MEDIA WATCH: Identity Politics Acolytes cheer Vodafones creepy corporate blacklist


Middle Class woke media giant Suff is beyond ecstasy that their campaign against Magic Talk has been picked up by Vodafone with the telecommunications giant drawing up a creepy corporate blacklist as to which media will get any of their enormous $45million advertising budget.

The woke be cheering because the code Vodafone has generated is drenched in Identity Politic virtue signalling to pacify any social media lynch mob, but what the acolytes don’t seem to comprehend is that we are allowing a fucking corporation even more power over our media sphere than the $45m advertising budget already gives them.

This code of conduct will also ensure any critical voices of capitalism who promote radical alternatives and any critical voices of the climate crisis who promote radical alternatives will also be blacklisted.

Vodafone doesn’t give two shits about you, they care about a light regulation environment in which they can draw monopoly profits from you fucking morons, and allowing them the power to quietly cut any advertising to anything that might ever risk that is a step in the direction of corporate plutocracy masquerading as woke ethics.

We have just green lighted a telecommunications corporation who already has immense power in the market even more power which in turn will ensure the most urgent and necessary voices on the issues of capitalism and the environment will be censured.

Watching the middle class Identity Politics woke collectively cheer this abomination of corporate censorship is gasp inducing.


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  1. Your side not mine.

    I wouldn’t get too despondent at some stage the worm will turn and it will be the corporates feeling the blowtorch either via legislation of consumer power. Scotty from accounts fired the first shot across the bow and look at the maggoty back down from Google. Corporates are the greatest fair weather players and at the first sign of pressure crack. The problem? People are in fear of them for no good reason.

    Boycott the likes of Wokeofone and see what their shareholders think in 12 months. Ultimately as consumer you choose and in most cases there is a good variety of choice.

    • Frank the Tank: “Boycott the likes of Wokeofone…”

      Vodafone is useless at administration, so I doubt that a black list of any sort will see the light of day. Or if it does, it’ll be full of mistakes.

      We got shot of Vodafone (or so we thought) last year, after we’d tired of the crap service. We hadn’t ever chosen it: our original provider was bought by Vodafone, without our say-so.

      In any event, we terminated the service in June 2020. We paid all that was owing, and our account was closed. We have an email to that effect from Vodafone’s customer care office.

      Has that stopped them sending us bleating invoices, claiming that we owe them X dollars? It has not. We’ve tried multiple times to stop these invoices, including sending all of them to head office, detailing our attempts. None of it has made a blind bit of difference: the invoices keep coming. Sigh….

      So I doubt that Vodafone will successfully organise anything.

  2. All under the watchful eyes of Team Woke…Jacinda and the Greens. Don’t look any further if you want to know where it all comes form. Folks, you ordered it, now eat it.

  3. Well said Bomber. Woke is so middle class and corporate because both dont want working class opinions to have any airtime. They’d rather have us argue about marginal nonsense.

  4. Vodafone, my internet provider, has been pissing me and everyone else off for many years. My mobile provider 2 degrees has never been a problem and just gave me a $20 credit for a problem that had nothing to do with them.

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