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  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke:
    Now that the SSC must be getting a little bit paranoid about the number of masters-of the-Universe CEO appointments parachuted in from the empire – here’s one of “ours”.
    Surely he’d be a shoe in for the next CEO of the Ministry for Everything when the current old sideways shuffler pops her clogs

  2. Sunday 31 January 2021

    Waiheke Island’s invalid ‘Rahui’ sham!

    It’s the ‘Foreshore & Seabed’ theft all over again!

    The main driver for this last-minute attempt at placing an unenforceable rahui in place around Waiheke Island is because the pakeha trust with a Maori name on the island, and the Crown want to lock Maori, Tangata Whenua out of their cultural right to fish and collect kaimoana from the ‘foreshore and seabed’. Sound familiar?

    By using a piece of legislation designed to over-ride Maori Waitangi Treaty Settlement Rights!

    The Hauraki Marine Park Act 2000.

    Wealthy pakeha has manipulated two kupapa Ngati Paoa illegitimate trusts, one a private trust, the Ngati Paoa iwi trust and the other is a charitable trust and both are in technical abeyance.
    They are behind, supporting this with the assistance of Crown enablers, DoC, Auckland Council and other iwi.

    The beneficiaries of the iwi are and have been miss-led again by both of the trusts with this rahui.
    This ongoing battle between the trusts is diminishing the Mana of Ngati Paoa and the Uri of Ngati Paoa.


    Denny Thompson Ngati Paoa, Uri o Ngati Hura

  3. have painted a picture where, in an effort to make their critics look like hypocrites, Labour has sided with people who are usually their enemies and said they will go full force towards the Climate Change Commission’s recommendations. In what appears to be a ridiculous pantomine, The Greens and Labour are publicly pointing guns to their heads, Labour especially laughing maniacally, and each threatening to pull the trigger if we don’t start fighting.

    The Maori Party have yet to choose a weapon, but if they have any sense they will back out of the room, close the door, and wait for the bang.

    If this is true and not just another media manipulation, it’s a bit of a shame, because there were some achieveable ideas on the table. They couldn’t happen with Labour taking the trickle-down no leadership approach they have over the past year, though, and covid is going to force some irreconcilable options – or it would if an ethical government was in power. The recommendations were written July 2018, adjusted August of last year, and somehow still in a pre-covid tone. Reading them, even with the good achieveable solutions, I get the uneasy feeling that they are now just another set of ideas that make NZ’s social divide worse than it is, even before covid gets here. Meanwhile James Shaw says, “Have you got a better idea?!”
    Hmmm. Well, yes. Let’s do the achieveable stuff as soon as we can, the stuff that won’t disadvantage the least powerful, and make a move that way.

    It’s a shitty choice they’ve demanded we shout about: instead of people vs. economy, now it’s Fry/starve, die from covid, or band together and abandon the most at risk of a life of poverty. Nice. Labour haven’t suffered a collective amnesia and forgotten our context, and I don’t know why The Greens are drunk. This looks to me like a direct play, using climate change as a hostage. A shouting match is not a responsible approach. These people seriously need to go.
    If they play their cards right, they might even follow through on the threat and we all win: Labour get to hand over the hot potato of governing through covid, and we get to choose another parliament. A win for us all… sort of.

    Labour appears to be encouraging various groups to argue and attack each other with this move. Don’t take the bait. Labour are not our saviours. They don’t get to set the agenda unless we decide to enjoy fighting between ourselves, over using our brains.

  4. tensions in the south / east china sea escalate China threatens war

    there’s conflict in all directions and with destructive weapons at the ready it could all be over before you can say , NZ have a new climate policy

    a ‘ peaceful resolution would be the Aotearoa position on this if there was to be one

  5. Yes, action on climate change is necessary and urgent. But this is grandstanding and virtue signalling.
    The real and immediate crisis in this country is housing and rents and it would be good to see some vision and urgency on it. I’m not holding my breath .

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