China are accused of systematically raping Uighurs – can we criticise China yet?


The woke in NZ won’t allow criticism of China because it’s xenophobic…

…despite lying about the true extent of the pandemic.

Despite secretly buying up all the global safety equipment while telling us it was ok.

Despite grossly under reporting the deaths

Despite China having a spy inside National.

Despite Chinese businessmen having very special relationships with senior National Party MPs.

Despite Professor Anne-Marie Brady’s report on Chinese influence in NZ politics.

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Despite Professor Anne-Marie Brady having her office broken into after that report.

Despite unlawfully asserting territory in the South China Sea.

Despite harvesting body organs from political prisoners.

Despite Muslim gulags.

Despite all that, the Identity Politics Woke in NZ be screaming criticising China = xenophobic racist.

Well, now the Chinese are being accused of systemic rape of Uighur women…

Alleged rape, sexual abuse being committed against Uighur women in China’s Xinjiang region – report

Women in China’s system of detention camps for ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims in its western region of Xinjiang were subject to rape, sexual abuse, and torture, according to a BBC report on Wednesday.

The UK broadcaster said on its website “several former detainees and a guard have told the BBC they experienced or saw evidence of an organised system of mass rape, sexual abuse, and torture”.

…can we start criticising China yet?

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      • And here is Beijing Mark right on cue – all finished with his noodles and all clear to start spouting his Commie lovin bullshit.

      • China’s strategic interests do not align with new Zealand. China has 1 billion people to feed and new Zealand is responsible for the safe stewardship of its vast primary industry. Long term there will be conflict for access to New Zealand resources and Wellington will be foolish to throw away the ANZUS treaty.

    • The BBC Article needs to be seen in context of America’s undeclared war in China

      Its a rerun of atrocity propaganda “I saw Iraqi soldiers come with guns and go into the room where 15 babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators and left the babies on the cold floor to die.” that used to justify the US invasion of Iraq

      One of the reports used by the BBC was by Adrian Zenz, a far-right fundamentalist Christian who believes he is “led by God” on a “mission” against China. It involved interviews with 8 (eight) people

      Amazing how people who were unconcerned with the slaughter of Muslims in Iraq Syria Libya and more have suddenly become concerned with the civil rights of Uighurs in Xinjiang.
      (Lived/taught in China but never been to Xinjiang)

    • Oh didn’t the BBC spread the BS about Saddam having WMD,
      So far the WMDs remain another myth propagated by the BBC.

  1. Try and comprehend a few basic facts Mark
    The subject under discussion is China’s treatment of Uyghurs.
    That is why no-one is mentioning Iraq – it is a different subject.
    Now if you want to author a blog concerning Iraq – go straight ahead. We allow you the freedom to do it.
    If you can offer evidence to refute the BBC claims – go ahead and do it. You are free to do it.
    Some people say Martyn should not allow a platform for PRC spokespeople but I for one are really glad to read yourstuff.
    After years of living in China I can tell people Chinese Communist Party members are horrible parasites who make a living out of exploiting and bullying ordinary Chinese people.
    People think I am exaggerating.
    Than along comes moron Mark, the genuine egg from the turtle, and proves my case.

    Like I told you before Mark. Everybody has the right to be stupid but you keep abusing the privilege.
    Please continue.
    Long Live the Dalai Lama and stuff the CCP

  2. The public are frozen on weather or not RNZAF can have fighter jets. In even a minor skirmish between us and Chinese coast guard vessels Australia can not secure the whole south pacific and neither is a 4 frigate navey of our own enough. RNZAF must have fighter jets now.

      • I would love to equip RNZAF but because of the limited fuel capacity we would need at least 4 squadrons so that’s about 30 billion. I’m pro defence but I think we could get better bang for buck if we accursed 16 advanced F-18 with conformal fuel tanks and drop tanks could carry 2 anti ship missiles 1000ks or ferry to Australia with ease. What ever fighter we acquire has to be able to do those to things. Carry anti ship missiles 1000ks from nz airfields and non stop to Australia.

  3. When men have women in their charge and at their mercy Martyn, especially men who seek to be in that position , they rape them. Not all men but always some. And all nationalities . It isn’t a race thing, it isn’t a nation thing, it’s a man thing. Look everywhere there is conflict.
    I had an uncle by marriage who fought in WW1. He adopted a war baby but would never have children of his own. He said ” Men are horrible creatures! horrible creatures!” and he was not prepared to contribute to their numbers. I don’t know what he saw or did in WW1 but it had a lasting impact on him.
    D J S

  4. I am married to Stevie and he does not beat me.

    Long live the Dalai Lama

    Keep rubbing it Mark – it might get bigger

  5. Oh, PRC operative “Mark” only has opinions on his expansionist ethno-nationalist RACIST dictatorship… quelle surprise!!!

  6. Funny the only people feigning concern over this purported ‘genocide” of Muslims are those countries who have killed the most muslims in recent decades.

    The entire Islamic world is essentially silent on it- because they themselves understand more than any other people the dangers of radical Islamism.

    Muslim countries relations with China are generally excellent!

  7. Imagine how shit our economy would be without the export of animal by-products into China. There’s your answer. Grunter doesn’t want his legacy to be a rooted economy

  8. CCP isn’t a legitimate political or government body. It is a organized crime syndicate.
    Treat them as such.
    CCP Chinese Criminal Party

  9. As Reuters acknowledged in the report, the allegations cannot be independently verified. So why is it being so easily taken as “evidence”? If China has mistreated the Uighurs in such evil ways, why would it still release them alive after “internment” (as in the case of the woman in this BBC story)? She was reportedly released (not escaped) from the camp in 2018, and returned her passport to rejoin her spouse in Kazakhstan.

    If China is as evil as purported, it would not have kept people who knew their evil deeds alive, not to mention releasing them to travel overseas where it cannot prevent them from exposing its “atrocities”.

  10. Mark you obviously do not live in a democracy or under the rule of law so I shall try to explain how one works.
    You call me a wife beater and tell me to offer evidence I am not.
    I go to the police and tell them.
    They investigate me and say I am not a wife beater and that it is a baseless accusation.
    I take you to court for libelling me.
    A jury finds against you and you have to pay me damages( but I will settle for you standing in public for two hours calling out to the public, ‘I lick CCP arse.’)
    That is what happens in a democracy under the rule of law.
    What happens in a dictatorship like China.
    Your bosses tell you I am a trouble maker who wants labour laws enforced and pensions actually paid to old people ( instead of being diverted to your pockets).
    You put up a wall poster saying I am a wife beater and demanding that the party dennounce me.
    Local thugs drag me outside and hold me in the ‘jet plane’ position while demanding I confess to beating my wife.
    (If anyone doubts this is true I recommend they read ‘The Wooden Boxes’ by Peter Kyne, who was repeatedly tortured to make him confess to war crimes he knew nothing about. In CCP China torture is not used to gain factual information – because the communist party does not care about finding the truth – torture is used to force people to confess to things they have never done. Further proof I am not making this up comes from ‘Wild Swans’ and other books from survivors of the Cultural Revolution. )
    In the meantime my wife and children will be beaten to make them confess that I maltreat them. One of us will eventually crack and write a confession and this will be used to imprison me.
    There is,of course, the alternative that I can pay a bribe to Mark to get him to drop the matter. When I lived in Lanzhou a school principal there, a Mr Zhou, often got as pissed a newt and would tell me about his Red Guards days when they would select people as targets to beat them up and extract money from them.
    Curiously enough he told me they avoided working class areas because the neighbours of people there were ready to display their solidarity by turning out en masse to defend their relatives and beating the shit out of the Red Guards.
    This is confirmed by my father-in-law who tells me the steel working and coal mining neighbourhoods of Shenyang are no-go areas for Mark and his friends. My wife’s father is the man who told me ‘ Good Communist Party cadres are white crows. They probably do exist but I have never seen one.’
    Manchuria is also where children play’ kill the boss’. Where they play stabbing or clubbing officials to death because they cheat workers over their pay and working conditions.

    Everyone has heard how the CCP in 1989 destroyed the democracy movement. I do not think there is as much publicity concerning the way working class of Beijing met the PLA armoured vehicles with buckets of burning petrol. As the PLA rampaged their way in the maze of alleys and shanties their vehicles were set afire and the soldiers hacked to death with spades and axes. This happened in other places too. The world only remembers Tianamen.
    Mark will know about these things and he knows he has the easy job of doing these little power wanks online. He is not in Xinjiang or Tibet. That is for the mugs who do not have guanxi.
    Muslim countries relations with China are generally excellent! No.
    They hate you as godless hypocrites. The Afghans say they would make friends with a snake rather than a Chinese person. Because Pakistan allies itself with China against India do you imagine they love the Chinese? Do you think the Nigerians, Sudanese and Somalis love the people who plunder their resources.

    My wife sends her regards Mark and assures you I do not beat her up. Just give massive orgasms daily.
    Long live the Dalai Lama! God bless the Uyghurs and may you find a girlfriend one day.

  11. For God’s Mark. To prove Africans love China you do not look at African Newspapers, Reuters, Al Jazeera or similar.
    You have to cast around for information from the Yang Fenggang and the Pew Research Center. A pro-business with China ,Washington Wank tank of academics who suck CCP cock.
    What a poor, fucking loser! Can’t you even get stuff from Xinhua now?
    See if you can grasp this: The BBC is internationally respected for its accuracy and lack of bias. It would not be as popular as it is in China and world wide if this is not so.
    The Chinese Communist Party is totally untrustworthy. Nobody in China or world wide takes its statements seriously.
    During the Great Famine it told starving people Chinese agriculture had produced record harvests and the nation had more food than it knew what to do with.
    That is why it is necessary for the Chinese government to gain stakeholds in foreign media; such as the New York Times, the South China Morning Post, Newsweek.
    If China genuinely has nothing to hide in Xinjiang, Tibet, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Manchuria just allow free access to foreign journalists and let them talk freely to Chinese citizens.
    ( that is the evidence we talk about)

    You keep telling lies about me Mark.
    I will keep telling the truth about you.
    Long live the Dalai Lama and fuck the CCP.

    • “The BBC is internationally respected for its accuracy and lack of bias.”
      Says who.
      The reports on Syria, Iraqi WMD, 19 Arab hijackers ( absolutely no evidence), Asama bin laden did it, WTC 7 announced as collapsing many minutes before it was demolished………..I could go on. No bias? Just outright lies.
      But if it suits you believe the propaganda, it easier than doing research.

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