Political Bombshell! Judith faces policy coup 



This is bad…

National MPs vote against Judith Collins, Shane Reti on fluoride policy in rare move for caucus

Newshub can reveal yet more discord in the National Party, this time over fluoridation – in an extremely rare move, MPs voted down the leadership on a key health policy. 

The Government has proposed making Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield responsible for fluoride in water to protect Kiwis and their kids’ teeth, rather than the region-by-region approach. 

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National’s leadership, Judith Collins and her deputy Dr Shane Reti wanted National to oppose the proposed changes, believing it to be an overreach. But the caucus disagreed and voted the leadership down. 

…firstly, what lunatic is going to go against taking fluoridation of water out of the easily spooked councils reposnibility and handing it to the unflappable Director-General of Health?

Anti-Fluoridation of water is the non-binary cousin of anti-vaxxers and a not too distant relative of Qanon 5G conspiracy theorists.

Removing this from regional control to the Director-General of Health is an intelligent decision that should be applauded.

Judith and Shane however tried to manufacture this into some bullshit freedom of choice issue and it has backfired so badly that their own Caucus has turned on the decision.

This damages Shane more than it does Judith, because he’s suppose to be the voice of reason in that Leadership team.

This is the first drum beat of a leadership challenge that will come to fruition before Christmas.

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  1. Bomber don’t dump all these people into one little bundle that suits you. I am deeply opposed to fluoridation of our water, I am very pro a sugar tax, I am deeply opposed to 5G and what it does to the micro organisms in our soils etc.

      • ALL will be explained @ Powerman. The interweb is being searched in earnest, and I’m busy rustling together a few of my old crystals – which we know are used in electronics – to show the various characteristics in the relationships between frequencies, radiation and the natural vibrations that occur in the human body and various other microorganisms.
        That’s not to say of course that if we carry on with our current use of the cellphone, the human head could develop a rather lopsided look to it.
        It’s proof positive that we should all be very very wary of vaccinations and flouridation.
        By the way, I think we need to look into the possibility that one plus one MAY not equal two. It keeps me awake at night, and so far I can’t find anything when researching on the internet. I’m pretty sure there must be some conspiracy at play.
        This could become the biggest issue facing the planet and personkind, letalone the micro organism

      • Just google and you will see the papers that have been written about the harmful effects of 5G including micro organisms at the cellular level. We don’t need it and we shouldn’t get it just because we can.

    • Michal, yet you dump on Bomber because he believes in something just as you do. he believes in fluoridation, are his beliefs any different to you having a belief. I believe in UFO’s having witnesses one whilst travelling with two others, yet others called me delusional yet have never witnessed seeing one.
      I just don’t believe Judith is opposing this other for oppositions sake. I believe Judith has fallen into the Bridges trap of barking at every parked car Labour has parked.

      • On this matter I agree with you Bert. Anyone would be barking mad to oppose floride I do not understand why they took this stand. For years councils have had to waste money fighting those against floride introduction which has wasted money and time that could be better spent. I am not a great believer in government control but in this instance it is the right call. I think the whole 3 water system has been the poor cousin for so long as pipes under the ground moving water and poo are not glamorous

  2. This is Tova interviewing her own keyboard. An example of a bought & paid for media, to the tune of a hundred million dollars, delivering the goods to its new owner.

  3. LOL. Disgruntled, marginalized known MP leaks to Tova. Big deal. Beltway politics (at best). National remain in a fucking mess because fish rot from their heads. The caucus is a symptom not a cause. Grassroots there is a movement however this will make a couple of years to flow through.

    That said – the name of the game in Western politics is too look less shit than your opponent. You lose not win elections so don’t get too excited about this Bomber. The worm is beginning to turn, even the feckless ones are starting to feel the sea change.

    Imagine spending 100B and have nothing material to show for it

  4. Oh but Martyn! It’s DOKTOR Shane for starters! The gNatz Pied Piper.
    And haven’t you heard?
    Dental health will be able to be delivered over the 5G network as soon as they work out frequency ranges needed to ensure that they are in tune with the natural vibrations of teeth as they sit in the body.

  5. Chucky is about as appealing as a warm flat beer and as genuine as a $2 Shop Rolex Watch.

    She’s only the Latrine Rodent Party leader because they are so bereft of other viable options. The bald God Botherer is just waiting in the wings to roll Chucky when his other rats inform him he has the numbers. His biggest problem is the fact his type of politician / party leader is already at least a decade past their use by date.

  6. Meh,… I was brought up on tank water and I’ve still nearly got all me chompers at age 58…worked in the bush on the dams and part of that was the water filter plants in Titirangi, where they dumped sackloads of the shit into the drinking water…

    The only issue I’ve got with fluoridation is it taste’s disgusting, and I can tell every time they’ve dumped a new load in. Especially at night and after rough weather for some reason…

    I don’t know, I’ve heard arguments for and against so I reserve judgement. Possibly a big part of so many children’s dental health issues is the crap load of sugar and lack of veges and the like today. Everything’s laden with sugar as a preservative.

    It would be interesting to go back in time if you were a dentist and observe the dental health of the pre European Maori and how they got on with no fluro -whatsit in their water. Just sayin’.

    As for politicians,… their bickering and squabbling is a great big fat yawnfest.


  7. Notice Dr Reti’s private members bill legalise marijuana was quitely killed just over last week with no mention from anywhere much. The commonsense approach is not sensational enough and his fellow natz voted against undoubtedly cheered on by the evil Chris Luxon who has a policeman’s uniform in his closet and moonlights as a nurse in station. Over flouridation:https://www.google.com/search?q=effects+of+over+fluoridation+in+water+in+africa&rlz=1C5CHFA_enNZ704NZ709&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjvs5jKi9jvAhUBwjgGHdCuDvUQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1400&bih=678#imgrc=y50zcO8rRShT7M
    if luxflakes grabs Judith’s office it’ll be more than gas turbines being stuck on air nz planes and burning out and the whole fleet slightly shrinking and displaying signs of dementia

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