But James and Jacinda – Greta is RIGHT – your climate emergency declaration is a meaningless virtue signal 



James Shaw responds after Greta Thunberg calls out NZ over lack of climate change action

Greta Thunberg has taken aim at New Zealand for what she saw as the Government’s lack of action on climate change.

In early December, Parliament officially declared a climate emergency in New Zealand – a move Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called an “acknowledgment of the next generation”.

It was a “declaration based on science”, Ardern told MPs on December 2.

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But the response has irked environmental activist Thunberg, with the 17-year-old commenting in an opinion piece that described the declaration as virtue signalling with little substance.

As I have been pointing out from the beginning, this climate emergency declaration was always meaningless virtue signalling because it didn’t actually trigger any emergency powers.

Labour and the Greens rushed it through while they were under criticism from the Left that after winning an MMP majority they were just passing tepid incremental bullshit.

To counter that accusation, Labour and the Greens passed more tepid incremental bullshit.

Getting called out by Greta should outrage Green voters and Labour environmentalists because this Government is doing nothing meaningful while the planet melts.


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  1. LOL. The ‘nuclear’ moment turning into a misdirected Iraqi Scud. To the Davos elite we are now on par our redneck cousins across the ditch. The international media darling now can’t even get a speaking part on the latest woke “because we care – do as we say not as we do” gabfest on Climate Change out of the UN/EU. I wouldn’t surprised if the EU begins to pull our “FTA”. Even an environmental slut shaming from St Greta was met by a shrug by BMW Jimmy.

    You would think this would grate the PM. Judging by the comments yesterday the sad reality is that the Blairite doesn’t give 2 rats. Indeed anything that scares the middle in Little Aotearoa is frowned upon. Typical of how Roman Emperors used to placate the great unwashed, the Australian bubble carrot was thrown out yesterday to distract from this, doing FA regarding any of her government’s 2017 pledges and a full retard of a speaker.

    Darryl Kerrigan incidentally rung up to discuss the probability of Easter in the GC.

  2. Ah, but Labour is promoting economic growth (and therefore emissions growth), and population growth (and therefore emissions growth), and continuing (maybe even increasing) dependence on highly-inefficient road transport, and increased use of concrete (and therefore emissions growth etc., so they can’t be accused of doing nothing. Just of doing all the wrong things. 🙁

  3. They’ve decided to be National-lite, so of course nothing is what they do best.

    Time for dramatic parliamentary reforms that make selling out less desirable.

  4. Where is David Lange and his powerful rhetoric that gave us real nuclear free legislation and gave the finger to Reagan and the evil empire when we need him.
    Bugger !!!

  5. Word from the Beehive is that, stung by Greta’s verbal mauling, they’re looking at putting an additional carbon tax on fuel, and then handing this revenue out in the form of a subsidy for EV purchases.

    Net result: Labour impoverishes it’s voter base further, while subsidizing elitist, woke pricks who buy $130,000 Teslas.

    Nice going Jacinda! 🙂

  6. Greta your best. Jacinda you must do something about cow poo poos, pollution from increased traffic in New Zealand and emissions from increased house building in New Zealand. Hi Greta!


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