Australia keep dumping their problems here 


The latest example of the contempt Australia holds us in has once again erupted in the news with this case of an ISIS recruit who has had her duel citizenship cancelled and dumped on our door step despite her living in Australia since the age of 6.

Isis bride grew up in Australia – now they’re sending her to New Zealand

The imminent deportation of an Isis-linked 26-year-old woman has sparked fresh transtasman tension after it emerged she left New Zealand aged six and grew up in Australia, where her citizenship has been cancelled.

It means New Zealand is left as the only option for the deportation of Suhayra Aden, who is being detained in Turkey with her two children after crossing the border from Syria and the ruins of the would-be Isis caliphate.

We see this all the time with the 501s that Australia are exporting to us and are contributing in real time to a gang war that is igniting around the country.

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Australia see it as a way to get rid of people they don’t want but the vast majority of these people they are exporting back to us have lived their entire lives in Australia.

Sure, they were born here, but most of them left NZ when they were children, so any anti-social behaviours these people learn as they grow in Australia are a result of the Australian culture, NOT the NZ culture, so exporting ‘social failures’ caused by their society is outrageous!

NZ won’t be able to win any of this and the resentment will grow within NZ at how we are treated by Australia, that isn’t wasted anger because as the climate crisis burns Australia off the face of the planet, Australians will be scrambling to flee here.

On that day NZ should speak with one voice from the collective anger at the manner in which Australia has treated us and tell them the door is closed.

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better.

    We should end the special visa arrangement completely. Put in place immigration laws that any person who has left NZ for a continuous 5 years or more and identifies as a resident elsewhere, should cease carrying NZ Citizenship. Not unheard of elsewhere. The reason for such a move is entirely Australia’s doing.

    Honestly, Australia is the very last place I want to visit now I know they think we are a place for them to take a dump on. Fuck them.

    • +1 “Put in place immigration laws that any person who comes to NZ and gets NZ citizenship as a first generation citizen but has left NZ for a continuous 5 years or more and identifies as a resident elsewhere, should cease carrying NZ Citizenship.”

      They also need to put in OZ laws about welfare aka you can’t just go to OZ and get on social welfare as a new resident – they advertise the facts - in NZ they can’t wait to give more social welfare away to rich foreign residents from Kiwibuild to DPB to PHD’s to free pensions.

      • The whole situation of citizenship and residency needs a rethink – as I’ve reckoned once before. It’s become yet another commodity, and as we see, at times when it comes to the crunch, nations often don’t stick by their commitments.
        Thiel effectively bought his way in to NZ and has a habit of simply collecting passports.
        The Okkers used to complain about NZ being a backdoor to foreigners going to Australia – and on that basis started being complete arseholes. Brexiteers used to moan about much the same thing. They brought it on themselves.
        There’s a raft of issues that need to be considered.
        I used to be in favour of dual citizenship but the shit we’ve seen in various places around the world has caused me to reconsider.
        When we do allow residency and citizenship into NZ, we better be prepared to accept that they need to be treated with respect, and will come with what some think as ‘baggage’ – such as a wife or husband, and kids.
        We also need to make sure they’re not exploited in any way, and to severely sanction those that try to take advantage of them – from WHEREVER. IF its other immigrants doing the exploiting, they were obviously NOT of ‘good character’ in the first place. That should cause a review of their status. If it’s your born and bred Koiwoi, prosecute and penalise harshly.
        And then there are things like voting rights. As a NZ citizen, I imagine Peter Thiel has voting rights here, as do others who’ve decided their lives are elsewhere.
        I quite like the idea of the IOC (Indian Overseas Citizen), where they remain citizens and have the right to return, and protection of the state, just that they cannot vote – maybe after a couple of election cycles where its clearly evident they’ve been absent from the country and their lives and livelihoods are elsewhere.
        My point though is that the whole issue needs a complete review. And one thing I’m not particularly keen on is the way we’ve been reduced to seeing people merely as economic units – it’s a recipe for scamming people to come here (or anywhere) when we think we need them for some purpose (such as picking fruit, or building, or propping up shitty education providers), wriggling out of training people properly in the skills we need, THEN tipping them out when we think they’re no longer needed.

        • When Kiwi’s did the two year working holiday to the UK, they did not cry discrimination! We gladly took the exchange without asking for UK hand outs and said thanks.

          It is the woke combined with exploiter combined with Rogernoms that decry that anybody coming to NZ has to get residency and welfare or it’s abuse! Selling off NZ residency/citizenship and it’s access to free welfare and NZ voting rights is the abuse.

          No Kiwi can go to China, India, Philippines and anywhere else and have a child and be supported for most of their lives by their governments while getting your pensioner parents into the respective country for 1 million in free superannuation, free aged care and free health care.

          What NZ government policy is doing is absolute, lazy, stupidity and the locals are paying the price!

          • Which is not that much at odds with what I’m suggesting. And I suspect what you’re saying is based on your own ‘big OE’.
            When you went to the motherland, as with my own daughter – there was no expectation of citizenship or permanent residency. Only an expectation that when working and living, not to be exploited or ripped off.
            Now (in the case of my daughter), she did have various promises of sponsorship and other crap to try and keep her in the same employ for the duration, which thankfully she did not believe. Countless others weren’t equipped with the same smarts.
            Due to the exchange rate, she also managed to pay off the majority of her disgusting student loan. Had she stayed a little longer, she’d probably have had enough of a deposit to be able to ‘jump the queue’ for a deposit on a house on her return to lil ‘ole NZ that punches above its weight as well.
            Some of her contemporaries swanned in to the UK after her on the basis of their passport entitlements – either dual nationals or because mummy or daddy were UK nationals.
            As I said though – the point is that the whole thing needs review. NZ is being shat on, as are a number of other post-colonial countries and we’re being expected to just suck it up and deal with it.

            I’m not really that concerned with a few going on their big OE. For me it’s more about those that are coaxed here under false pretenses – ACTUALLY lied to; having the rules of the game changed on them on or after arrival to prop up our own shortcomings (i.e. we’ve not trained people already here in various “skill shortages” or because we want to get a big earn in things like an ‘export education sector’).

            And where we have done that, we expect those people to put up with conditions we’d not be satisfied with ourselves.

            There are some serious double standards going on, and they’re actually getting worse, not better. And most of those double standards are down to seeing people as economic units who should never have that same ‘baggage’ that we have ourselves.
            I can’t really have much sympathy for the bugger’s muddle we’ve created for ourselves – policies we’ve pretty much copied from our various colonial masters and dressed up as “best practice”. It’s far from best practice.
            Can you tell me how you feel about the likes of a Thiel and many many others, including absent property owners or people who’ve gained their wealth by way of ‘black money’ and exploiting others being able to influence our elections when they’ve shown absolutely no commitment or contribution – economic or societal – to the country?
            More often than not, they’re the real exploiters and those that are perpetuating it all. More fool ‘us’ for putting up with it.
            We did done it to ourselves, so let’s not get all high and mighty about how much better we are than ‘them’ that don’t deserve the same expectations and ambitions in life that superior old ‘we’ have.

            It needs a rethink. And I say all the above with an immediate relative who was born in the USA and who was just able to vote there and help get rid of Trump. SO I’d be quite happy for something like an IOC but with slight modification so that anyone born here always has the right to vote.
            I’m not sure however, why anyone who makes no contribution to NZ – economic, societal or otherwise has a right to vote while someone who spends years and years wiping geriatric bums in a ripoff corporatised aged “care” home has no power to influence their predicament through political representation.

          • Oh, btw – as I’ve also mentioned before on some other post way back when….
            How would you deal with another of my relatives?
            A 6th month old baby (born in NZ) taken to Scotland.
            28 years later he arrives back in his place of birth with his Scottish wife and two daughters – from memory on a tourist or some like visa because it was the most expedient way of doing things. And with a broad Scottish accent. When I first met him, I thought he was taking the piss.
            He says at the border he’s thinking of staying – whereupon Immigration official with broad pommie accent asks him to prove he’s a Murry.
            Using your criteria for who we should allow in, should just he be allowed and his wife and kids be told to suck it up and fuck off. I mean although he’s a darkie, they’ve got freckles ffs!
            I ‘spose he shudna got himself into such a pickle eh?

  2. So the revoking of one individual’s duel citizenship is a more pressing issues than over a million muslins in ethnic concentration camps is it, Blairite? Why don’t you take Danger Damien O’Connor’s and show “respect” to Australia. LMAO.

    The Blairite has had an emotional stinker here as these are discussions best held behind closed doors. Alternatively the relationship is as broken as it was under Muldoon which plays into China’s hands nicely as why the fuck you would start a political war with an ally over one individual with an extremely checkered past.

    The Blairite is lucky it’s Scotty from Marketing as PM rather than the mad monk or Dutton. Otherwise 150,000 would probably be deported back to (little) Aotearoa tomorrow. Nevertheless it’s likely Scotty play ducks and drakes with regards to the bubble in response and otherwise dicks (little) Aotearoa around.

    In fairness Australia’s policy has been in place for a reasonable time and is well known. The PM is demonstrating naivety and ignorance here and a little temper tantrum in front of her feckless 4th estate cheerleaders is only going to harden Australia’s resolve AND NOT persuade them to come to their collective senses. It was as pointless as a 2-year old protesting about bed time. 101 how not to manage foreign relations.

  3. Don’t blame OZ. Blame NZ government who seems keen to give anybody with a pulse a NZ visa that turns to NZ citizenship and take all the criminals that come here and give them compassionate stays.

    New NZ visa holders then have kids who become NZ citizens and go on to work in other countries as our wages are dire. The main object for new visa holders is to just citizenship for the family (generally takes less than 5 years) go off and then if you need social welfare like a free pension, health care or are a criminal, come back to NZ.

    As seen when a large amount of people taking up quarantine places in NZ, leave shortly afterwards to other countries. Government don’t seem to care.

    This guy was born in New Zealand but his family moved to Hong Kong when he was only weeks old, returned in late 2019 with fraud on his mind.That involved the man, who is aged in his twenties, renting an Auckland apartment near SkyCity casino, getting a New Zealand driver’s licence, and recruiting several “cash mules” to help set-up bank accounts to wash the stolen cash through the casino.

    More ‘quality’ citizens…

    Child abuser wins right to stay in New Zealand for humanitarian reasons

    Child abuse dad avoids deportation on humanitarian grounds to stay with family

    Iain Lees-Galloway chose ‘lazy’ option granting residency to drink-driver – Simon Bridges

    New resident convicted of sex offending twice, won’t be deported

    Judge’s difficult sentencing of a former refugee who won’t stop offending

    Rapist wins case to be allowed to stay in NZ

    Rich building boss guilty of immigration fraud after residency granted, loses court battle with Herald

    Guarded prisoner Uditha Punchihewa escaped from hospital toilet

    Bribes for driver licences: Deportation order issued for star witness

    Problem is with only 5 million people and an increasing number of criminals and high needs people with shortages of housing and anything to do with social care, the constant criminal demand has the ability to change NZ society for the worse VERY quickly.

    When will the penny drop for government that giving out NZ visas like lollies isn’t going very well as NZ begs for the shittiest people to get citizenship to victimise others here.

    • Sure, NZ provides a backdoor entry for many. That’s always been their worry. Some no doubt are unsavory characters, both NZ-born and migrants (or refugees) with NZ citizenship; others hard working folk who find the grass greener on the other side of the ditch; others like this hapeless woman having gone with her parents then making a poor decision to go off to support the ISIS cause.

      Whose fault? NZ for giving her parents citizenship in the first place? Her own fault for doing what in hindsight seems foolish – and most likely was at the time despite any true conviction she may have had? Aussie for not honouring her dual citizenship on account of her likely radicalization (and I suepect if she is still married any future legalities concerning her ISIS family)? I think JA is right to bring it to their attention. Blame aside, its human rights issue.

    • And another btw.
      “Iain Lees-Galloway chose ‘lazy’ option granting residency to drink-driver”
      As we know, I L-G was preoccupied, and like a number of others, suffered from PS capture. The best thing to be said about I L-G is that he was captured by an ‘official’ from the lower ranks (and I don’t mean in the sense she opted for the lower bunk because I’ve no idea what position she took)

  4. We still need to show some spine and stand up to the Aussie government. But basically apart from calling them out and telling them how we feel and pointing out the unfairness there is not much else we can do. At least Jacinda is not arse kissing like john key and national did for 9 years.

  5. it is a pity Jacinda does not get as angry about child poverty and the housing crises .
    It is pointless going head to head with Morrison on this issue as he only plays to the Aussie voters and he know the opposition sings from the same songbook

  6. This is what happens when:

    1. We don’t keep up our end of the defence bargain

    2. We profiteer on exports to China while Aussie is speaking out against Chinese thuggery

    • What complete bullshit.

      Australia is have been honing their anti NZ immigration policies for 20 years. Former Aussie PM John Howard and Natiional Party pin up boy started the ball rolling back in 2001, using us as their whipping boy. Its been accelerated under their beady eyed immigration minister Peter Dutton.

      Its pure repulsive red necked Aussie culture to shit on anyone but their own God fearing true white Australians. They are infamous for its throughout the Pacific too.

      • Yes. I was about 20 years ago when Clark scrapped the Skyhawks without notice

        Two weeks later in a meeting in Canberra she was informed NZers would no longer be eligible for benefits in Australia.

        What’s going around, comes round.

      • “Australia is have been honing their anti NZ immigration policies for 20 years.”

        Yep, and we’ve been bailing them out for just as long. Based on some romantic notion of an ANZAC spirit. Which if you watch Skoi Newz Stray Ya’s ANZAC day coverage, New Zealand is hardly ever mentioned.

        It’s just that they’ve run out of the various nationalities to “other” so NuZul’s the next best thing.
        Going back to the Snowy River Scheme, it’s been the Grecos, or the Spiks or Ities or bloody Leboes. And it’s always been those bloody Aboes.
        Thank Christ we never opted to join the so-called Commonwealth, and I say that as someone once having had Australian citizenship at a time when crossing the ditch didn’t even require a passport.
        Fuk ’em and all who sail in it. Bozo is correct. It’s a human rights issue, but it’s also more than that.

      • “Australia is have been honing their anti NZ immigration policies for 20 years.”

        Even longer than that, until the early ’90s you didn’t even need a passport to travel to Australia from here.

    • Australia would have done this regardless of our defence spending or our stance on China. It looks good domestically for Morrison, and he knows NZ can’t do anything about it.

      We like to see ourselves as equal with Australia, but clearly Australia do not.

  7. What is weird in my view, is that the mainstream media and woke are up in arms about the potential terrorist coming to NZ who was born here, but not a lot of concern how Tarrant from OZ managed to live in NZ for 3 years no questions asked, before blowing away 50 people with legal firearms. Have not seen any changes to visas from the large amount of visitors to NZ that can just stay here no questions asked – surely that is a huge problem that should be addressed (as well as our housing shortages from the above free for all policies).

  8. Australia effectively ditched NZ years ago, and this type of standover crap by them just adds to the argument for an independent NZ foreign policy and withdrawal from 5 Eyes. The only time Australia considers NZ is when as the US South Pacific “Deputy Dog”, they do the occasional grease up to keep us onside on “defence” i.e. US Imperialist plans.

    Previously I would not go as far as our esteemed Editor’s “Fortress NZ”, but I am sure leaning that way more and more since Climate Strike & COVID.

  9. Does anyone know if Suhayra Aden has actually done anything criminal? Has she personally taken part in terrorism? I think we can take it for granted that her children have not. Maybe we should find out more about her before getting too condemnatory.
    I do not normally get too enthusiastic about her with the big teeth but I acknowledge she speaks truth when she says the children should be the first concern.
    Are people surprised Scott Morrison is a prick? Oh come on, look at his track record.
    If everyday life we all have to deal with people who are arseholes. The danger is in this is contagion.

    • Another question would concern the nationality of the children. I assume they were born in Syria, the mother was an AUS/NZ national at the time of the births and the fathers were Swedish. So what nationality are the children and what rights does that give the mother? Can they be considered Swedish by paternity and does that give the mother a chance to claim asylum there?

  10. NZ Islamic Women’s Council only one’s talking sense…..again! Radio NZ website

    Australia has ‘moral responsibility’ – Anjum Rahman
    “They need to get their house in order” – IWCNZ spokesperson Anjum Rahman .

    Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand spokesperson Anjum Rahman told Morning Report that even if the woman was convicted, it’s unlikely she would have been radicalised when she left New Zealand at the age of six.

    “However her thinking was shaped, it happened in Australia. Her family is in Australia. We know that any successful rehabilitation and deradicalisation works better if there’s family support.”
    Anjum Rahman, Assistant Co-ordinator of the Islamic Women’s Council

    She said those who do leave to ISIS areas after becoming radicalised were often young people who are impressionable.

    “We do need to wait and see what the process is through the justice system in Turkey and what evidence they present and whether she’s convicted.

    “But regardless of all that, the fact she went to Syria at that time means that her thinking was probably not of the best and that needs to be dealt with,” she said, adding that rehabilitation would be in the best interests of the children.

    ABC also reported she had another child who died of pneumonia while in Syria. Rahman said various tough experiences would also mean there needed to be a plan in place to support her.

    “I understand the police are working deradicalisation programme, they’ve been funded to do that. That will need to be escalated to ensure that she’s not left on her own because that will be a bad outcome for those children, they need the best support they can get and that support will come from the mother.”

    However, Rahman said it would have been preferable for the mother and children to return to Australia. She said Australia has a big problem with radicalisation, with reference to past cases of Mark Taylor and the Christchurch mosque shooter. In 2019, ABC reported Taylor had lived in Australia on and off for 25 years.

    “They need to get their house in order. I don’t know if there’s any legal recourse or anyway they can be forced to take this woman but they have moral responsibility and one would think the international community would put pressure on Australia to take care of someone who spent a major part of their life in that country.”

    She said if the woman was left in Turkey then she probably wouldn’t get any support, leaving the children in a precarious situation.

  11. “Does anyone know if Suhayra Aden has actually done anything criminal? Has she personally taken part in terrorism?”

    No, I don’t know. But I suspect this is not the main issue. Aussie is quite rightly concerned with the national security risk posed by someone who has reportedly married/ had children to an ISIS fighter. I presume that’s a red flag – although as AO/NZ is witness to terrorism need not be instigated by a radicalized Muslem minority. She may well not be a threat. But the potential remains. I think the Aussies have pretty much made this clear. Hopefully it can be worked through.

  12. Australia has generously allowed Kiwis easy entry into Australia for a long time as a gesture of friendship. We get way way way more benefit out of the arrangement than Australia does.

    Unfortunately the result has been the emergence of a sense of entitlement by Aotearoa citizens.

    Perhaps Australia should temporarily suspend all privileges for Kiwis until Jacinda Ardern and supporters apologise and start showing some appreciation.

    • ” We get way way way more benefit out of the arrangement than Australia does”

      That’s moot. At least in one area. The statistics were once* quite clear cut that settled NZ immigrants to Australia were on average, higher income achievers than the average native Australian.
      * A decade or so ago anyway, I haven’t noted recent statistics.

      • That is because Australia offers higher incomes and standard of living for middle class professions. Plus the resource extraction industry paying 120k plus perks for scaffies willing to work in remote areas.

        So it is Kiwis who go there and get to make some decent money to either come back here with or they end up staying because it is so good.

        Australia does not have to do this for us, it is a generous gesture of friendship which is being abused by a minority of Kiwis and perceived as an entitlement by far too many including Ardern.

  13. Yeah were mates when it suits them then we are just a pawn in their domestic political battles when they need a common enemy to pick on and blame for everything that’s wrong with Australia.
    That is the extent of how much they value this ” special ” relationship ”
    The last National government encouraged and re enforced this bullying against our own people who left to better their lives with a chance of making it with decent pay and conditions and boy did the Ockers demand their pound of flesh in the form of federal and state taxes but no entitlements befitting an Australasian citizen an ANZAC brother with that special mateship they always wax lyrical about. Key did what he does best groveling to the Yanks or the treacherous Aussies. He was happy to use the many leaving kiwis escaping the oppressive neo liberal slavery he was all about protecting as a campaign issue in 2008 but soon forgot all that when Kiwis ended up prostituting their services with no safety net and stood by while Australia shit all over their so called brothers!!
    We stood up once against one of the most powerful countries on earth on the principles of our own independent foreign policy in 1985-87 and the sense of pride that stemmed from that has been like everything else sold and traded away. That is almost treason in my book.

  14. Time to send Scomo his Australian terrorist back to him?

    Or at the very least the Corrections bill for his keep in this country?

    OK so Scomo again wants to dump his problems onto us, alright, we agree, we will cover the cost of keeping an eye on this woman and the care and welfare of her children.

    On condition that Scomo agrees to take over the full cost of keeping Brenton Tarrant incarcerated here.

    Sounds like a fair deal to me.

    And if Scomo doesn’t agree to these very resonable terms? He likes domping his problems on us.
    Two can play at that game.

    Put the Australian terrorst Brenton Tarrant in chains on a one way flight to Aussie and dump him on them.

  15. ‘She’s done nothing wrong…she joined ISIS. Do we really need to find out more?’
    We had German immigrants in New Zealand who joined the Hitler Youth, Italian immigrants who were facists, Croatians who were in the Utashi( Croatian facists).
    They were allowed in because membership of these organisations did not mean they had done anything wrong just as being a Roman Catholic priest does not automatically mean you bugger little boys.
    Most of that lot are dead now but we have plenty of old Chinese who were Red Guards, South Africans who were in the Broederbond, Irish who were in Sinn Fein, People in the Masons, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Rotary Club, Lions and Mormon Church.
    Do you really need to find out what members of these organisations do or shall we just sling them all out?

    • Pleased to see you responded to the juvenile comment of Jaspida so intelligently. It is unfortunate that isn’t appearing as a reply Stevie.

  16. Be kind! As per the words of your prime minister.

    I’m waiting for your blame that the ISS terrorist is a product of “neoliberalism”. “Neoliberalism”…blah!

  17. In my opinion we are not angry enough.

    Who the hell does Scomo think he is talking down to?

    This is the leader who literally fiddled while Australia burned. Taking an overseas holiday in Hawaii at the height of the crisis.

    Throughout the covid crisis our Prime Minister has delivered a masterclass in leadership remarked on internationally.

    In contrast the lack of leadership shown by Australian Prime Minister during the crisis “spread confusion”. Morrison had to be almost dragged to act. Eventually pressure from the unions and state territory officials who had been left dealing with the crisis in a patchwork fashion, (when a coordinated Federal response was called for), demanded action from Morrison.

    Now this weak excuse for a national leader is posing as a tough guy on the international stage by standing over this deluded woman and her innocent children.

    If quietly presented with the deal above, this weak poser would instantly crumble and reverse his hardline position on this woman and her children.

    In the wake of such a back down, the Australian New Zealand partnership would become newly more respectul and equal to the benefit of both countries.

  18. The intriguing thing is that Scotty from Marketing is selling the line that Aussies aren’t big enough or capable of dealing with one young woman who was shaped in Australia. With confidence, one could predict a far better future for the young woman and her children as NZers.

  19. Regardless of this recent issue re the Aus/NZ ISIS woman and her two children, but has Scomo been approached in regards to NZ returning his terrorist fellow Aus citizen Brendan Tarrant back to his homeland to be kept for the duration of his hate filled life? Why should NZers have to fork out for Tarrant’s upkeep in prison? He’s an Australian citizen after all, who has committed one of NZ’s most atrocious crimes against our people. Pack him off back to Aus quick smart.

  20. I am surprised the PM is so stressed about this ISIS lady.
    There must be and have been countless similar Immigration entry problems to NZ.
    This straightforward NZIS case could be delegated to her Min.of Immigration.
    He may wish to use his extensive powers in granting her and the two infants entry to NZ
    They could then be part of the annual Refugee Quota that we process.
    Australia faces far more tough challenges from non documented immigrants than we do.
    Check out Kerry Ms comments too.


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