Auckland is lucky to have Efeso Collins leadership & vision during Covid


In times of crisis, leadership is tempered.

One of the rare wins in this cursed pandemic has been the rising leadership and vision of Auckland City Councillor, Efeso Collins.

His constant focus on the people of South Auckland and his championing of a more equal Auckland makes him one of the rare leaders on the Left who actually has a popular following beyond being on a Billboard next to Jacinda.

He is a unique talent and his ability to put the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us first and foremost has made his opinion on Covid in South Auckland the most informed.

He rightfully pointed out the language barriers and Auckland DHBs appalling lack of community outreach to help explain what is happening in South Auckland at a time when the rest of country are wanting a public flogging.

He brings insight and oversight and has reminded the rest of Auckland that it is only as affluent as the poorest part of the City and that when South Auckland flourishes, the rest of Auckland flourishes as well.


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  1. The interesting thing is that without all the impoverished, neglected underbelly of NZ society dutifully turning up to work as caregivers in rest homes, as cleaners and trolley-pushers in hospitals, as road repairers, as food processers etc., the ‘upper’ echelons of NZ society would quickly grind to a halt.

    • @ AFewNtt.
      And that, be extension, means that the arrogant elite are simply exploiting the meek. They’re no different though, after all. We’re all one and one, we are all.
      I think it’s time for the meek to be less so though.
      Boldness and arrogance are powerful logical fallacies to wield against those rendered timid by ‘the system’ or the high jacked ‘state’. ( Does that make sense..? )
      It’s all a bit Prof Stanly Milgram.
      There was a case study where-by a charming fellow took twenty or so minutes to murder his girlfriend in front of a growing crowd of shocked, and in shock, on-lookers in broad daylight in NYC back in the 1960’s, I think it was. The cops were resigned to the lack of intervention by the crowd as being a lack of care but really it was a state of dismay and surprise at the gruesomely public unfolding events which caused people to freeze to the spot and so rendered unable to attempt intervention.
      When we’re faced with a brazen act to derail our politics for the profits of one or two greedy arseholes and we don’t resist, it isn’t that we don’t care, it’s because we don’t know HOW to BEGIN to act.
      We who come here don’t seem to know what to do next. Myself included. We can only look on as arseholes plunder our good nature and our extraordinary resources.
      Dear old Stan.
      If you’ve ever wondered where Sasha Baron Choen ( And his brother.) got their inspiration from then here’s a link.
      Know thy enemy springs to mind.
      “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle.”
      Just sayin’.

  2. What is really tragic is how trapped these people are. They cannot EVER afford their own home because Jacinda has pushed prices up to exponential levels. They cannot even save up enough to move to Australia because every spare penny goes to the parasitic landlord. No wonder the Labour party tried to stop the mental health charity from telling the desperate truth. These people are trapped and have no future. Its so much worse now because they voted for Jacinda because she promised to set them free. She gave them hope but once in power all she did was add a few more padlocks to their jail cells. Absolute sickening Betrayal.

    • John Key pushed the price of houses up – he created many millionaires from doubling house values. He made me a multi millionaire with my house as I made as much from rising house values as I did by sitting on my arse at work. It was the land values rises that has stopped young people affording farms and new houses. Only wealthy people will ever be able to afford houses.

    • What a load of rubbish and clearly you don’t have a clue about South Auckland and why would they want to go to Australia? Not everyone that lives in South Auckland is poor. Many that live in South Auckland, particularly Papatoetoe, own their own homes and some are even landlords.

  3. He sounds like a standup guy! Looking at that photo…that tosser next to him does nothing for Auckland.

  4. Angry Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tongue lashes Covid-19 cases for ‘letting down’ team of five million

    Who let who down?

    The buck stops where?

    The incubation period for Covid-19 is 14 days, the Prime Minister and her Cabinet lifted the lockdown after only 3 days and left it up to individuals to ‘self-isolate’ for the rest of the incubation period 

    This was a serious abrogation of leadership.

    It is all very well for the Prime Minister to ‘tongue lash’ some south Auckland families and individuals of limited resources from her bully pulpit.

    The government need to take some responsibility for their actions.

    If the Papatoetoe Highschool. the Gym, Hunters Plaza, Kmart and MIT had been still closed under level three lockdown, hundreds would not have been exposed to possible infection.

    In less than 6 days if the outbreak is still not contained will the government lift the lockdown?

    Will the economy be put before public health?

    Will the Prime Minister Ardern continue to scape goat south Auckland families for her lack of resolve in fighting the spread of the virus?

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