Can we keep this Ok Karen blackbelt in MIQ for another 28 days just to piss her off?


I laughed so hard when I read this story, you can actually close your eyes and just see her saying all this can’t you?

This is a 7th level Ok Karen blackbelt I’d like to speak to the Manager magic…

Woman kept in managed isolation after refusing Covid-19 test

Lucinda Baulch has been at the Grand Mercure in Wellington for 25 days while she waits for scientific evidence of the PCR tests safety and effectiveness.

The woman, who is a qualified vet nurse, said she had requested additional information from the facility – but had so far not been provided with any.

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Once presented with that information she would get a Covid-swab – but until then she could not give informed consent, she said.

“As someone with a medical background and knowing the importance of informed consent, for my own peace of mind I really need that informed consent, I’m entitled to it, it’s a right, it’s an obligation of the party offering a consent form. For me, that’s quite an important step.”

Baulch said the longest they could keep her in isolation was 28 days and once released she planned to take it to court.

“The New Zealand government is clearly very confident in the protocol they are using, and that’s fantastic, get me on the same page.

“Because if you can prove with evidence, I am a loyal advocate, that’s the thing, at the moment I just haven’t had the assurances.

“I was very surprised with the lack of response or attempt to provide me with the information.”

Baulch said she had seen research from Portugal where a court had ruled the PCR swab was 97 percent ineffective.

If there was strong scientific evidence that proved the theory otherwise, Baulch said she would consent to the swab.

She wanted to know if New Zealand was using the same test as was mentioned in the Portuguese ruling.

…unfucking believable right? Something she read on the Internet proves the Government are deceiving us all.

Of course informed consent is a fundamental human right of every citizen in a democracy but when someone is as delusional as this, how can she give informed consent?

What I find most disingenuous is her whole, ‘I’m just asking questions’ bullshit.

No she’s not.

Her insinuation is that the entire Government are wilfully misleading the whole country and needlessly testing tens of thousands of people with a test that doesn’t work.

You can’t reason with someone who believes the sky is green and it’s a reminder of why we must be prepared to enforce quarantine for those entering NZ who refuse to agree to our rules.

Can we keep her in MIQ for another 28 days just to piss her off?


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  1. Apparently there are a number of foster kids with her coming to NZ? Clearly that alone is bizarre, a bit more clarity in the story would be helpful!

    We seem to have so many people taking up MIQ places in NZ and coming here to live with strange stories, beliefs and motivations.

    Then there are all the absentee ‘Kiwis’ who gained citizenship under our stupid rules but don’t live here causing issues for those who do!

    Aka this guy who won’t say where is is living but parks his Lamborghini in disabled parking spots and appears to be owing money to others in NZ….

    “He said he had “concerns relating to the conduct of the receivership, which was partially terminated in December 2020, and the sale of assets during his absence from the country”.

    Peters pledged to return to New Zealand when able.

    “New Zealand is his home,” Nilsson’s statement said.

    It failed to answer questions about where in the world Peters was residing at present.

    Receiver Hollis said, more than six months into the receivership, he was unsure of what line of work Peters was involved in. “I can’t actually work out, other than owning nice cars and nice property, what his business actually was,” Hollis claimed.

    Peters has had a varied career to date and has variously been described over the past decade as an IT professional, car-importer, and property developer. In the 2020 electoral roll he lists his occupation as “student”.

    He fronted the launch of short-lived TradeMe clone Geta 2012, and in 2017 was part of an unsuccessful bid to acquire a block of parkland listed for sale by the Hibiscus Coast Community Returned and Services Association.”

    Or this guy with his own private island….

    A $22m private island’s luxury home trashed by squatters while owner overseas

    “Property records list Jun Zhang, a Chinese businessman, as the last registered owner of the island. One real estate listing last year said the “current owner has moved overseas for several years”. Attempts to reach his representatives in New Zealand were unsuccessful.

    In 2010, Wenning Han, a real estate agent, bought the island for $12 million. According to the OIO, there were two competing accounts of the transaction. In Han’s version of events, he bought the island with a loan from Zhang and later surrendered ownership to Zhang when he couldn’t repay the debt.

    The OIO considered whether Han was acting as a front for Zhang, who was a Chinese citizen at the time and someone who would need government approval to buy the island. After four years of investigation, the OIO said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute with a reasonable prospect of conviction.

    The island went up for sale in 2017 with an asking price of around $16 million. It was put up for sale again early last year by the agency James Law, according to property listings. This time the asking price was $22 million.”

    Great (sarcasm) to say NZ approves of giving away citizenship/residency to so many people who own houses and islands in NZ but don’t live here and their business activities seem somewhat non transparent! No problem though they have MONEY to buy residency and do their business dealings around the world as Kiwis and come back to NZ, operate businesses here and buy assets here as Kiwis!

    Another billionaire story fucking up other people’s businesses and making people redundant with business failures once they buy/lease the assets, asset strip them and discard them!

    I agree with Australia – NZ has there part to play in selling off NZ citizenship for peanuts to all and sundry and then they move onto OZ and cause trouble as ‘Kiwis’. The process has now made the ‘Kiwi’ passport a lot less welcome as anybody (shady business types as well as Jhandi brides) now seem to be displaying them after very short periods of time living here.

    Tired of all the MSM articles of all the foreign nationals who pledge to come back to NZ as they are ‘Kiwis’ and it’s their right to do what ever they want and come back to NZ whenever they want based on our short sighted pathetic immigration policies!

    Time it takes 10 years to get NZ residency, 20 years to get citizenship and those getting it have to extensively prove they actually live and contribute (in a transparent way with 20 years of NZ income tax returns, not just splash money about for a day) and are of good character to gain the Kiwi passport.

    Bring in OZ rules on benefits and voting rights to foreign nationals living in NZ!

    NZ is a laughable soft touch full of stupid woke and greedy officials rubbing stamping NZ benefits to the world while seemingly out of touch with growing poverty among their own nationals who they describe as drugged out and lazy publicly.

  2. I wonder why this woman was chosen to come here . If you look up her profile she is a stirrer in Australia who is against lockdown and made a submission against them . Perhaps a check should have been done before she got an entry permit

  3. I suggest we keep her in a confined space and continuously play Rolf Harris classics to her until she cracks and pleads to be returned to the ‘Lucky Country’.
    We then return her by sea in a container load of possums and magpies.

  4. I’d rather read David Far. Okar no I wouldn’t. All she has to do is co sult professor Google but now she’s gone way beyond her job


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