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  1. Rest of NZ laughed at Auckland’s housing crisis caused by immigration and refused to believe that 1 million new residents in 10 years were affecting housing.

    Then the government changed legislation to the encourage immigration to the provinces such as in 2018 and before Covid

    “To support that transition, students who study sub-degree courses outside Auckland will be entitled to a two-year open work visa if they complete their qualification by December 2021,” Mr Lees-Galloway said.”

    The result is immediate with housing outside of Auckland immediately going through the roof with shortages getting worse each year… note it’s not rental investors otherwise there would be a surplus of rentals for people … houses are selling to the thousands of new people and their dependants coming to NZ off the back of woke legalisation and ‘masters’ of xyz, that the lefties encourage!

    Buyers block street as 400 punters flock to open home over three days

    1 in 10 people in quarantine are overseas workers coming to NZ…. once they open the borders NZ will be a bloodbath of incoming people with all the people who qualified for NZ residency over the years coming back as well!

    Immigration: Labour manifesto signals significant changes to border, visa rules to ‘get more people in’

    Leftie commentators wringing their hands on NZ poverty and homelessness only have themselves to blame as they are joining the right wingers encouraging more people into NZ in 2020!

  2. Funny, isn’t it, how when the first outbreak of covid in NZ came along the argument was an either/or, people/economy proposition. Here i was thinking that the government, with it’s words about kindness and people first, were entering lockdowns because they knew that people are the essential element in an economy, that even if our economic system collapsed, people would build another because people tend to trade stuff. But all along it wasn’t about people or caution or kindness. It was about continuing a system that doesn’t work, or won’t work unless people are alive to sacrifice themselves to it. I’m deathly tired of these psychopaths. Was it Oscar Wilde who had the idea that people’s true natures become imprinted on their faces? Look at Jacinda Ardern now. She looked her age a few months ago. How old is she now? 65? the same happened to John Key, or any Prime Inister you care to mention. The evil they do is printed on their faces really quickly. They aren’t faces of happiness and kindness.

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