For the love of God – it’s not the racial profiling that is the bloody problem!!!!


This is outrageous…

Police using app to photograph innocent youth: ‘It’s so wrong’

Across the country, police are approaching innocent young people, photographing them, collecting their personal details and sending it all to a national database. But why, and what impact is this having on rangatahi?

…Comrades, we go down a rabbit hole here if we start framing this as ‘it’s racial profiling’ because then the bloody debate becomes ‘is it racial profiling, or is it not racial profiling’ and that completely allows the cops off the hook here!

It is fucking unacceptable no matter if the kid is white, brown, black, yellow, red or purple! It’s not the race profiling here, it’s that it is happening at all!

Cops use 14-16 year olds as part of an informal intelligence net that breaches all legal responsibilities to protect teenagers from police power!!!!!!

Yes a cop can take a photo in public, any member of the public can do that, but that isn’t what is happening here – cops are engaging with teenagers without informing them of their rights, without policing in their interests and without any legal protections for the kid like a Child services office or an adult guardian!!!!

This is a grotesque abuse of power on par with the Stasi tactics the cops used to take DNA samples from teenagers over a decade ago…

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Police face new claims of intimidation over DNA

More allegations have emerged of the use of police intimidation to obtain voluntary DNA samples, involving a Pacific Island woman and a Pakeha high school student.

Both people are considering a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority. They follow statements this week from Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, who attacked police for allegedly targeting Maori youths for DNA profiling.

Mr Harawira has been talking to six or seven families and youths about laying complaints with the Independent Police Conduct Authority, involving 15- to 17-year-olds being pressured into giving a DNA sample.

Yesterday a 24-year-old Pacific Island woman, who did not want to be named, told the Herald she had been pressured into giving a sample at Auckland Central police station earlier this month.

…I’m betting that Police are still manipulating those DNA rules!

What the cops are doing here by photographing and interrogating kids for intelligence is NOT policing by consent, it is policing by acquiescence.

The Police are purposely manipulating the grey zone of interrogating and photographing teens by abusing the trust the Community gives them to police us.

How are we ok with Police abusing power as nakedly as this? Because it descends into an argument over ‘is it or is it not racist’ which always lets the cops off the hook!

Screw that!

Folks, comrades, brothers and sisters, the bloody cops shouldn’t interrogate kids of any race!

Full stop!

Let’s not even play the race game here, teenagers require legal protections as a matter of civic rights, REGARDLESS of their race!

This informal policy by Police must be immediately amended! Teenagers must be informed of their legal rights the exact same way Adults are! MORE SO because they are teenagers!

Kids need extra rights, not less!

How in Gods name have we allowed this situation to eventuate?

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  1. I do not think it’s as devious or complex as it appears or as widespread. The police are simply not that smart. It’s a relatively easy fix for all citizens, just require legislation to photograph an individual but only in certain circumstances.

    But right now you have a generation of young cops who are of the generation who photograph their trim coconut soy latte because they can. Police Facebook pages are full of such mindless fluff.

    But they are, as cops, told to look out for potential crime, it’s what cops do. That translates into “Intel gathering”/”prevention” that has wrongly morphed into photo shoots. They all have iPhones that all have incredibly good cameras. It’s that easy. But for anyone going about their normal law abiding business, the state photographing you just in case, is very East German.

    And honestly under Andrew Coster I am surprised any attempt at anything relating to policing as we’ve known it is happening. And I am sure he probably quite unaware and will stamp this out as he rightly should.

    But…Youth crime IS a major issue and pretending it isn’t does not help either. The little darlings who fall between the yawning cracks of most normal good young people, the adult criminal justice system and the weak ineffective youth system are a nightmare for society. Ask anyone whose car they use to go to work in, to earn an honest living that’s been stolen and destroyed by one of them, whose home has been invaded, whose business has been wrecked, whose life has been irreparably damaged by them or those left to pick up the pieces of a love ones whose life has been taken.

    Youth crime is responsible for a large volume of police work here and overseas. That equals ordinary people being victimised by youth criminals. And ordinary people derserve more rights than youth criminals. Giving some of these criminals even more licence with even more rights, to ruin others lives is also not the answer.

  2. I saw woke policing in action yesterday 80+ cops all lined up around the canal rd property protecting a gang of thugs and its owner, hacking down native trees. I videoed one constable that wanted to manhandle an 80-year-old who he saw with a knife while she was pairing an apple. He approached her and asked where the knife was, she said I put it back down on the table. When they could not find the knife the constable wanted to arrest her and then she was surrounded by other police all yelling at her wrt where the knife was. As it turned out one of the voluteers had put it away but it was the sheer over-reaction by a young police officer who wanted to make a name for himself in front of colleagues. I tell you what Ive always known the police were corrupt, racist full of arseholes but I got to have a good look at all the new recruits and they are eager to start arresting and harrassing citizens for any minor infraction. This is not how democracy works and taxes being paid to the NZP to protect the interests of private property owners and the gang of thugs he bought with him is a ffn disgrace. This is Jacindas NZ, distressed citizens (people who are born here and ae tangata whenua) watching their country being destroyed and handed over to scum bag property criminals for development of lovely new million $ apartments ready for all the rich new immigrants waiting to get in here once the borders are open. Fuck her and fuck labour.

    • That is appalling. In particular the 80+ cops helping fell native trees, and going over the top about an elderly lady with an apple! A lot that is wrong with NZ in this snippet!

  3. Have I said this before…? Serious question?
    AO/NZ is, at it’s darkest inner workings no longer ours. I thought that was kind of obvious?
    Our politicians are merely managers and staff to whomever has the most millions and billions. And they’re not necessarily AO/NZ’ers. peter ‘Lizard Man’ theil is a New Zealand citizen ffs. Has anyone asked the Ministry of Immigration what the fuck that’s about?
    But that’s known as a ‘capitalist democracy’. We’re as free to be as imprisoned as we need to be to make sure we keep working for their wealth creation.
    Right now? Your prison walls are made of debt that no one in their working lives can ever pay off. Try and break out of that prison why don’t cha?
    The police will be under instructions to create a data base of any up and coming rebel miscreant so as they can be speedily recognised and dealt with accordingly.
    The greatest fear that our slave masters will have that keeps them awake at night will be if some dynamic leader person rises up out of the banksters shackles and aggressively challenges this awful, maddening, dangerous, creeping stasi-capitalism.
    Vote? Mandatory. If we stuck together, they, wouldn’t stand a chance. And They know that. It’s a dangerous shame you don’t.
    You really think that as the police take photo’s of kids that it seemed like a good idea at the time kind of thing to them? I bet not. I bet it was an action to test the waters. To see how we feel about such a fascist approach. To see who leaped up and down, and how high. I think it’s called ‘gathering intelligence’.
    BTW? I read a post by Chris Trotter who railed against The Left. We should be mindful of how we interpret the concept of ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in politics.
    I think political Left and Right narratives can be redefined as being Left=frail human beings while Right=greedy, power-craving arseholes.

  4. The cops regularly film – video film – people legitimately taking part in public protests. That is also wrong. And as the inquiry has been widened then this something I will be writing to the inquiry about.

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