MEDIA WATCH: Hey Kris Faafoi, if you’ve finished being a useless Broadcasting Minister…


If Kris Faafoi has finished dolling out more money to The Spinoff and elite media echo chambers to regurgitate the same opinions from the same woke people, could we do something about the broken market of public broadcasting so a genuine fourth estate has the money for real journalism?

In my 5 point plan on public broadcasting, number 2 is...

2 – Tax Google & Facebook and ring fence that for direct funding of NZ on Air journalism fund

Google & Facebook charged a percentage on all revenue from NZ, that money is specifically ring fenced to a contestable fund available through NZ on Air.

And what have the Australians just done?

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Google agrees to pay Nine Australia $32m a year for news content

Google has agreed to pay Nine Entertainment Co in Australia more than NZ$32 million in cash annually for the use of its news content, in a major breakthrough for the search giant ahead of Australia’s introduction of new media bargaining laws.

Industry sources familiar with the talks, who spoke anonymously because of non-disclosure agreements, said Nine had signed a letter of intent with Google overnight for a deal worth more than $32 million in cash annually for five years. A final commercial agreement could be struck in the next fortnight and is expected to be substantially larger than the deal struck by rival network Seven with Google earlier this week.

Nine is the owner of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

The sources said the five-year deal is for use of news articles on a variety of different products such as Google News Showcase and Subscribe with Google, a product that helps news outlets engage with subscribers, but a revenue sharing deal for use of content on YouTube is not part of Nine’s arrangement.

After threatening to cut Australia off from Google, they rolled over when real legislative threats were made.

Handing out millions to the luvvies at RNZ and Spinoff and the Stuff Sisterhood of the travelling pants is easy, but actually challenging the broken market and making Google AND Facebook pay money for real journalism is far harder.

Try harder Kris!


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  1. Worse-than-useless, Martyn.

    Useless = having no use.

    This guy Kris Faafoi actively makes matters worse.

  2. “Tax Google & Facebook and ring fence that for direct funding of NZ on Air journalism fund”

    Why not include earmarking some of that for other forms of the media, such as print?

  3. Ummm I’ d just like to point out that useless Faafoi is also the Minister Of Justice. He has no legal training or experience. Does Jacinda think we wouldn’t notice? Not all pf us are thick.

    • Shona, that is what Labour think of justice. In a sea of MP’s who have legal experience they put the guy who doesn’t. It’s a good fob off, justice isn’t a serious portfolio, put the guy on it who trained as a journalist and was a former chief press secretary for Labour leader Phil Goff – so be assured he knows how to spin and 100% convert of the neoliberal system.

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