Waatea News Column: Mosque terror attack report highlights grotesque blindspot


The report into the Christchurch Terror attack was released this week and I don’t believe I’ve ever read a more craven attempt to abdicate responsibility by the State in my entire life.

We have 12 separate Intelligence entities who are supposed to protect you and me from the unthinkable.

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)

The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)

The NSG (National Security Group)

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The Police Intelligence Unit

The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)

The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)

The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)

The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)

The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)

The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)

The NRU (National Risk Unit)

The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

They cost us over $100million each year, and yet NONE of those agencies could pick up a white supremacist terrorist who crisscrossed the border numerous times, who gained a weapon through loopholes, who ordered thousands of rounds of ammunition online, who had a complaint made against him from his Gun club and at a time when the Muslim Community themselves had complained about ratcheting violence towards their community.

What is most egregious about this is that Māori protesting against big oil drilling, environmentalists, Greenpeace, MANA and Muslim students were all being spied on by the State, because the State sees Māori protesting against big oil drilling, environmentalists, Greenpeace, MANA and Muslim students as the enemy.

But a white supremacist raising red flags left right and centre wasn’t seen as the enemy.

What a waste of $100million!

The lives lost, the lives wounded and the people of this country were all let down by the entire NZ Intelligence Apparatus because they saw Māori, environmentalists, Muslims and journalists as the threat.

I can see why the State wants to keep this all secret for 30 years.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Bomber – the MSM has no interest in this story. None, nil, zilch, nada. To me the biggest story so far this year. Fuck Little Britain it has nothing on the cult of little Aotearoa where some silly fashion designer and a skirt’s name is a greater crime than the total fucking failure of our intelligence agencies and Police.

    There are some days I really hate this country. We are fucking extras in the Truman show.

  2. Yep total failure by all, and I suspect the cover up is so JA isn’t exposed for her role on the select committee that prior to the terror attack , they chose to relax the application process for obtaining a firearms license by removing the need for arms officers to properly interview and inspect new applications.

    Thus the roll out of a firearms confiscation that as predicted would only create a huge black market for firearms, and low and behold 2020 has seen a Historic surge in gun violence.

  3. Activists & investigative reporters are the enemies of the state & the status quo. It was also right to be on guard for Muslim terrorists because the NZ government has probably slaughtered more Muslims in the past 20 years than Tarrant did, we just don’t hear about it, as the media focuses more on the “bridges & schools” activities of our armed forces. Sercurity services are there for the protection of the state, not the people, and it is wise to remember that when making calls to disarm the population. You can only guarantee the rights you can defend.

  4. Absolutely says it how it is and it will not change unless the whole system is turned on its head. Look at that scandal with the person from the NZ Initiative writing all that shit on his own blog, how old was it, how long has he been saying this, if he doesn’t get the boot then the main stream media should stop printing the shit from them. We regularly have article in the Press from them.

  5. Perhaps some people do not understand what the Intelligence and security service apparatus is for.
    It is to protect the government and establishment, not the public.
    Back in the 1960s and 1970s the target for SIS surveillance was the Trade Union movement and Vietnam War protestors. This was not to make the public any safer but to help employers and politicians.
    In the 1980s it was people protesting against sporting links with Apartheid South Africa and Maori political activists. Again for the state, not the public.
    Do people not notice that none of these agencies, or the police, have been able to solve the killing of trade unionist Ernie Abbott? This man was killed with an expertly made explosive device( not an amateur job). This killing taking place at a time the National Government was hysterical about the Unions.
    Moving past the raids in the Ureweras and totally disproportionate raid on Kim Dotcom ( at which the police admit there were government officials not directly connected with police) to the present it is not surprising that the thrust of Intelligence Survelliance was directed at Muslims because they are the new bogeymen and women in the eyes of establishment( following the Reds under the beds, Trade unionist gangsters, long haired stirrers, Maoris who want to take all the land back, big German who annoys the United States).
    A white extremist who wants to kill people for being different to him does not threaten politicians, bankers, generals or corporates and so it cannot be expected that the Intelligence Services did anything about him.
    It was not in their brief.

  6. Regarding the Trades Hall bombing…
    On the trail for the Trades Hall bomber, police officers entered a weatherbeaten home on Wellington’s south coast and found a confounding set of clues.

    A pack of detonators, safety fuses, a torch without a battery, four Teal soft drink bottles and an incomplete copy of the June 18, 1977 edition of the Evening Post.

    Edgar Kidman, a marine engineer, lived in the ramshackle house in Breaker Bay. He claimed experience in explosives when interviewed by police and harboured a possible motive – but it wasn’t enough.

    Edgar Kidman, a marine engineer, lived in the ramshackle house in Breaker Bay. He claimed experience in explosives when interviewed by police and harboured a possible motive – but it wasn’t enough.

    The engineer matched the psychological profile of the suspect: a drinker, a hoarder, and a loner. He had expertise in explosives, a violent past, a history of redundancies, and was thought to be anti-union.

    And the bomb’s construction required both considerable expertise and components similar to that found in his home.

    Components identified after the blast included a mercury switch, old stove timer, nine volt lantern battery, an unknown explosive likely to be gelignite, and one or two bottles accelerant – likely petrol – of which one was contained in a Teal soft drink bottle.

    Lining the suitcase were pages nine, 10, 19 and 20 of a June 18, 1977 Evening Post. The pages were missing from the same edition found in Kidman’s home.

    Yet, the evidence was deemed circumstantial and not enough. WTF????

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