Latest Oranga Tamariki meltdown warning – Davis must sack Moss


Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis orders immediate halt to ‘reverse uplifts’ of children in state care

Newshub can reveal Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis has ordered an immediate halt to ‘reverse uplifts’ – when children in state care are taken away from their foster parents and placed with whānau. 

It comes as Oranga Tamariki boss Grainne Moss clings to her job despite the Children’s Minister now questioning some system-wide processes within the agency. 

This was the only option open to Davis.

Oranga Tamariki have cleverly censored the Newsroom investigation on reverse uplifts because they know that once pakeha NZ understands what was happening, there wil be political outrage.

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NO ONE told Davis that Newsroom had published this damning new Oranga Tamariki documentary where OT staff are now stealing Māori children off white step families AFTER TELLING the kids this was a ‘forever home’. The white elderly couple who had opened up their lives to these young children, SOLD THEIR HOUSE to buy  a bigger one for these kids after they had been told the placement was permanent!

I mean, if you wanted a more damaging incendiary device in NZ politics, you would need to plant a pipe bomb in a vegan kindergarten!

Oranga Tamariki, terrified that their despicable uplift program is getting them in trouble with their new political masters are now investigating all previous placements, finding the new families are ‘too white’ and now – DESPITE TELLING  THE KIDS AND CARERS THAT THIS PLACEMENT WAS PERMANENT,  and Oranga Tamariki are just stealing them back!!!

These despicable, arse covering, Wellington bureaucrats are just jaw dropping in their venal self preservation skills aren’t they?

Kelvin had to shut down the reverse uplifts when he understood how utterly corrupted the process was.

He needs to sack her, there’s no other political response now.

Whatever the severance package is, it’s worth it just to gain the pretence that the Government have managed to tackle this rampaging neoliberal welfare experiment.


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  1. The Moss saga serves as a reminder of the former imported head of education Lesley Longstone who was both employed and disposed of at great expense. Both have proved to be abject failures, were employed despite questionable qualifications and neither had any basic grounding or understanding of the country’s culture. It is difficult to understand where Moss’s strengths were assumed to lie but in Longstone’s case, it was clear that her background pointed to the National Government’s intention to move towards establishing Charter Schools – an area in which she had experience. It is high time NZ’s own were employed in such crucial roles so that we can again become leaders in social policy, as was historically the case.

  2. Too many kiwis leave their brains at the door when it comes to understanding the hijacking of the public service in New Zealand by neo liberal managerialists. Why is it that the multi hundreds of thousand dollar CEO salaries often go to people from other countries? It is because “serving the people” has been reduced to a transaction, rather than positively assisting vulnerable citizens in particular. Hard-nosed offshore sourced CEO’s can be trusted to care little for the actual work of their Depts. or for Aotearoa’s traditions or culture.

    Sack Ms Moss yesterday!

    • Tiger Mountain: “Sack Ms Moss yesterday!”

      Enough already. This constitutes egregious bullying of a senior public servant, and it’s just plain wrong.

      If Moss were to be forced out before the end of her contract, she’d have a very good case against the government – and sundry talking heads going public on the OT issue – for constructive dismissal.

      Were she to have her contract terminated early, I hope that she’d sue the ass off said government and those talking heads making free with their opinions. They all richly deserve it.

  3. It is inappropriate to be attacking a public servant in this way
    especially with no good evidence.
    Truly who would want this very difficult job.
    I have a feeling that Maori could always provide ideas/solutions to difficult problems which so often
    arise from drug use.

      • Tuibelle: “…and colonisation …”

        Oh please…. This country hasn’t been a colony since its first government was established in Wednesday, 24 May 1854.

        We Irish, on the other hand, were ruled from Britain. From 1169, until the passage of the Republic of Ireland Act in 1949. An actual colony, in other words (which is why so many of us are here). The Irish don’t bleat about colonisation as being the cause of all their woes.

        I suggest that you stop blaming other people for the desperate situation brought about by drug abuse in much (but not all) of Maori society.

        As Dotti has pointed out above, the solution to that issue lies in Maori hands.

    • no good evidence???? Ms Moss has NO social work or education qualifications.
      She has divided her workforce in true corporate fashion between those who have social work qualifications and those who don’t. Those without social work training or experience are in her inner circle(echo chamber). Bullying abounds ( a regular corporate tactic divide and conquer happens to work for those in positions of power)
      Ms Moss has a management qualification and no work experience at all relating to children in violent or vulnerable situations. Yes she is yet another migrant. Educated Kiwis fuck off from NZ at the first available opportunity. We get the third raters and the general dross of the global workforce.
      Moss is incompetent and ignorant of not only Maori Culture but NZ society as well, her contract needs to be terminated HOWEVER there is no one waiting in the wings or a new structure immediately available.

  4. ” Davis must sack Moss ”
    Aw shucks – ya can’t just do that! Besides, Jeremy has complete faith in her and is grateful for his opportunities and has really now just decided to pivot.
    (Btw, I wish him well and his new role as a DCE at DIA is probably better suited as he pursues his ambitions. He could end up as an Ambassador to Guatemala, and even star in a future episode of Shortland Street. Btw – is it still going? ).

    “So” …… “Ultimately” ……. We’ll see if there’s a bit of “change that sticks” (in that space going forward)


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