What is happening in Texas right now is a glimpse of our collective climate crisis future


Global warming creates climate crisis.

It makes the weather irregular and extreme.

As the planet super heats, this is going to happen every year in multiplying cascade events.

What we are seeing in Texas right now is a glimpse of our collective climate crisis future

‘Texas’ electrical system was “seconds or minutes” from collapsing and plunging the state into the dark for months, the power grid’s operators said Thursday while defending their decision to initiate controlled outages.’

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…our infrastructure isn’t built for these kinds of extreme weather events which is an extra reason why we need to radically adapt.

The current political spectrum in New Zealand can not radically adapt fast enough to adopt the changes we must make if we are to survive the climate crisis. It will require a radical Political Movement that elects a Party to implement Fortress Aotearoa…

  • Move away from intensive farming and look to become domestically self sustainable in terms of food.
  • Immediately ban all water exports
  • 5 year Parliamentary term.
  • Upper and Lower House (Upper House 50-50 split between Māori & Pakeha that can hold up legislation if unhappy about Treaty issues)
  • Massive investment into R&D from Government with the understanding research is to benefit NZ first before sold offshore.
  • Large scale increase in Navy, Army & Airforce.
  • Mass limiting of tourism numbers with increased tourist taxes.
  • Only citizens can vote.
  • Sustainable immigration and an end to exploitative migrant workers.
  • Resettlement Programms for all pacific island neighbours.
  • Increase refugee in take to 10000 per year
  • Fully funded public services.
  • Mass Green housing rebuild.
  • 100% renewable energy for entire country.
  • Massive tree planting across previous farming land.
  • Wholesale re-write of state services act to end commercial values.
  • Investment into basic pharmaceutical production.
  • Financial transaction tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Multinational tax
  • Inheritance tax

As the climate crisis unfolds more and more people in fury will turn against the current political system too wedded to the economic profits margins of the polluters. It is just a matter of time before the NZ electorate rejects the limitations of the current political spectrum.

As what is happening in Texas starts becoming the norm, people will rebel against the limitations of the current systems of power.

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  1. Just waiting for the corporate shills and uninformed fuckwits to announce that the world was hotter last year, that it was much hotter during the medieval ‘warm period’, that CO2 levels were much higher when dinosaurs ruled the planet, that there is no link between atmospheric CO2 and the Earth’s temperature, that scientists have manipulated data to generate ‘false narratives’, that NZ only generates a tiny portion of global emissions so we need do nothing about emissions, that we haven’t given the ETS long enough to prove effective, that moving to electric cars powered by windmills will allow us to carry on as we have -consuming energy at a rate 100 times that of our forebears etcetera, etcetera. And most important of all: people are not prepared to change their lifestyles because they have the right to loot and pollute the planet, even if it destroys their own progeny’s futures.

    I nearly forgot the best Planetary-Meltdown-Denial argument: It’s been snowing, so the the Earth can’t be warming.

    • There’s certainly a link between CO2 levels and global temperature. 50x the atmospheric CO2 is dissolved in the ocean in a cascade of dynamically balanced compounds. This solution is extremely sensitive to small variations in temperature , so a very small increase in temperature of the ocean , like one degree c will drive a large amount of CO2 out of the ocean and into the atmosphere; like about 3x the present level as near as I can estimate , taking into account that the increased partial pressure of CO2 in the atmosphere will eventually reach a balance with the solution.
      fuckwit D J S

      • ‘like one degree c will drive a large amount of CO2 out of the ocean and into the atmosphere; like about 3x the present level as near as I can estimate’

        Wrong yet again David.

          • CO2 released by human activity will continue to increase atmospheric CO2 as the global economy implodes, and then people will burn whatever they can find….trees, plastic, old tyres… pushing up atmospheric CO2 and pollution in general whilst reducing the capacity of photosynthetic systems.

            Loss of Arctic sea ice -in the very near future- leads to a surge in temperature in the Arctic and massive release of CO2 and CH4.

            • And of the number of atmospheres worth of CO2 that would be released from the sea if it warmed by 1 degree C?
              Like in what respect am I wrong? Would it only double? Or would it increase 4x do you think?
              D J S

              • Please show the methodology for your estimate.

                The solubility curve is quite shallow.


                and though the ocean are huge, the rate of increase in temperature of the deep oceans is slow. So fast heating applies only to the top layer.

                The effect is miniscule compared to the effect of destabilising (eliminating) the ice cover in the Arctic and the destablilisation of permafrost regions, which contain humungous quantities of CO2 and, more importantly CH4, with a warming potential in time frames that matter of in excess of 86 times that of CO2.

                In other words, your theorising is just another red herring, not addressing the real problem, which is constant desequestration of sequestered carbon and release of CO2, currently at the rate of in excess of 40 billion tonnes a year. Plus the decimation of natural systems that store carbon. Plus the burning of forests and jungles and conversion to industrial agriculture, adding yet more greenhouse gases via the application of nitrogenous fertilisers. Nitrous oxide has a warming potential of the order of 190 times that of CO2.

  2. More extremism….yeah thats what we need….

    The power shortages in Texas are due to over investment in wind and solar, which are 0% effective in the current weather and letting the traditional power sources run down.

    If you think having a 50-50 split in the upper house will solve….anything your dreaming.
    Maori love farming and any other investment that will generate good returns. Just look at how big Nagi Tahu farming is.

    Nagi Tahu

      • Say his goal is malicious (which I doubt). Who cares, if he has good critiques I assume you’d wanna know them. If Martin was talking about health and a doctor reached out with a criticism, I wouldn’t care if they were an asshole (which he isn’t), I would just wanna know the critiques.

  3. People leaving California in an exodus to escape the wildfires and rampant homelessnes, high living costs and taxes are moving to States like Texas only to find hurricanes and slow storms. There is no escape from climate change.

  4. Next comes the Federal government asking the Federal Reserve to print a few more billions (or trillions) to pay electricity Texas bills and clean-up costs.

    ‘Outages Morph Into Outrage As Texans Slapped With “Mind-Blowing” Power Bills

    The rolling blackouts that plunged up to 15 million Texans into darkness amid a historic cold snap are diminishing by the end of the week. About 188k customers were without power in the state on Friday morning. Days after power prices jumped from $50 per Megawatt to more than $9,000, the horror stories pour in for those who had power this week during grid chaos as they are mind-boggled how their energy bills skyrocketed.

    None of these horrifying power bill stories below should be a shock as we described to readers in the piece titled “Power Bills To The Moon: Chaos, Shock As Electricity Prices Across US Explode,” that this would happen.

    Texans who were on a variable or indexed plans with power companies are only now reporting their bills have jumped hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars for the month.’


  5. I expect to see people there to refuse to pay taxes (after all there was no Federal help deployed in time) and focus solely on just getting themselves the basics.
    Remember, the pipes and possibly thousands of corpses still have to thaw, then there is the global food crisis which the power issues just added to. Brutal.

  6. Today in the Press is a list of schools that could be effected by sea level rise . In that list is a school in Redcliffs just next to Sumner which was opened 6 months ago. When they started the build 2 years ago the area was underwater and had to be pumped dry..
    If these are the government experts that are supposed to lead us to a better future then heaven help us.
    These “experts ” are the same if Labour or National are in power and you seem to be saying we should be taxed to the hilt so we can afford more of these so called experts
    No wonder you want to increase the armed forces because at some stage the common people will get as mad as hell and will not take it any more.

    • Oh, come on Trevor, we both know there is almost no expertise in central government, nor in local government, nor in the bureaucracies that supposedly serve them…other than expertise in avoiding responsibility.

      Policies are formulated on the basis of opinions and whims and rorts, and implementation is carried out on the basis of some insider making money out of a deal. None more so than CEOs.

      Cock-up after cock-up, after cock-up. That’s why rates go up and up as performance goes down and down.

  7. One of the most crucial factors (that gets close-to-zero attention) is the disturbingly low sea ice cover in the Arctic region.

    I see that in recent days ice has been MELTING when it would normally still be forming.


    Definitely a trend to keep a close eye on over the coming weeks and months.

    Once the last of the sea ice melts we’re are into a completely new climate regime. With no latent heat of phase change, all the absorbed energy from the Sun will manifest as increased temperature. And that will accelerate positive feedbacks, like the eruption of greenhouse gases from permafrost.

    Also, with the Equatorial-Arctic gradient further degraded and the Jet Stream containment further weakened, we would expect a lot more of the kind of events that have devastated Texas recently.

    ‘Interesting times’ just keep getting more ‘interesting’.

  8. Hi again Afewknowthetruth .
    The graph you have linked shows the solubility curve that would be relevant for the surface water. But 90% of the total volume is below what is disturbed by wave action , and the temperature of this 90% ranges from 0c to 3c. So the average temperature cant be more than about 3c or less.
    In the range from 0 to 10 degrees c the mass of CO2 that will dissolve falls from 0.34 g / 100g water, to 0.24. So assuming an even fall through this range , which will give a conservative answer because the temp is in the bottom of that range, it means a reduction of 0.01 g / 100g of water per degree of temperature change.
    Taking 0.34 as the maximum solubility , 0.01 represents almost exactly 3% of total. 3% of 50 atmospheres worth of CO2 is 1.5 atmospheres. So that would increase the present level to2 .5 times but for the increased partial pressure acting on the sea by the increased CO2 in the atmosphere so a doubling would look more realistic than the 3x.
    The deep sea is slow to circulate but it does seem to do so by the gulf stream /Atlantic conveyor moving north and keeping Britain warmer than it should be at that latitude, and sinking toward the arctic and moving south again at depth. This apparently takes around 800 years to cycle and presumably is responsible for the delay in atmospheric CO2 levels delay in following atmospheric temperature in the ice record.
    D J S

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