The GOP have become the QQQ


Jesus H Christ – what the fuck has the Republican Party mutated into???

Republicans Just Said They Won’t Punish QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Apparently, it’s fine with House Republicans if one of their members advocates violence and touts dangerous, racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories—so long as they do it before entering office.

This is the party of Lincoln FFS! It’s reported this Qanon cult member was given a standing fucking ovation from half the Republicans there!!!

After celebrating this political circus freak into their fold, they debated whether or not to dump Liz Cheney from GOP leadership for righteously declaring Trump should be impeached after his Orange Lives Matter Insurrection.

For the Republicans to welcome a Qanon cultist who believes a cavalcade of obscenities and twisted lies but seek to punish Liz Cheney for being honest shows a Party desperately untethered from the truth and that makes them deeply dangerous.

The full impact of the septic cancerous rot Trump represented to the body politic of America is still causing irreparable damage.

The GOP have become the QQQ.

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The QQQ are like the KKK but way dumber.


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  1. America’s dysfunctional two party system has trapped the GOP. The Republicans know that they do not have the numbers to beat the Democrats without Trump’s mob or moving towards the centre. Anyone that even has a veneer of centricism about them is snuffed out by internal lynch mobs. So they’ve signed up to the political equivalent of a death pact.

    The only glimmer of hope I have is that corporate America will say enough is enough and strangulate them financially but I think there will still be enough rich crazies out there to throw them a lifeline.

    Personally I think the Democrats need to put them out of their misery, go for the jugular and rip the GOP’s heart out. This would involve electoral law reform to prevent disenfranchising the poor, creating two new Demofrat states in DC and Puerto Rico to rebalance the Senate.

    Lock them out of power for a generation and force them to change. Ultimately America needs a new party of the centre right but unlike NZ with MMP, it is very difficult to see how this could emerge out of their very broken and undemocratic political system. Who knows where this is going to end – all options seem unlikely and untenable but the status quo doesn’t seem viable either.

    Buckle down the hatches Aoteroa the world could get alot more bumpier yet…

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