandist).
      2. bullsh-t
      I can’t deal with this bureaucratic sh-tf-ckery anymore.
      The process by which your brain is f-cked and you are not worth sh-t.
      This f-cktard has a bad case of sh-tf-ckery!

  11. Ant says “NZ had the highest military death toll in WW2” What???? Now you’ve proved you’re barmy. The Red Army suffered the highest death toll, approximately 11 million ( some historians claim a higher figure). Comparing deaths in combat with genocide requires some pretty extensive mental gymnastics. Ignorance of history is the Left’s trademark weakness.

    • That’s total bullshit. You, Gary, literally wouldn’t be able to say half the stuff you’ve said here without the inquisition going in on you. You can only say what ever because Martyn and Chris Trotter defends your right to say it. Have some respect for yourself you fool.

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