Marcus Lush winning is so far the best thing of 2021 


And it’s a win for the Lushy!

Marcus Lush wins Invercargill by-election

Marcus Lush has been successful in his bid to become an Invercargill City Councillor.

The Newstalk ZB broadcaster learned of his success during a phone call with the Otago Daily Times at about 1.30pm.

Voting opened on January 26, following the resignation of former deputy mayor Toni Biddle in October.

Votes for the by-election closed at midday today, and while the results did not include special votes, Mr Lush beat other candidates by securing 7003 of the 13, 991 votes counted.

Deputy Electoral Officer Michael Morris said Mr Lush received more than half of the votes counted.

As far as I am concerned, Lush is one of the most under rated cultural treasures this country has. I’ve ben a fan from the bFM days and find his humble wild genius makes him one of the best broadcasters and thinkers in NZ.

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Invercargill Council sounds like a nightmare, his addition can only make it better.

Good luck Marcus!

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  1. He has turned woke Bomber – The wokeborg has assimilated him. You are going to be disappointed with his actions just like your former babysitter.

    • MMMMMMmmmmm, not sure they have Frank the Tank. Time will tell, but I think his good sense of humour will keep liberalism’s latest fetish (woke) at bay.

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