In defense of Trevor Mallard


I know, I know.


I can’t believe I’m doing this either.


In defence of Trev.

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Put aside for 30seconds, just 30 seconds, the righteous outrage at this appalling fuck up regarding this insane woke definition of rape that Trev used to defame a civil servant that has cost us $333k – put that just to one side for a moment.

Every political geek recites that Lockwood Smith is the benchmark for NZs greatest Speaker, and that is a fair and righteous claim. Smith believed in Parliament and its role to hold the Government to account and actually forced Ministers to answers questions.

Mallard is the same type of trailblazer.

He has made Parliament a better debating chamber and his enthusiasm to explain the democratic process to the masses is actually beautiful.

Mallard has been a reformer and a powerful new voice for an independent Parliamentary process and I for one acknowledge and salute his leadership.

I also acknowledge that he was responding to allegations of bullying inside Parliament when he mangled his attempt to be new and down with the kids by using a woke micro aggression policing definition of rape as a ‘hug from behind and glancing at breasts’.

Trev’s attempt to get down with the kids and their new trigger threshold definitions was akin to GrandDad mistakenly doing a Nazi salute tic tok dance and accidentally sending it to all his contacts.

So based on how well he was actually doing at his job, I think we should forgive this bewilderingly poor judgment call as the sad over compensation cultural virtue signal it was.

I know, I know. The guy who was called a rapist by the Speaker of the House has had his career destroyed and mangled, but this is the new cultural landscape of subjectively perpetual wounds and a bonfire of reputations and careers will be burnt before that rage has been sated.

Just be thankful it didn’t cost as much as that bloody slide.

I vote for Trev to stay.

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  1. I agree….what was the hysterical trumped up climate in which Trev said that?….who fed him the misinformation?

    Don’t give the Judith Nacts a victory!….they have done far worse and they are still there!!!

  2. So a vote for serial incompetence? This is the same individual that threatened to jam Heineken bottles up arses because of the previous Labour government’s incompetence and had 5th form back of the bike shed fights outside of the debating chamber. Fuck he even talked about cloning the fucking Moa out the back of Lower Hutt.

    Your argument seems to be an effort over ability argument. That’s great in a year 5 Primary School however as one of the most important and high paying government roles we deserve better.

    • Yet no comment on Collins, Smith or Brownlee’s serial recidivists, let alone Nationals 9 years of fucked up serial incompetence. Jesus Frank balance is everything in a debate!

      • Ahh the mythical 9 years of neglect Bertie. You sound nostalgic there. Oh don’t worry incompetence is politically blind. You know my thoughts regarding Brownlee and Smith already as well as a lot of the no talent time hacks that got excised a couple of months ago. I’m harder on my lot than most.

        Trev on the other hand has never shown any talent and indeed was above his station when a school teacher. Just goes to show if you have your snout deep in the trough it is difficult to remove you however shit at your job you are.

          • And what changed in the last 3 and a bit years? Any new hospitals built? Child poverdy? Kiwifail (build)? Our nuclear moment turning into an Iraqi scud?

            If nine years of neglect was so bad why has Labour by and large continued on the same trajectory?

            • Labour haven’t “continued the same trajectory” though, changes have and are being made. Its going to take a number of years to sort out the sell out National govt’s corrupt neglect.

              • Lol. At this rate it will take centuries. Some here have woken up to it but not many.

                Let me spell it out – outside of a few woke tinges on the sides NOTHING has changed since the Blairite took charge. And nothing ever will.

                That is how elections are won in little Aotearoa. Bribe the middle, keep your base by meaningful virtue signalling and feed an ignorant no talent time MSM with bullshit.

                Exhibit A – Zane Small’s dribble on Newshub today.

                The Blairite is obviously a quick study of Key

        • Mythical, ha, you probably believe Key was a good leader and in the mythical trickle down theory, you know the one , the one that was debunked, Christ you probably think National won the election ala Trump.

    • “5th form back of the bike shed fights outside of the debating chamber.”.. And who was it that grabbed his tie and pulled him in towards himself? An action that, if it had been done to me would have earned both a left, and a right hook, with an overhand right to finish it before the bully got going… Yes, it was Tau Henare.. That was the bloke who actually started the “fight”, which wasn’t anything of the sort… What trevor did was no more than anyone who prefers to defend themselves rather than cower in front of an overgrown thug.. The way this played out in the “news” media was at best, adolescent triuphalism, and a poor reflection on those “journalists” who sucked up so utterly to the bullshit that passed for common sense in the press gallery.(No change there yet)… The rest of your little rant tells me you need to have a lie down, and get your emotions under some sort of control… As silly as this incident was, I agree that Trevor is actually doing a good job as speaker… Time for the reactionary bigot lobby to take a powder…

      • If ‘doing a good job as speaker’ is code for protecting the Prime Minister when things don’t go her own way, then he is excellent.

        She needs him there, so she’ll do nothing. I thought after Carter and Wilson we couldn’t get so low, well Trev has proven me wrong

  3. Sorry Bomber, but I cannot just look past the fact he Mallard has caused all kinds of hurt for not just the staffer, but his family. It is not OK to try and be cool by slamming another person and then hide behind his privilege as Speaker. That is wrong on a couple of points but mostly as he is meant to be setting standards and as one of the longest standing members of parliament he knew better and should have acted in a more honorable manner “alleged” never came into it, it was a flippant and careless remark that clearly defamed another individual, who had no right of reply. Cowardly and arrogant to think he can get away with an outlandish statement. He has failed to live up to the standards by which his position is based and should do the moral thing and resign.

    • Ministers and MPs “hide behind privilege” as you put it, what makes the speaker different? the speaker is the minister of parliament after all and he is the only speaker to ever address the toxic culture that exists within parliament. The person in question that you are defending isn’t innocent, there were three cases of serious sexual assault. Trevor’s mistake, and he never named the person, was calling it rape which was ” incorrect” of him to give the impression the man had been accused of rape “as that term is defined in the Crimes Act 1961”

    • Found that article somewhat contradictory. She says he should go but as you say favours him but is concerned with who will pick up the important work Mallard started.

  4. I only know what is being said by the likes of Barry Soper but if it is true he caused a great deal of mental pain to to person he slandered . If he thought anything of Jacinda he would have let her know this was coming up . If you look at his track record he has been a likable bully boy around parliment. If he stopped being speaker he would still have a $160000 job which is more than the person he falsely outed has .

  5. One more point, the National party had no qualms about Tolley seeking advice from the Solicitor General and Crown law re the speaker of the house. She was told of the probable cost and it came within it, so its galling National is concern trolling over it now particularly given the massive cost to the tax payer that has forked out for numerous National party mps and ministers transgressions some of which we still do not know the true cost of.

    A notable point is that Mallard fought hard for the inclusion of a clause in the agreement that allowed him to be answerable to Parliament.

    “The clause means he can share details of the defamation case when he appears before a select committee on Wednesday”

  6. Adern should hold steady…(compared with the Judith Nacts corruption against this country …lets list them) … Trev’s misuse of the R..e term, when serious assault(s) happened, is a technicality and minor

    The Nacts are in the Pit….we have had 9 years of their perfidy and corruption….so best policy is to keep calm and carry on….and throw any corruption mud back on them

    Trev’s heart was in the right place and he is doing a good job

    • Trev’s heart was in the right place by using his privileged position to destroy the livelihood of someone??? Then get the poor old tax payer to bail him out, because he knew he overstepped his mark.

      But it’s all ok heh? He plays for our team and protects Jacinda and “kindness” is just a marketing catchphrase.

      • Trevors heart was in the right place. By using Seymour’s freedom of speech, Trevor spoke of how the behaviour of a parliamentarian staff member looked.
        Unless of course you don’t believe in freedom of speech nor sexual predator behaviour at the expense of your anti Labour bias.


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