MEDIA WATCH: Cough – this is an outrage in NZ


In America they are struggling with 400 000 Covid dead and a Qanon insurrection.

In Somalia and Yemen they face more conflict and violence.

In Britain the health system has almost collapsed.

In Australia they face new climate crisis ferocity.

While many nations face challenges, cough, THIS is causing an outrage in New Zealand…

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Auckland New World employee accuses store of hiding Smeg knives from ‘non-regular’ customers

A New World employee is accusing their Auckland store of allegedly hiding products from the Smeg promotion behind checkouts and only giving knives out to regular customers.

The supermarket chain has been running a promotion for nearly three months nationwide that awards shoppers one sticker for every $20 they spend. After collecting a certain amount, shoppers can redeem the stickers for a selection of Smeg knives or a knife block.

But the franchisee of a New World has been accused of encouraging workers to take down the knives from the instore Smeg display, store them in drawers at checkouts, and only give them to regulars or people employees recognise as shopping at the store often.

…we are a tiny people with a very low imagination horizon.

Please mock us.


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  1. Yep – it’s all a bit pathetic really. I’ll be watching out for his screaming when the shit really hits the fan.
    Hopefully, if there’s been an official complaint, it’ll be put in the queue.
    SMEG turned a bit shit anyway a few years back

  2. “we” don’t exist, Boomber… disunited groups and individuals on some territory in the South Pacific… welcome to No Zealand 😉

  3. Seems pretty dubious. All the New World stores I’ve seen have countless fucking knives. Further, by the time you’ve collected enough of those stupid stamps to collect a shitty Made in PRC knife (but from German steel!), you are a fucking regular customer!

  4. Sing with me know “Everything is Awesome, Everything is awesome”. Amazeballs (little) Aotearoa – the little country that could.

    I’m disappointed there was no Jaws Shark Scare porn today – the ‘bronzies’ probably stayed away from our poo infested beaches with the couple of showers we had.

    Matt Lucas is going to present the news in blackface tonight and 60% of the sheeple won’t get the joke.

  5. Didn’t someone work it out that you could buy the set on TradeMe for less than $500 instead of spending upwards of $4200 to earn all the wee stickers plus whatever cash you had to top it all up with?

  6. Honestly, those knives are incredible. You could slice your fingers off and not even realise it.

    In the kitchen utensils world, I was lost but now I am found!

  7. New World was selling cauliflower at $8.00. Garlic at $49.00 a kg recently and we’re an agrarian primary industry?
    WTF !? hardly cuts the mustard.

    • Kiwifruit $9 p/k – sunblock that doesn’t have to work in NZ as we don’t have any proper regulations, $10 in OZ. $18 in NZ Countdown….

  8. New World is part of ( foodies ) Foodstuffs and regularly rorts kiwis with exorbanate grocery prices and their staff that work for them. Food stuffs have a long history of being one of the ugliest kiwi companies out there who will pay supermarket staff shit wages and exploit them mercilessly to return a profit so that the store owners can live a privileged life except New World takes from the well healed and the ignorant but Pak n Save takes from the poorest ( staff and customers ) by making them believe they are the cheapest. Its utter bullshit and the draconian way they run these food warehouses is to milk every last cent which goes directly to the store owners who make a mint. These people are hideous scumbags and are experts in exploiting vulnerable people and staff. They screw everything not nailed down i kid you not ! Just recently Pak n Save removed the fuel discount scheme because to many of the ” wrong ” people were taking advantage of it when awarded points when they shopped on their sticky club card. That discount made up for the theft they take from many who don’t have bugger all to spend but would knowing they could get some back with the fuel discount but all of a sudden it stopped. Now you might as well shop at the Aussie Countdown who at least have a more generous shopper card program up to a point but the profit like the banks is all going back across the ditch.

    • While there is a supermarket duopoly nationwide, rural regions are disadvantaged with a Foodstuffs (New World, Four Square) monopoly. As expected it disadvantages poorer people the most (limited means to bulk buy in the nearest city, cost of travel, etc)

      I loathe shopping at supermarkets. Every year I find more money spent with fewer items in one’s basket/trolley and that’s considering buying the cheapest basic items. Walking through those aisles, one might as well as be walking through the proverbial dark alley in the rough side of town being mugged.

      A few years ago I brought an item on special, checked the receipt after and found it was charged at the regular price. Disputed it, received an apology and the difference in change. How many people did they rip off before this was brought to their attention? Had anyone shoplifted that amount and was caught they would have had the book thrown at them. No such accountability with them though.

      In these uncertain times and growing hardship, it wouldn’t surprise me if this promotion could result in more stabbings in domestic violence incidences.

  9. We can rest assured the media in this country will continue to cover the pressing issues:

    Matty McLean, Susie Nordqvist to host new TVNZ current affairs show.

    A Current Affair will launch on TVNZ 2 on January 31 with an interview between McLean and bachelorette Lexie Brown ahead of the second season of The Bachelorette New Zealand, which kicks off the following day.

  10. Wasn’t there some article recently
    in one of the main news websites about some poor courier who got caught short and had to take a widdle in someone’s garden but was caught on CCV?


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