Yay – Labour will build 8000 State Homes – unfortunately we need 22409 State Houses


Yay, Labour rehashed last years housing policy and are going to build 8000  State Houses

The Government has revealed where it plans to build 8000 new public and transitional homes it promised in the last Budget, as it faces serious political pressure on housing.

…unfortunately we need 22 409 state houses…

Public housing waitlist grows by 1000 in two months to new record high as high rents hit the poor

The waitlist for public housing has continued its steady march upwards, with 22,409 eligible households waiting for a state or social home at the end of November.

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That is a jump of about 1000 since the end of September and is a record high.

It comes as both rents and house prices are surging in a red-hot property market.

The waitlist has exploded in recent years, growing by about 8000 in the last year and more than quadrupling since the Labour-led Government was elected in 2017.

…if we can get deep fakes like this…

…can’t Labour do a deep fake state housing policy and at least pretend we are doing something transformative?

How stupid do they think Kiwis are?

We have 22 409 on waiting lists, they will build 8000.

This is Neokindness.

The only thing more galling than Jacinda’s failure on housing is National’s criticism of Jacinda’s failure on housing.

Fuck National, they privatised State Housing and used the p contamination scam to throw hundreds of State tenants onto the street.

National complaining about the lack of State Houses is like Trump lecturing on Feminism.

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    • It’s overwhelming obvious no one knows how to build house Properly especially not economics or treasury and MPs. Jacinda should have appointed a panel of the best engineers with the responsibility to have 22409 houses built.

  1. We desperately need an alternative political party that is genuinely left wing, re: the UK Labour party in the 60 and 70’s, and maybe before but I wasn’t alive then to know.

  2. It’s not a plan. What Jacinda has announced is last years attempt to remove the issue from the headlines to solve a problem that was 5 years old but rolling it out 4 years into the future There are few better examples of smoke and mirrors than the original plan.

    And where in her announcement is Wairarapa mentioned? This part of the country is worse than just about all the rest, combined.

    But announcing last years plan as this year’s plan? Again? Does this government think we are idiots? They don’t have a plan, do they? They do not have a clue!

    And I thought it impossible that another person could be more useless than Phil Twyford in housing but its happened. Put your hands together for….. Megan Woods!!! Megan dusted the script off and told us this morning its Nationals fault. For Fuck Sake Megan, how the fuck do you justify your salary and vast expenses, including accommodation, coming up with that baloney? Yes, National were and are shit. But you lot have been at the controls for over 3 years. You, Megan, vanished about 5 minutes after Phil was finally, finally sidelined.

    Jacinda, please take note. This crisis is not going away. It’s growing by the hour. This is not a subject that can be spun off the front pages because it’s getting worse and no, bullshit pledges won’t change that. 22409 on the waiting list last week has probably grown to 22850 this week. You can’t announce last weeks cold porridge as a solution to make this go away. Pointless announcements do not house the population. You can’t hide behind the Reserve Bank Act because you can change that. You cant rely on the market because it’s taking us further into the shit. You have a majority in government and you have the support of the Greens and if done well the Maori Party too.

    You have to act big time and now and mean it. This is a crisis and an emergency. If you do not act, and aside from the carnage it will cause society in this country, it will sink your government. I suspect as the days pass, it already is.

  3. I see Invercargill council say they need to increase their rents by 35% so they can bring their homes up to compliance standard. I see this will drive more people to go on the state list. I am not suggesting homes should not be of a high standard but it seems typical of this Labour government that someone needs to pay for these upgrades either the tenant or landlord .

    • Why has the Southland Council let their homes get run down and what does the council homes have to do with the government Trev these are two different housing providers that both have a social obligation to ensure decent social housing is available. Many councils sold their social housing.

      • I realise what you say but my point is to explain why the state list is growing as whether the landlord is private or council the rents are going up . If the homes in Invercargill are similar to Chch then the roof design was such that it is very expensI’ve to retro fit insulation and double glazing.

  4. I see Invercargill council say they need to increase their rents by 35% so they can bring their homes up to compliance standard. I see this will drive more people to go on the state list. I am not suggesting homes should not be of a high standard but it seems typical of this Labour government that someone needs to pay for these upgrades either the tenant or landlord .

  5. Rent Freeze from now until there is an adequate number of State houses and apartments available! Public housing rents to be set at 25% percent of income max. And…activists and homeless need to start entering and occupying empty houses immediately.

    That might get a few speculators thinking about “diversifying”…

    Labour Ministers, new MPs and MSD officials need to be publicly hounded where ever they may appear till the message gets through. Neo Kindness not wanted in Aotearoa!

    • Allow squatters rights for empty houses, owned by non citizen that have been clearly and provably empty for more than ‘X-years’, where X is one, two or three years (max).
      e.g’s of provable would be zero’ish electricity and/or water bills. Or another way, is when squatters take up residency (because they REASONABLY believe the house has been empty for X years, e.g. by organizations or individuals, ‘watching’ the property) the (non-citizen !!!) owner would have to go to court and prove the house has not been left (genuinely) vacant to get the squatters out.
      This would have overseas owners looking else where to ‘hide their’ money.

  6. They’ll be lucky to build a third of that amount over the next 12 months as labour and supply chain shortages kick in. And that is assuming government and local councils get get their shit together. We know that is as likely as a Trump apology.

    Bomber this is classic Blairite communication strategy 101 – push out some meaningless figure with no actual details of how you achieve it. Our feckless (if millennials don’t know what this words means – look it up – sums up your generation) MSM swallow it hook, line and sinker and report it as fact. Job done.

  7. Jacinda sez – “But we can’t stand by while house prices increase at the unsustainable rates of 2020.” (NZ Herald 21/01/21)

    And just like that, Jacinda demonstrated that she simply does not get it.

    We’ve been waiting for Labour to swing into action and in 2018 they tinkered with LVR’s (did not beef up IRD in this area) and some foreign ownership and expanded Nationals state house renewal over the long term. But they did not create a Ministry of Works to get on with it or an equivalent, they did not import skilled labour, they changed few rules and left it to the market. They also ruled out discouragement of this mess by committing to no new taxes.

    Sadly in 2019 and 2020, they went back to standing by. Worse, at her last 2020 press conference our clueless PM said people wanted gains on their houses and words to the effect that this was okay by her.

    The horse has bolted. 2020 was appalling but it was already untenable by then anyway and had been for years. Not only can rises like we have seen in the past decade not be sustained in civil society, but they also need to fall unless she wants mass homelessness and poverty.

    So where to next Prime Minister?

  8. So between the Budget announcement last May and today’s announcement, the Ardern Government has progressed to deciding where the houses will be built (eventually).

    I really wish this Labour government would succeed at fixing social housing. But this lack of urgency condemns the poorest NZers to years’ of suffering.

  9. ” How stupid do they think Kiwis are ”
    Really stupid they voted last year to give New Labour a majority then wonder why nothing has been done to address the serious crises affecting the destitution of many of their fellow kiwis who are seriously marginalised in this repressive financial neo liberal economy.
    The fact is the special interests and the neo liberal establishment control and dominate the agenda despite the pictures of Michael Joseph Savage hung for effect and to remind the Social Democrat New Labour party that they actually had members of the party who were committed to the principles of the well being of and welfare of the real Kiwis who worked hard for longer for minimal pay to enrich their arrogant employers.
    I don’t buy into the argument that working people for longer for less somehow increases productivity which is in my opinion an excuse to screw working people even more in the pursuit of mega profits with the ever present threat of them losing their employment.
    Yes we need more houses but the market driven economy will not allow for a balanced playing field as there are to many members of the Kiwi gentry who make huge trust driven money from exploiting the vulnerable.

  10. I hate to go on about this but as a history student I know we have done all this before and no-one seems to have noticed.
    We do not need to re-invent this wheel. Jack Lee was given the job of providing state housing because the Labour cabinet hated him for being a socialist and a credit reformer.( Is history repeating?)
    If he failed he could take the blame. If he succeeded the Labour leadership would take credit( as they did)
    Put short he used government control of the Reserve Bank to create the amount of money he needed to buy land, employ builders and buy building materials( as opposed to the Reserve Bank now enabling speculators to get richer). It did not lead to widespread inflation as feared.
    The National Opposition Leader, Forbes, recognised that ‘ Jack Lee is using the most highly paid tradesmen in the world to build the cheapest and best houses.’ He admitted it was a success story for the government.
    In World War II The Labour caucus forced Nash to similarly use credit creation to pay for the War.
    New Zealand ended World War II with a booming economy, little inflation(price controls on food and other essentials). The only people unhappy being bankers,share traders, investors and property speculators( in other words – parasites).
    Britain under the Tories ended World War II broke, indebted and took years to repay its loans( but bankers were happy).
    It worked then. I cannot understand why it would not work again.


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