Shouldn’t Israel, you know, be Covid responsible for the Palestinians held under their brutal Occupation?


Of all the apartheid madness that is Israel’s brutal occupation of the Palestinian people, perhaps this is the most repugnant latest example…

Palestinians excluded from Israeli Covid vaccine rollout as jabs go to settlers

Human rights groups accuse Israel of dodging obligations to millions in occupied territories who may wait months for vaccination

…ensuring the illegal settlers inside the occupied territories get the Covid vaccine, but leaving the rest of the Palestinians population to die seems a tad twee doesn’t it?

New Zealand bought enough vaccinations for every Kiwi PLUS all our Pacific Island neighbours, Tokelau, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu as well.

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Apparently kindness is not contagious in Israel.


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  1. Even if kindness isn’t possible, it’s bad science. Have they forgotten these vaccines aren’t yet proven to be effective control, and that covid is increasingly contagious? In order to seperate vaccinated from non vaccinated, they’d have to go down a path they personally fell victim to sixty odd years ago. Are humans really still that dumb? Covid is becoming famous for it’s ability to dissolve our values and systems, and drag our unaddressed problems out into the open.

  2. Good points well made Martyn Bradbury. However, the New Zealand Government, has repeatedly given Israel a free pass to deprive Palestinians of their UN mandated rights and predictably, will again do and say nothing. Besides, since depriving Waikeria prisoners of food and water without displaying any sign of conscience, the Government has little moral authority to assert that human rights should be upheld elsewhere.

  3. Personally, I would say that this is one of the less brutal things they have done. I would rate the regular shooting and beating of minors and unarmed protesters as a far greater brutality. Plenty people are having to do without vaccines at the moment. Not many are exposed to the continual harassment and physical harm that Palestinans endure every day in the apartheid stae of Israel

  4. This is apartheid and potential genocide. Where is the United Nations on this? Where is the voice of the ‘democratic’ world? We have a Prime Minister who cut her teeth at the U.N. Where is her voice today? Where are the voices of those many ‘elected representatives of the people’ sitting on six figures and perks? The only one seeming to earn his keep busy rescuing prisoners from …who are these people? are they people at all??


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