Māori Party Welcome Resignation Of Grainne Moss – The Maori Party


The Māori Party is welcoming the resignation of Oranga Tamariki chief executive Grainne Moss after sustained pressure from leading figures within the Māori Party.

This resignation is the result of the continued strong pressure of the Māori Party and our esteemed members, the Kahurangi (Dames). We have forced Oranga Tamariki into acknowledging the institutional racism,” said Māori Party Co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

“Given that she has acknowledged the continued failings and systemic racism on her watch, Grainne Moss tendering her resignation was the only right thing to do.

“Our Māori Party policy, released during the election, is very clear – we must shut down Oranga Tamariki and start again with an independent Mokopuna Māori agency.

“The Government must now implement that policy, and follow the advice of the Children’s Commissioner – begin the process to disband Oranga Tamariki and shift the powers and responsibility to an independent by Māori, for Māori agency.

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“As a first step to achieving that, Kelvin Davis must appoint a senior Māori leader as Acting CEO whose one job is to dismantle Oranga Tamariki and ensure there is a smooth transition to the new regime,” said Mrs Ngarewa-Packer.


  1. Do we really want to have seperate agencies for Maori when this happened in South Africa it was call apartheid. By all means have input from different sectors but separate development is not good for such a small Nation. If this came about then there would be a call for seperate prisons then schools. We cannot afford to duplicate all these institutions.

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